My Makeup Journey ðŸ’„💜

Gone are the days of putting on some blue eyeshadow and a Miss Sporty lipgloss…or are they?!

In the last 6 months, I have found a love for makeup I didn’t know I had. I always wore makeup when I was going out but never as an every day thing.

This was such a shock to my friends, so much so, at my most recent show, I rolled up with my makeup box and all my friends couldn’t believe I had so many products!

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten worse and I like the fact I can feel better and more comfortable in my own skin by wearing makeup and I want to share the products I love.

I don’t use high end makeup all too often and I’m all about beauty on a budget, because who wouldn’t love to be able to afford great products.

I stick to cruelty free brands when I can because I don’t understand why brands aren’t tbh! 😕

I don’t really know how to girl, in the 90s/00s I plucked my eyebrows to within an inch of their life and I’ve never been comfortable with the big brows that seem to be on trend just now. I’m not great at contouring and winged eyeliner is beyond me!

But I do love experimenting with new stuff and hope that by doing this my skills will grow with my experience!

Claudia xxx