February 2019 Birchbox Review

February 2019 Birchbox Review

It seems like absolute ages since I have picked up a subscription box! My last one was October – I don’t know how I’ve managed to go so long!

I went for a Birchbox again because they are reasonably priced, I like trying out products from brands I’ve never heard of and this month they were doing a free The Beauty Crop eyeshadow palette when you entered “Latte” at the checkout. How could I resist it?

This month Birchbox have teamed up with notonthehighstreet to give you and a friend 15% off your next order at notonthehighstreet.com and their box has been designed by Miss Bespoke Papercuts.

The packaging on this one is beautiful. Definitely fitting for a February theme with the flowers in pink and red. You also get three post cards in the same style which is really cute!

In the box you get five products, four are full-size and two are exclusive to Birchbox. The value of the full-size products alone are almost triple the amount of what the box cost me and with the eyeshadow palette on top of that, I’m very happy with my purchase.

What makes it even better is that all the products in the box are cruelty free which is fantastic! I love how more brands are doing this!

I only received this a few days ago so I’ve not had a chance to test everything out as fully as I normally would but first impressions still count right? 🤣

Anatomicals – Body Cleanser

I love the packaging of the Anatomicals products. They are really eye-catching and pretty amusing if you read the small print. For example, this reminds you to recycle or “recycle man will recycle you!”

This smells amazing! It’s a very subtle floral scent which will brighten your mood until you get to work at least!

This lathers up fairly well (using a body puff anyway) and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and smelling great!

This retails at £4.00 which is more expensive than I would normally spend on a shower gel but for a treat, I don’t think I’d mind picking this up again.

LOC – Liquid Shimmer Eyeshadow

This was the product that you could choose your shade, I’m a risk taker (🙄) so I didn’t choose! I was sent the shade Moonlight which is a beautiful bronzey-gold shimmer.

I’ve not tried this on my eyes yet but I did swatch it and it did not budge! It’s water based so should be removed easily using a cleanser but it stayed on the back of my hand for ages and it didn’t smudge or crease!

It set really quickly too and it says it can be layered to make it more bold. The doefoot applicator will make it so easy to apply to your lid.

I’m excited to try this one as I’ve not really been a fan of liquid shadows for the most part but this seems fairly promising!

This costs £8.00 and is a fairly small bottle but I think it will last a while as I wouldn’t wear this type of shimmer every day, only when I’m feeling a bit extra!

Coco & Eve – Hair Masque

So I haven’t tried this because you’re supposed to wash your hair, towel dry it and then pop this on for 5-10 minutes which I just don’t have time for during the week!

I’m interested in this though, as I love a hair mask. Having bleached, fine hair means my hair isn’t in the best condition most of the time and it is due for a bit of a pick me up!

The coconut and fig scent is really nice and thankfully not overpowering! It claims to repair damage, hydrate, fight frizz and detangles your hair. With all those claims it should be sold as a miracle product!

This costs £9.00 and I’ll probably get about 10 uses out of this as I only need a tiny amount. If you have thicker hair than me (that’s everyone!) this will be gone in a flash!

John Masters Organics – Body Milk

Again, another product that smells amazing! Geranium and grapefruit is definitely an invigorating smell to me!

This absorbs really easily and quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave any tackyness or greasyness on the skin so you can get dressed pretty much instantly after application.

It leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated which I think we all need after these winter months!

This was the only sample product in the box and I kinda understand when it retails at £18.00 a bottle! I don’t buy “luxury” skin care as I think cheaper brands can do just as much for a much smaller pricetag!

Luxie – 205 Tapered Blending Brush

I love getting new makeup brushes, mainly because I am hella lazy and can’t be bothered washing them most of the time so more brushes equals more time between washes!

The brush feels really soft and I haven’t noticed any shedding of the bristles at all yet.

It blends eyeshadows nicely and picks up product well. It’s a really good size for blending in the crease and could be used on the lower lashline for creating a dramatic smokey eye.

This costs £11.00 which is probably standard for buying brushes on their own I think? I tend to buy sets so it works out slightly cheaper!

The Beauty Crop – Espresso Yourself

This was my freebie this time and I’m really surprised that you get a full-size eyeshadow palette for nothing!

This palette has 21 shades which contain coffee extract and antioxidants which are supposed to help reduce dark circles and tighten the area around the eyes. I didn’t notice any benefit like that when I was wearing it but maybe it helps with regular use?

