A Little Pupdate 🐕

A Little Pupdate 🐕

This post should have been something completely different as I’ve received some new products that I’m dying to try out (check out my Instagram to see what will be coming up) but my shifts at work and poor lighting means testing and taking photos is almost impossible!

Before he came home!

With that being said, I know a lot of people loved hearing about Murphy and he’s grown up so much, I thought I would let you know how he’s been the last few months.

He looks less like a pup now, but he still behaves like one!

He’s now 7.5 months old and has matured quite a bit but it has not been easy getting to this stage!

We finally caved and moved the crate into the bedroom so we could get a full night sleep together but this has come with its own challenges as the cats are upstairs.

Trying to get Loki to play!

For the most part, Murphy leaves Charlie alone when he’s out and about but he always wants to play with Loki and being the crazy puppy he is, Loki isn’t always the biggest fan so he’ll yowl at him which brings Charlie over just to hiss at him to get him to stop.

Charlie is clearly the protective big brother! Sometimes at night he will randomly hiss at him while he’s in his crate which does unsettle him a bit.

The worst night was when the cats decided to play about and had a scuffle. Murph and I were sleeping but it woke him up yelping in fear and he wouldn’t settle down for ages!

Teething was definitely a challenge as it was clearly painful for him. He went from being almost house-trained and fairly calm to be a chewing, pooping monster! His puppy biting got a million times worse and getting him to listen to even basic commands was a struggle.

On the suggestion of someone we met at the park, we used clove oil treats from Pets at Home and they really seemed to give him some relief. As did giving him things to chew.

On the plus side, I managed to find a few of his baby teeth which I could never do with the cats!

Really glad he’s passed this stage now and it is so much better! He still has the odd accident if we are out the house but they are getting fewer and farther between and when we are in, he has no accidents at all.

It’s carnage when he gets hold of paper!

We had to get a mail cage thing to stop him eating the post as he loves chewing up paper and anything is fair game – cards from Royal Mail, catalogues, money off vouchers, you name it, he’ll chew it!

The biggest challenge has been stopping him going up the stairs when we are not in. We realised the rabbit run at the bottom of the stairs was no longer working when we found out he’d chewed up a tube of steroid cream and left a “present” at the top of the stairs for us!

Clearly working out how he will get over it!

Luckily he was fine but J then set to work building a stair gate out of an old palette which looks good but it only took him 2 days to figure that one out!

A little lip was added to it, and we’ve even tried putting a tube on the top so it’s not a flat surface but to no avail! He’s a determined little bugger!

He also loves to eat from the cat’s litter tray 🤢 which is disgusting but for some reason he finds it super tasty! So daily brushing his teeth is an absolute must – and it was something I had planned to do anyway but that just cements it!

After his puppy trim, he has tiny feet and looks like he aged about 3 years!

He got his first puppy trim (I had to leave him for an hour and a half!) and the lady said he behaved really well. He looked a bit silly as his legs got trimmed which gave him tiny feet and she shaved his whiskers off 😕 I’m just glad she never shaved his quiff! He came back smelling so strongly, I actually felt sorry for his little nose and was glad to have his puppy smell back!

I was finally brave enough to get someone else to look after him for a few hours so we could go to Edinburgh one weekend. J’s sister kindly looked after him and he had a blast. I was just worried he’d destroy her house! Thankfully, she’s said she will look after him anytime!

I’m not quite sure who has worse separation anxiety, him or me! 🤷

His training is coming along and we’ve even let him off lead a few times. He’s great when walking with other dogs with good recall and only gets distracted a little bit.

I don’t want to be one of those owners who needs to go chasing after their dog or have no control when it’s off lead so this is something that will be worked on very gradually before he gets full freedom!

He even got his first gifted product from D and C pets, which he looks dashing in, it’s just a shame we both know nothing about football!

That hair though! 🤣

He actually quite likes wearing clothes, especially after a bath as he gets quite cold. He asks for his bandana to get put on him too. J doesn’t let me take him out wearing stuff though! 🙈

When he’s not being completely hyper and zipping about, he does love to have a cuddle on the couch with us!

I know lots of people have got new pups at the moment and the struggle is definitely real. I think it’s really important to remember they are just pups and they don’t know how to behave yet and it’s our job to show them what we want!

I have been following Zak George on YouTube, I have his book and I’ve joined his free 30 day course and his Facebook group (not sponsored, I promise, this is just really important to me!).

He teaches a method of training which doesn’t use force or intimidation, there is no aversive methods and the outdated use of dominance theory is thankfully no where to be seen!

Basically we are teaching the dog from the inside so they understand what we want, rather than forcing them to do what we want and having the dog fear us.

I know I would rather have a bond with Murphy that is based on understanding rather than fear and I really hope everyone else would like that too!

It definitely gets better and I know I’m counting my chickens early as we have to get through the adolescent stage where they forget everything, but he is a great dog and we love him to bits!

I can’t believe a few months ago how difficult I was finding things, don’t get me wrong, he’s still a handful and getting stuff done is difficult when he’s always at my feet but it has gotten a 💯 times better and I no longer feel like I’m one step away from a breakdown!

