Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

Who doesn’t love Revolution? *crickets* I thought so! As a brand they seem to be going from strength to strength just now and they’re firing out influencer collabs like no one’s business!

Their eyeshadow formulas are up there with high-end brands but for a fraction of the price.

Today what I’m most interested in though, is their new foundation.


I’ve reviewed their Conceal and Define concealer before and I still use it most days to brighten up my undereyes so when they announced they were doing a foundation to match I all but threw money at them!


This foundation comes in 24 shades which is pretty decent for a drugstore foundation.

I bought shade F1 which is for pale skin with neutral skin undertones and I’d say this suits me really well. I’d suggest checking the shade guide on the Revolution website though before purchasing.

The packaging looks nice and is basically the big sister to the concealer. The bottle is glass so it’s not the lightest thing to take with you anywhere!

It has a huge doe foot applicator which I know a lot of people don’t like for “hygiene reasons” (most concealers have doe foots but okaay! 🙄) and I’m not the biggest fan just because it’s difficult to get product out of the tube without it being a bit messy!


However, you don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face so that becomes a little bit of a moot point!

I would say this is pretty much full coverage and it’s definitely buildable if you feel it’s a bit too light when you first apply it but I would say this is not light coverage and more medium to full.

I made a massive mistake the first time I put this on as I used waaay too much and found it a bit difficult to blend out.

With the right amount of product, though, it blends quite easily but I will stress again, less is definitely more!! You can add but you can’t take away 😉.

I found this to be a little bit cakey, especially around my mouth and on my forehead which tends to be on the drier side of the Sahara most days so I think this is definitely better suited for normal to oily skin unless you’ve got an amazing moisturiser to hydrate your dry bits enough for it to apply evenly.

It did sink into my smile lines and wrinkles through the day a little but I would say this is good for about an average work day.

One thing that I was definitely surprised at was it didn’t get rubbed off by my glasses on the bridge of my nose and that’s normally the first place that breaks down!

It dries down to almost a semi-matte finish but can be completely matte with powder which I’d recommend as I definitely think this would slide right off without it, so something to do note if your are on the oily side.

I did find this foundation made me feel like I was wearing foundation (you know what I mean!) It’s definitely not lightweight so not for those that don’t like to feel the heaviness of foundation.

I do feel this is one of those foundations that will probably be great to use on some days but terrible on others, you know those days when your makeup just doesn’t seem to look right no matter what you do!

This foundation is a bit pricier than some of their others at £9.00 but I’d say it’s still pretty affordable.

They are heading into more expensive territory which worries me slightly as the major pull of Revolution is their affordability!


I probably wouldn’t buy this again once it runs out as I just didn’t like it as much as the Fast Base or the old Freedom foundations! It’s just not as easy to use and it’s a bit finicky to get it looking good.

I’m really disappointed as I’m such a Revolution advocate and there’s very few products that I don’t like! I genuinely thought this would be a great product to match their concealer!

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below if I’m alone in feeling this “meh” way about this one!

Thanks very much for reading and as always I’ll speak to you lot soon!

Claudia xxx

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Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 2 – Eyes/Lips

Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 2 – Eyes/Lips


This is part 2 of my Makeup Revoloution Haul. You can find part 1 here where I covered all my base products.

This was originally supposed to be posted on Wednesday but I’ve been suffering with a migraine so sorry you had to wait! Note to self*must get better a pre-writing my posts*

I got all these products from the Makeup Revolution website. At the time they were doing a deal where if you spend over £15 you got a free 1,000,000 eyeshadow pallette.

The offer isn’t available anymore but they tend to have different offers on every month. Make sure you inspect your basket before you hit buy to see what you could be missing out on!

I could not get this to photograph well at all! 😢 I think this was my 256th attempt!

This was in celebration of them reaching one million subscribers on Instagram which is a great milestone for a drugstore beauty brand. Good to see they are getting the recognition they deserve!

I dont think this pallette is available to buy on its own so I’m glad I managed to nab this when I did!

Unfortunately my pallette arrived to me in a bit of a battered condition and one of the hinges was broken. Luckily all of the shadows themselves were fine!


The colours in this pallette aren’t something I would normally choose for myself but as I got them for free, I really can’t complain! It allows me to try out some new colours I normally wouldn’t get my hands on! And who doesn’t love that, right??


The shadows in this pallette are really pretty and they work well to compliment each other. I think they blend nicely and I didn’t notice any fallout on my cheeks at all, though, there was kickback in the pan and the swatches look quite chalky!

There is a mix of matte and shimmer shades so you can create a full eye look with just this pallette.

It doesn’t take up much room in your handbag and it has a decent sized mirror for touch ups on the go.

The reason for me placing an order!

I was desperate to try these. I don’t know if it’s because of 90s nostalgia or my love of stationery but I just can’t resist a multipen! 🤷

These are part of the I Heart Revolution makeup range (formerly I💜Makeup) and there are 3 different kinds; Multi Liner, Multi Liner Nudes and Multi Eye Liner Brights.