The shades themselves are really nice and as the name of the palette suggests, are all named after hot drinks such as Latte, Chai and Flat White.

On first application I was a bit confused as to where the pigment was but the colours are buildable and you can create everyday or dramatic looks.

The shadows blend really easily together and there is a nice gradient of colour. Every shade would look nice with any others from the palette as the compliment each other so well.

I didn’t notice very much fallout on my cheeks but there was a ton of kickback in the pan!

The shimmers feel nice and buttery and didn’t crease or fade throughout the day.

One thing I did really notice is the smell, I was hoping for coffee but instead it smells really chemically. I’m not sure if that’s the glue that holds the pans in or if it’s the shadows themselves but something to be warned of if you don’t like that type of smell.

This costs £23.00 on its own and the pan sizes are smaller than your average palette but it would be a good choice to dip into for your everyday looks! The only thing that would put me off would be the fact I would likely get hit with custom charges here in the UK.

All in all, I’m really happy with this month’s box. I’ve never tried any of these brands before and it has given me a chance to try them out. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised as normally you get at least one questionable product in these types of boxes!

Have you tried any new subscriptions recently? Is there any you would recommend I pick up next month? Let me know down below ⤵️.

As always, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave any feedback – positive or negative – as I’d love to hear your views!

Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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What I’ve Been Watching

What I’ve Been Watching

I feel like all I have done is talk about eyeshadow palettes recently (don’t worry, I still have more to come!) so I did a poll on Twitter and asked what you guys would like to see.

You didn’t fail me! So tied in first place we have what I’ve been watching! Whether that’s to see if I have any new shows to recommend or if I watch the same thing as everyone else, I’m not sure 🤷.

I don’t tend to watch much actual TV and mainly use Netflix but that leads to much binge-watching and going to bed way too late if I make it there at all!

Netflix and Chill? More like Netflix, fall asleep on the couch and have to rewatch episodes!

These are all things that I’ve finished watching recently or almost finished. I don’t really watch many movies as I don’t really have the attention span to watch many movies, it needs to grab my attention right away or I’ll just play on my phone until the credits roll!

I’m going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible as I don’t want to waste anything for anybody. I’m sorry if something sneaks in!

The Punisher 💀

I’m so sad I’ve finished watching this! Frank Castle has got to be my favourite “anti-hero”.

He is an utter badass and I love the more grown up vibe between the Marvel TV series compared to the movies.

I’ll be honest, this might not be the show for you if you’re looking for a really in-depth story, not to say there isn’t a story, it just doesn’t require much brain power to keep up with!

The 2nd series is a little slower at parts but there’s a few stories intertwined and new characters introduced.

When there is action, man, is it action packed! The fight scenes are so good and didn’t ever feel samey or just for the sake of it. There’s always a reason for people getting the crap kicked out of them!

I would love another season but I’m quite worried for the future of this show since all the other Marvel series are getting cancelled after they’ve been bought over my Disney 😢.

Riverdale 🏞️

This is one of the shows that I started watching because too many people I knew were watching it and I just couldn’t resist!

I really loved the murder mystery premise of the show – it’s a bit creepy in parts but I feel like I’m only watching it now because I’ve already invested so much time in it (just like PLL and Gossip Girl)!

It’s gotten a bit silly (even for me!) and I feel like they’re trying to make it too “out there” and they don’t know where they are going with it!

And I’m already annoyed because they have announced another musical episode! The first one was so cringey and awful but I couldn’t not watch it because I might’ve missed something important! I don’t like musicals to begin with and nothing can match up to the epicness of the Buffy Once More with Feeling episode so I’m dreading it!

Ted Bundy Tapes 🔪

After watching Making a Murderer last year (loved it, think him and Brandon are innocent!) I’ve found my love of crime stuff again.

Ted Bundy was never a serial killer I knew much about and I found this really interesting.

I think it’s crazy just how charismatic and clever he really was! The fact he managed to avoid detection for so long is mental!

I always thought Clark Kent taking off his glasses and having no one recognise him was daft but when you see the photos of Ted lined up he managed to change his appearance completely with just minor tweaks is mind-blowing! Every photo looks like it’s a different guy!