I did find out that lots of people feel like they have made a mistake once they have taken on a pup, you can be as prepared as can be but nothing you do can quite prepare you for it and it’s normal to despair!

That’s why you see so many young dogs on free ads or at the shelter because people don’t realise how difficult it can be! The true animal lovers are the ones that push past that stage rather than give up!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you don’t mind the puppy spam too much! How could you, look at his face!

If you want to see more of him and see what he’s getting up to, he now has his own Instagram page which gets posted to daily!

Let me know if you liked this post or not or tell me if you have anything you would like to see in the future!

Claudia xxx

And Murphy 🐶🐾

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The Trials of Murphy 🐕

The Trials of Murphy 🐕
The day we brought him home!

As you guys know, I got a puppy fairly recently and I’ve discovered a few things about him and myself in that time.

I’ve been wanting a dog for my entire adult life, I’ve researched, researched, researched but I’m finding out things “on the job” that I wasn’t quite prepared for!

They don’t come out all trained, the nicely trained 8 year old dog that your friend has was once a boisterous 8 week old pup!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that puppies are hard work, the world is scary to them, they’ve been taken away from their mum and siblings and are now in a strange environment. Of course they will be unsettled for at least the first few days!

How about for the first 3 weeks?! We made the decision to crate train Murphy and have him in the living room at night so upstairs could be the cats’ domain.

The issue with that was every time he was left alone in a room, he would scream. Not the cute puppy barks you hear on YouTube, actual screaming! He sounded like someone was killing him!

He wouldn’t bark himself out if he was left and he would get so stressed he would pee and poo in his crate! The only thing for it was to sleep downstairs with him!

Honestly, this was left to J most often than not but that’s because he insisted on it.

It wasn’t until about week 3 where we could sneak up the stairs and go to bed but we still leave Netflix on – the dulcet tones of David Attenborough of course! – to soothe him during the night.

He now sleeps through the night and only really wakes up when he hears our alarms in the morning. No more 3am wake-ups to take him out for pee!

He didn’t mind the crate, as long as you were there with him!

I had originally planned to crate him when we were out the house too but due to the aforementioned stress and messing in his crate, we decided not to and instead he got the run of the hall.

Turns out even the hall was too small for him and would get mega stressed with all the doors shut. This led us to opening the kitchen up to him too and it turns out the space is much more agreeable!

He still has puppy pads for when we leave him alone (annoyingly he doesn’t always use them and decides to chew them up instead!) but he is getting better each time we walk out the door!

We do have an issue when we come back in though! This is worse with me and J gets a slightly more chilled version but whenever I come into the room – I could be gone for 2 minutes or 2 hours, it does not matter – Murph acts like I have been gone for days!

With me especially, he jumps up and bites my clothes and will nip my calves in an effort to get my attention and it takes him ages to calm down!

I was definitely not prepared for just how much he wants to be with us. So much so, he has learned how to climb the gate at the bottom of the stairs so I now need to take him into the bathroom to stop him barking at the door or hassling the cats!

How can I say no to this wee face!! 😍

This neediness has definitely gotten worse now he is teething, he seems to want a lot more reassurance and will whine a lot which I think is how he comforts himself.

Even trying to write a blog post or make myself a cup of tea can be a challenge as he has to be right where I am at all times. One of the reasons why I’ve not been as active recently is the pup, it’s just easier to occupy him than write up a post.

Taking photos for my blog is like a military operation now. I need to wait until J is in so I can go upstairs for a few minutes and hope the lighting is alright since I won’t get another chance to do it for a bit!

One of the reasons we got a pup was to hopefully make it easier to introduce the cats to him. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t show any animosity to them but he wants to play with them 100% of the time.

The problem with this is, he tries to play with them like they are puppies too and he can be a bit rough sometimes. A hiss from Charlie is enough to get him to back off but poor Loki is too gentle to tell him off when he’s being over eager!

He is also obsessed with the cat litter tray and will, at any chance he gets, eat a cat poo 🤢. This has got to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed, I couldn’t look at him without feeling a little sick for hours!


One thing I definitely didn’t realise, is how worried I am about him all the time. You see lots of posts on Facebook about the freak accidents where a dog has been killed by trying to lick inside a crisp packet or getting his collar stuck on something in the house which has bred a sort of paranoia in my brain where I check and double check stuff before leaving him alone.

This is a worry I don’t remember having for the cats, except when I first introduced them to each other. I don’t know if it’s because cats are more independent even when they’re young or what but I worry I’m doing the wrong things for him all the time!


Since getting Murphy, we have become more social that’s for sure! We have lived in our house for just over a year and the only people we have spoken to have been our direct neighbors.

On his first few walks, I think we introduced him to the majority of our area! Lots of people stopped to chat whether they had dogs or not because everyone loves a cute puppy!

We have taken him to dog events and found out how nice other dog owners are when we have been given toys for him because their dog has got enough! Or given us tips on how to make teething easier!