I would love them to do other series like this with different serial killers as the focus. The format of the show was great and seeing the timeline of events was really interesting!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 🧙

Did anyone else watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch religiously as a kid? I used to love that show (and related merchandise but that’s another story!).

I was really dubious about this new reboot when it was first announced but I have really enjoyed it so far!

It puts a really dark twist on all the characters I loved growing up without making it seem way too over the top or like they have butchered the source material.

I’ve also read that the town it is based in is across the Sweetwater River which features in Riverdale so there is going to be a perfect opportunity for a crossover I imagine (maybe why Riverdale has gotten so weird??).

I need to get round to watching the last few episodes but I definitely have high hopes of they decide to continue the series!

You 👩‍❤️‍👨

Did anyone not watch this? I feel like everyone and their dog wrote about this show a few weeks ago!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t really paying too much attention when I stuck the first episode on (I think I was probably writing a post or something) and I remember looking up and thinking “that escalated quickly!”

It seems to go from 0 to 100 in what felt like two minutes! I was hooked!

One thing I couldn’t get over was Penn Badgely playing someone who was so similar to Dan in Gossip Girl. We know Dan had his crazy obsessive tendancies and it’s like they just blossomed and we are watching a series about what happened after Dan finished high school!

I will watch the second season if it materialises but I’m not sure how they can make it as gripping as the first!

The Santa Clarita Diet🧟

I turned this on not expecting very much but from the first episode I was sold!

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant are an amazing on-screen couple! The awkwardness of their characters is played so well and genuinely made me laugh out loud more times than I can count!

The premise of the show is so dumb but it works amazingly well. Mum turns into a zombie and they need to find a way to keep her alive by feeding her human meat while making sure no one finds out while still having to do all the normal things people do.

I think this show should get a lot more love, it’s ridiculous, funny, sad and entertaining! I just think it’s a shame no one seems to talk about it!

John Wick 2🐕

I thought I would add a movie to the list just because I actually sat down and watched one.

This only got put on because J thought I’d already watched the first one and it wasn’t until it had finished that he realised I hadn’t.

I knew I would probably like the first movie but didn’t want to watch it because his dog gets killed (not a spoiler, it’s literally the whole reason for the story!).

I was slightly lost with the story but I don’t think it really matters as I got a bit lost in the fight choreography and just the fact he was kicking so much ass!

It’s a really good action movie with your typical over the top fight scenes and ridiculous bad guys but I loved it! Plus how can you not love Keanu Reeves?!

I’m really looking forward to the third one too after watching the trailer! It might be one of the few movies I go to the cinema to see!

And that’s that! I can do a more in-depth review of the series I’m watching if you would like to know more but I thought I would avoid spoilers for my first post like this!

Is there anything you think I would like after reading my list? Do you like/dislike anything I’ve mentioned? Did you like this style of post and would you like to see more of this sort of thing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments ⤵️.

Thanks very much for helping me choose what to post this week and I’ll speak to you soon!

Claudia xxx

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Testing Kiko Cosmetics

Testing Kiko Cosmetics

I was out in Edinburgh for a girly day just before Christmas and I noticed Kiko were having a sale so I treated myself to a couple of bits.

I think I had only been in the shop once before but it was so busy I never really got a chance to look at much.

I didn’t really get a chance this time either as it was packed but I grabbed a couple of things that caught my eye anyway.

I can’t remember too much about the prices of each of the products but I do know it was less than £15.00 for everything which I thought was really good.

I also didn’t think it was very clear what I was buying until I checked the label or the sample which is how I managed to pick up two lip products – I swear the lip balm said it was glitter eye shadow or something! The perils of the sales and the Christmas period in general I guess!

I was greeted by a lovely guy wearing the best eye makeup I think I’d ever seen! He also asked if I needed help but since I didn’t know what I was looking for, I thought it was best to do it alone.

First up I found Gold Waves lipstick in the shade Mystical Wine (I love the name!). I think it was the only colour of this particular one available as I didn’t see any other shades.

The packaging is gorgeous! It’s also magnetic so no chance of your lippie losing the lid when it’s in your bag!

I like how it sits flush in the handle and the shape make it really easy to apply.

It’s a nice formula. It’s not too creamy but not drying on your lips either. It’s almost matte which makes it last a fair while too.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most pigmented lipstick I’ve ever tried but with the shade it’s quite hard to tell. I’m not sure if darker shades would have more of a colour pay off or not.

This is the Smart Cult eyeshadow palette in Matte Revolution.

I remember that there was a choice of two of these palettes. This one and a more neutral toned shimmer palette. Of course I went for the bright colours!

You get 12 matte eyeshadows in this palette. I think this might be one of the few only matte palettes I’ve ever bought as I’m not normally drawn towards them too often.

There is a pretty wide mix of colours here and you could use the rows as a guide to build up a look.

The shadows themselves are quite powdery and you do get a lot of kickback in the pan bit luckily not too much fallout on your face!

They blend quite easily but I found it really hard to actually build the colour up and when blended together they looked a little muddy.

The packaging is plastic and you get a decent sized magnifying mirror (at least I hope my face isn’t that big! 🤣). The palette is a good size for travelling as it doesn’t take up much room. I just wish it had a shimmer or two to spice it up a little!

My accidental purchase! I’m sure this was under £2.00 so I’m definitely not complaining. You can never go wrong with another lip balm!

Again, the packaging looks really sleek and it sits flush with the lid so you don’t have to worry about messing up the product when your closing it.

It’s easy to apply and provides just enough colour. This is in the shade Blueberry buy I’m sure there were others available.

It is really hydrating and I find myself reaching for this through the day quite a lot just now – my skin and lips are taking an utter battering just now with the cold weather it’s and just the kind of pick me up I need at the minute!

I really want to try more from Kiko – especially their mascara and foundation but I found it really hard to try and get a match for my pasty skin in the Edinburgh store!

Have you tried Kiko before? Let me know what you would recommend in the comments below and I will try and see if I can pick it up next time I’m visiting.

Don’t forget, you can subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post or follow me on my other channels to see what I’m maybe testing next!

Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self promotion!), you may have noticed I’ve been posting a few makeup looks recently from the Beauty Bay Identity palette.

If you don’t follow me, 1) you should (I occasionally post decent content!) And 2) don’t worry as I will post my looks through this post – don’t judge my skills too much, I’m working on it!

This was a Christmas present from J after I said I’d had my eye on it for ages but it was always out of stock!

I was really excited to start using it when it came through the door!

I’ll be honest, when I opened it up I was slightly disappointed as the colours didn’t look quite as vibrant as what I remembered from the adverts I’d seen online; however, it is a gorgeous palette and it is my favourite of the 3 that were first released as it’s just a bit more bold (not to say I won’t pick the others up eventually!).

The packaging is really nice, the matte black with the embossed writing makes it feel quite high end. It’s got a nice big mirror on the inside too which is great.

The palette is pretty big so is maybe not ideal for travelling but the whopping 42 shades you get for your money means it’s the only palette you would need to take with you! It’s fairly lightweight too so it wouldn’t take up too much of your baggage allowance.

The shadows themselves have the Beauty Bay “B” embossed on them which looks really pretty, I just know I’ll get sad when they eventually rub away!

Side note: using swatch templates is pretty difficult!

There are 26 mattes shades, 9 shimmers and 7 metallic shadows which you can use to create your own combinations or use the “colour by number” style that can be used as a guide for those maybe newer to playing with colour.

The colours range from neutral base and transition shades to vibrant warm and cool toned shadows to give pops of colour. Perfect for creating day and night time looks.

My only gripe with the colour selection is it doesn’t have a black shadow and, personally, I wish there was a couple of blues or greens rather than the reddish tones as some seem too similar but that’s just me! Not sure if the blue writing made me think it would have some blues in it tbh.

These shadows work together really well and the formula makes blending no bother at all! I’ve been using my Spectrum brushes for these looks and they apply so easily!

They are highly pigmented but you can get a more muted look by using a lighter hand if you need to.

You do get the teensiest amount of fallout from the shimmer shades but nothing that isn’t easily fixed with a big fluffy brush.

Through the day, I didn’t notice any creasing or wearing away and the colours looked just as bright as when I applied them to when I was taking my makeup off at night!

I should add that I have annoyingly wrinkly eyelids so it does look like the shadows are creasing slightly, I promise you they aren’t! That’s just my stupid lids! Trust me, you would see the difference if they were creased!

Bloodshot eye sees everything!

I used the “colour by numbers” a few times and for the most part, it turns out really well. There are a few weird colour combos but most of the shades compliment each other anyway and you can always swap out a shade for another if you wanted to.