My social skills are definitely being tested and if I can get away with it, I let J do all the talking!


I know we’re not parents but I genuinely feel a puppy might be more difficult sometimes! At least if you put a baby down, it’s likely they will be in the same spot when you return!

We’re tired all the time, watching him to make sure he’s not telling us he needs to go outside or making sure he’s not doing something he shouldn’t is a full time job in itself!

But in saying this, I wouldn’t change it for the world! He is brilliant! Watching him learn a new trick or doing something we ask is a great feeling and I just know he’s going to turn out to be a great dog. He’s just growing up way too fast for my liking! 💜💜.

I know this is a little different from my usual topics but I hope you like it! I may try to do more Murphy topics if you would like to see that?

Let me know about your pets in the comments below! What’s the one thing you wish you knew before getting a pet?

Thanks very much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all soon! Don’t forget to check out my other social media pages for updates on the pets!

Claudia xxx


My Furry Family

My Furry Family

My Furry Family

Yesterday we had a new addition to the family so I thought I would introduce you to everyone.

My Instagram is normally filled with pictures of my pets but if you don’t follow me you wouldn’t have seen them before!

Might also be an incentive to follow me too, who doesn’t want cute animals filling up their newsfeed?! 😉

As I mentioned in my very first post, kids aren’t for us. We have instead chose to fill our home with animals instead!

Cute pictures to follow!


Charlie’s favourite Spot on top of the cat tree

Charlie is our oldest cat. He is about 8 or so. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.

I’ve always seen him as quite a special cat. He is petrified of pretty much everything and everyone.

He was found on a building site with his sister and was taken to the rescue. His sister was more outgoing and she was adopted first. He became even more timid without her around to protect him!

Charlie makes you feel quite privileged when he allows you to pet him. I think he was almost 2 when he felt brave enough to sit on my knee and he will still run away if you make any sudden movements.

Trying to get him to the vet is an absolute nightmare! As soon as he sees the carrier he goes into panic mode and hides.

Charlie adores J, he was the first one who was allowed to touch him and every night he comes for a cuddle off his dad!

The one thing Charlie isn’t scared off is Flopsie. I don’t know if this is because we kept him in the rat room as a kitten but he likes being close to small furries and although I would never leave them together unattended, he’s never tried to harm them.


Don’t let the cute face fool you!

Loki is an Exotic Shorthair. He’s 5 but still looks and acts like a kitten most of the time.

He’s got a really funny character and spends most of the time with his tongue hanging out! He used to play fetch with his toys as a kitten and can sit on command!

He has a strange affinity for cages. Whenever I’m cleaning out any pet cages (Flopsie’s or previously rat cages) he would always climb in and be quite happy there!

Loki is petrified of the bunny when he is out the cage. It’s like he pretends there’s nothing to worry about but Flops will hop in his general direction and Loki will hightail it out of there!

He can be the cuddliest cat ever or can be really aloof where it’s like you can hear him saying “don’t touch me!”.

The cats are both quite chatty but Loki more so than Charlie. Especially if there’s chicken on the go!

I don’t know how they do it but as soon as they hear chicken being taken out the fridge they go mental!

They both also know when it’s feeding time. As soon as it hits 8pm both of them are circling like hawks!


Definitely in need of a haircut!

Flopsie is a disabled bunny who used to belong to my friend. He had a parasite that made him fall over and the vet suspected he lost his vision too.

He did have a cage mate, Sparkles, but she died really suddenly. When that happened I offered to take him as he couldn’t clean himself properly and would be better suited to being an indoor rabbit.

He still falls over sometimes but he is a strong-willed thing so he will still jump around like a normal bunny.

He’s very friendly and is really happy to sit there while you pet him, give him a haircut or clip his claws!

He’s a clever one and uses a litter tray in his cage and if he needs to go when he’s out, he just climbs back into his cage!

He’s pretty nosy and loves to get into places he shouldn’t! One of the first things he did in our new home was to chew the phone cable!


So relaxed alreafy

Murphy came home yesterday. He’s a 9 week old cocker spaniel and is just adorable.

We have been wanting to get a dog for so long and we are finally in a position to do so. I actually had several people ask me if J knew about the new arrival or if he was going to be surprised when he got home from work! (Yes, he knew and agreed! 🤣)

He is a little terror already and I know he is going to have us run off our feet!

He’s been very clingy over the last day but I imagine he feels really unsettled with the car journey and his new environment.

He’s so nosy and wants to watch to see what you’re doing all the time except when he’s sleeping! Being a puppy he has been sleeping a lot! His little snores are so cute!

He hasn’t had his jags yet but they will be started this week so we can get him on walks soon, until then I’ll be carrying him everywhere to get him used to everything I can!

He still has the clumsy puppiness and falls over when running, but being little doesn’t stop him! He can already get onto the couch!

So there you have it, that’s our furry little family at the moment! I get so many comments about them when I post their pictures so I thought I would let you know what they’re really like!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and what pets you have in the comments below.

Don’t forget to hit follow too as we are nearing the target for the giveaway, I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Claudia xxx