I think it’s a good idea for people that are just starting with makeup or if you’re stuck for a look you can get inspiration from the columns at the very least.

In fairness, I’m not 100% sure I know what all the rows are for! You have Base, Transition, Crease, Liner, Pop and Highlight. Base, Transition and Crease are pretty self-explanatory but Liner – do they mean upper or lower? I’ve assumed lower – Pop, I’ve guessed is for your lid and Highlight is the inner corner? Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!

You would have thought I would have tidied up my eyebrows, but no 🙄

This palette is only £25.00 which is a bargain for the amount of colours you get! If you would like to try them, I have two discount codes here. I’m not sure if each code can only be used once but if you want to use them to get 10% off Beauty Bay branded products they are BESTIE10 and BBART8CXQ3Z. Just let me know if you’ve used them and if they worked for you!

I think Beauty Bay have tried something a bit different and they have done it really well. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought anything from them and I can see myself being a returning customer!

I love the fact you get some little cards and stickers with your order, it’s a really nice touch. I even managed to put the stickers to good use when I was making homemade soap!

Have you tried any of the Beauty Bay range? What did you think? Anything you would recommend for me? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post and check out my other pages to keep up to date!

Thanks for reading, guys! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Products I Hated in 2018

Products I Hated in 2018

We had a favourites post, so I thought, why not do a post on products I hated!

Thankfully there wasn’t that many. I think it helps that I only buy products that I think I will like. Some of them I posted about before. Others I felt didn’t warrant a review of their own!

I’m not saying these are bad products as such, they might be perfect for you and your skin or hair. They just don’t work for me.

Also, just because I hate a particular product, doesn’t mean I hate the brand or anything like that!

Let’s do this!

Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste

This was weird, it was a horrible colour but smelled really nice.

As soon as it went onto my hair it lathered up loads and it did make my hair feel thicker but it also started matting it up!

It took me ages to actually rinse it out my hair because it was so tangled and trying to brush my hair out after it was try was an absolutely futile attempt!

My hair got really flat really quickly and I had to use a ton of conditioner the next day so I could get a brush through it and to combat the dryness it caused.

I would not recommend this for someone with fine, flyaway hair like me!

Romantic Bear Lip Colour

This was utterly terrible and the worst part about it was it did actually stain!

Application was so tricky because it was so gloopy and it stuck to itself as you tried to apply it!

Hell mend you, if you did make a mistake with application because you would be stuck with that for at least 12-24 hours no matter how much you scrubbed your face!

The staining wasn’t consistent so I ended up with patchy parts and it also stained my teeth!

For a product that is technically meant to save time, it tripled the time needed to do my lips as I had to use other lipstick as well as all the other faff!

PS Super Food Gel Face Wash

I love picking up things from Primark and normally I don’t have anything bad to say about their products but this was such a fail.

The face wash smells amazing, I picked up blueberry and kale but it didn’t really seem to do anything for me.

It didn’t make my skin look any clearer and it didn’t foam up enough for me to feel my skin was actually being cleaned.

It also made my face a bit red but I’m not sure if that was the face wash itself or if I was just having a bad skin month!

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner

I don’t know if I received a dud product or if this was just terrible but I really don’t know what Benefit were thinking when they released this!

It doesn’t work! Trying to get any sort of colour on your eye was an effort in futility. If I did manage it, it was patchy AF and getting a straight line was impossible.

I was genuinely tempted to pick up another one to see if I mine was faulty but I couldn’t justify spending the ridiculous amount of money to find out it was still rubbish!

Dry Shampoo

This isn’t even a single brand. I’ve tried Batiste, store brands, Tressemé and probably a couple of others but done of them seem to work for me.

My hair is always left ridiculously greasy and I still have to wash it every day.

I just don’t understand how some people can go for days without washing their hair! I would love to be that girl! It’s all jealousy really!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have as many products as I thought I would when I started buying more stuff but I have been quite picky with my purchases!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of products that I thought were a bit “meh” on first impressions but I didn’t hate them, I just learned to work with them a little bit – Conceal and Define Foundation, I’m looking at you!

What was on your list for hated products last year? Have you already found stuff to hate on this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to keep up to date with my latest posts and don’t miss out!

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!

Claudia xxx

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Favourite Products of 2018

Favourite Products of 2018

We all know I love a favourites post so I thought why not do a round up for 2018?

I think last year I bought and tried more products than I have over my entire lifetime and I know that’s partially because of my blog, watching YouTube and my revived love of makeup.

The products that make the cut may not necessarily have been released last year but they were definitely new to me.

Let’s face it, having been out of touch with makeup for so long, even a wet beauty sponge was new to me – can’t believe I was so oblivious for so long!

Since this is a round-up post, it’s likely the products I mention here will have cropped up before so I will link my previous posts so you can see my full reviews.

Shall we get to it?

Lush – 9-5 Cleanser

I raved about this way back in my May 2018 Favourites and it’s still a firm favourite in my skincare routine.

I’m onto my second bottle now (I even got a big one the second time around as I knew it would get used!) and it is one of the few products that I use every day, twice a day when I’m wearing makeup.

It leaves my skin looking clear and feeling clean and I’ve definitely had a reduction in spots since I started using it.

Child’s Farm – Baby Moisturiser

I don’t moisturise as often as I should, I know this and I’m trying to get better at it. Especially with the winter weather, my skin is taking an absolute beating just now and I’ve got dry bits in places I’ve never had before!

I do use other moisturisers but I think I reach for this one the most because it’s always handy with J using it too!

I can use it on my leg when my tattoo reaction flares up and on my face because it’s so gentle so it’s really convenient.

It’s hydrating, absorbs well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking greasy.

Urban Decay – Naked Skin Foundation

I was given this by my friend as she no longer needed it and it has become my everyday (when I can be bothered) foundation.

It feels really lightweight and gives good coverage without looking cakey or heavy on my skin.

This is one that I definitely will be repurchasing as I know how it works with my skin and it lasts a really long time so I don’t mind spending that bit more.

I’ve done a full comparison post with the All Nighter Foundation so be sure to check that out to see which one you would prefer!

Revolution – Conceal & Define Concealer

This is my go-to concealer, I can’t even remember if I have picked up any others last year at all! Certainly, no others have left an impression.

This just works really well on my skin, it covers what I need it to cover without looking cakey and lasts for a really long time.

The price is also fantastic. I think this is going to be a staple in my makeup collection for a really long time!

MUA – Setting Powder

I never really understood setting your face with a translucent powder but I realise most coloured face powders are the wrong undertone for my skin so thought I would give this a go.

I really like this as you only need to use a tiny amount and it sets everything down so well!

If you do go heavy handed, it leaves a cast on your skin which requires a fair bit of blending to dust away!

I’ve also noticed that if I use too much, I occasionally get a whiff of it through the day. Not that it smells of anything really, it’s more you can smell “generic powder smell”, if that makes any sort of sense?

I think it probably does flashback but I’m so pale my skin does that anyway so it’s never something that I’ve cared about.

I think I picked this up for £4.00 at the start of last year and I have only used about a quarter of the tub so it is going to last a really long time!

Freedom – Bronzed Professional

I’m not great at contouring or bronzing but I really like this powder as it’s not super pigmented.

I don’t think you would really notice too much when I’m wearing it as it is so light but it genuinely makes me look less flat and dead 🤣.

It blends really well and because it’s light it is foolproof (and I definitely need that!).

Revolution – Soph Does Nails Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve used so many great eyeshadow palettes last year that I found it really hard to choose my favourite.

I think out of my collection I have used the Soph palettes more than any others. I love the original and Extra Spice and I use them both interchangeably.

The formula, pigmentation and colour combinations are all really great especially for the price of them! I just can’t really fault them and the same goes for pretty much every other Revolution palette I have tried.

Seventeen – Falsifeye HD mascara

I am gutted that Seventeen is no longer sold as this mascara is my favourite of this year hands down and I know I’ll be running out soon!

The formula is not too wet or dry and coats the lashes evenly. You can build it up and it doesn’t flake off through the day.

The wand takes a bit of getting used to because the bristles are so thin and I poked my eye on more than one occasion but once I got used to it I loved it. Even when the mascara is long gone, I think I’m going to keep the wand!

Smashbox – Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

I love this liquid lipstick, I really didn’t want to because the price is pretty steep but it has, by far, the best formulation of any I have tried.

It doesn’t make my lips feel really dry and when it finally starts to wear off through the day, it does it in a kinder way than some that just leave your lips looking like a bumhole!

The colour (Babe Alert) is great for me and the heart-shaped doe foot makes applying it really easy!

Native Unearthed – Natural Deodorant Balm


My last favourite is also my saddest favourite. I love this deodorant, love! I raved about it to everyone, it’s cruelty free and lasts all day.

I was even given some by a reader as she didn’t want to use it and I repurchased it too.

But disaster struck! In October/November I developed a really red sore, weepy rash in my armpits. I couldn’t lift my arms above my head the skin was so tight. I had been using the deodorant for months at this point so tried everything to prove it was not causing this pain!

Alas, I had to stop using it and the rash cleared and my skin went back to normal. Gutted is an understatement!

So that’s it, my favourites for 2018!

What did you think? Was there any on my list that were on yours too? Something you think shouldn’t be on there? Or something I should try for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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New Year – 2018 Round Up & 2019 Goals

New Year – 2018 Round Up & 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone brought in the bells with their loved ones and you weren’t feeling too rough the next day!

I spent January 1st mainly sleeping – not quite sure why I felt so tired but I slept the entire day away! Tried to make up for it on the 2nd as I tried to cram as much as I could so I could say I didn’t waste my time off!

***Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links so I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase a product through these links***

I thought it would be useful to reflect on what 2018 brought to my blog and what I hope 2019 brings.

These are my stats since I started blogging consistently in April – not the biggest numbers ever but I’m still proud of each and every view!

I had quite a few opportunities this year which I’m quite proud of as I didn’t imagine I would have had quite as much interest as I did especially with my teeny tiny following.

I worked with some fantastic brands and bought a tremendous amount of new products to satisfy my beauty cravings!

I got to go to Deep Sea World and spend time with other bloggers which took me way out of my comfort zone!

I was invited to a Lush event but I had to turn that down due to my real life job which was majorly disappointing!

I was even nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award and I hosted my first giveaway!

A lot of the brands I worked with were through Instagram so I didn’t always post on my blog but I thought it would be nice to roundup who I have worked with for the year.

***Please note: Products featured in this post have been sent to me for free to test and review but as always, opinions remain my own!***

The first brand I want to mention is Kalon Kosmetics. From winning their giveaway and then a few months later getting a PR package was an amazing experience. JaLeeda is one of the most amazing ladies and the company have great values that I can really relate to. I can’t wait to see what they do in 2019 as they just seem to be going from strength to strength! I’m really thankful to be involved with then for their Achelois Goddess campaign.

I was sent some XLS Nutrition which was the basis for a “weight loss post”. I think if there was any doubt about my honesty in posts, this proves I don’t hold back.

I got to use a really fancy foot file by Dynesse. I’ll be honest, it’s not something I would normally buy but being sent it was great as my feet have felt nice and soft ever since!

I was sent not one, but two sleep masks from Bedtime Bliss which, although I wouldn’t use them for every day, they are perfect for travelling and I even gifted one to my friend so she could use it on her flight to Canada this Christmas.

Eyewake kindly sent me some collagen gel which helps me wake up in the morning and reduces the bags under my eyes. I am doing another campaign for them this year too which I am really looking forward to.

Lastly, I was sent a Vitamin C serum by Skinkissed and I have just finished the whole bottle which says a lot as I never tend to keep up with my skincare but I found this to be so nice for my skin!

Murphy wasn’t kept out of the action this year either. After the launch of his Instagram, he was sent a fab little bandana from D and C Pet Couture. I don’t do football so unfortunately he only wore it for the photo, but it was a really good product!

I was also sent some Olay Daily Facials from the Savvy Circle, Colgate Toothpaste from Home Tester Club, primer, mascara and face masks from Alba Science. These aren’t directly related to my blog itself but I’d definitely recommend signing up to these places so you can try out some new stuff in exchange for a short review.

This is by no means a bragging post – I know this is not impressive compared to a lot of bloggers but I am proud of my blogging achievements this year and I’ve discovered some new brands and products that I love.

I’m not really one for resolutions but I would like to get my organisational skills back to help me feel less overwhelmed with social media and trying to get my posts out – I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up at the moment!

I know I said it before, but I would like to get my own domain but taking the leap is so scary. I’m worried I will lose my posts I’ve already created but my biggest fear is spending money on something that I can’t keep up with!

What did you achieve in 2018? What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again – I’m so grateful to you all for the support I’ve received since I started this endeavour. Thank you! 💜

Claudia xxx

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