      Top: Lip liner. Bottom, from left: Nude, Brown, Black

The Multi Liner has 1 lip liner and 3 eyeliners in Black, Brown and Nude.

Clockwise from top left: Natural, Nude Brown, Pale Pink and Mauve

The Multi Liner Nudes has 4 nude lip liners in the shades Natural, Mauve, Nude Brown and Pale Pink.

Clockwise from top left: Silver, Teal, Blue and Purple

The Multi Eye Liner Brights has 4 eye liners in the shades Purple, Teal, Blue and Silver. The Silver and Teal have quite big chunks of glitter in them which I’m not a fan of.

The feel of the liners are lovely, they have a nice creamy texture. As you can see from the swatches they are quite patchy when you apply them but you can build it up so it looks ok.

It takes quite a few clicks to get product to come out of the pen so I’m not really sure how long these would last with regular use.

I love the idea of these but I do find them quite fiddly and I’m slightly disappointed. Using the eye liners I found quite difficult because the pen is quite big so it was hard to see where it was going to be applied to.

I was also worried about having too much product out and that it would break in my eye or leave a blob of it somewhere I didnt want it to be!

All-in-all, I think these are good for a trip if space is limited and you need a few different colours but then I think an eyeliner or lipliner pencil doesn’t really take up much room either!

At £5 each, I don’t think that’s too bad as that makes each colour £1.25 but it feels like it’s quite a gimmicky unnecessary product to add to my makeup collection.


Lastly I received a double pack of Freedom Makeup London eyeliners. Looking on  the website I don’t see this product anymore, I can only find one of them. I think this is because the Freedom range is being phased out for Revolution Pro.

These came in nude and black. It’s cost me £2 for both of these. They’re quite big pencils so I imagine they will last for a very long time!

I don’t think these are my most favourite pencils but I don’t hate them. The formula is ok, I feel like it could be creamier. I’ve found its quite difficult for the colour to stick to my waterline and I need to go over it quite a few times.

At essentially £1 each I can’t grumble too much but if I could find them again, they definitely wouldn’t be my first choice!

Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Makeup Revoloution products and I hate saying anything negative about them but I wasn’t really as big of a fan of the Multi Liners or the Eye Pencils as I thought I would be. I think this is the first time I’ve actually been disappointed by products I’ve got from them!

I guess you can’t win them all! With the amount of products they put out, I’m actually surprised that I’ve not found more products I don’t like! The fact is they can compete with the likes of Urban Decay or Tarte for a fraction of the price with some of their products!

This is the end of my haul, thanks for getting this far! Let me know what you think of this post and if there’s anything you would like me to try leave a comment down below!

Claudia Xxx


Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette

April’s Favourites




Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 1 – Base

Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 1 – Base

This is going to be a review in two parts (like you couldn’t tell from the title!) because otherwise it is going to be stupidly long!

My Benefit review was quite long and I don’t want you getting so bored you only make it half way through! 🤣

I’ve got quite a few new Makeup Revoloution products to talk about as I bought a few things from Superdrug and what they never had in stock, I ordered from the Makeup Revoloution website.

I thought we would split them up into Base and Eyes/Lips. If these posts prove to be popular I may do a series focused solely on Makeup Revoloution products. Let me know in the comments if that’s something you would be interested in!

Without further ado…


I spoke about the Conceal and Define concealer in my April Favourites so I’m not going to go into this in much detail.

I love this 💜. It doesn’t crease, it applies and blends nicely and doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin even though it is full coverage. Ive found it looks good all day (minimal creasing) and doesn’t feel drying on the skin. Also, any smudging of your mascara can be wiped away fairly easily without disturbing the product too much.

I got this in the shade C1 and it’s perfect for my skin tone – almost blue like a white walker 🤣 – it’s described as being for fair skin tones with a neutral undertone. The shade range is massive and I know of people using darker colours to contour as well but I’ve not tried it myself.

At only £4 for 4g, I think this is a bargain for what it can do!


Who hasn’t heard of the Fast Base Stick Foundation? It has been everywhere on social media! Of course, I had to try it too!

Shade F1 for me. I’ve never tried a stick foundation before so I was quite apprehensive. There was nothing to worry about though.

It is such a creamy formula and it blends great; however it takes a little more effort to blend than liquid foundations. It provides medium to full coverage and lasts all day once set. It does have a very dewy finish so I needed to use a fair bit of setting powder to mattify it to my liking.

It is so easy to apply, literally seconds, so great for when you’re short on time.

This was only £5 but I’m not quite sure how much product you get for that. It does seem like it will last quite a while as a little goes a long way.


I thought I would try the new Revolution Pro Range. From what I can tell, the products are slightly more expensive than their “basic range” but they are not expensive for the quality of the products when compared to other brands.

The Correcting Primer works well to minimise redness. It feels quite thick for a primer so I would only use it for areas that needed the colour correcting (sometimes this is my whole face!) And would use another primer for the rest of my face.

It isn’t noticeable under your foundation and doesn’t make it go cakey. On the other hand, I don’t necessarily think it makes your foundation last like other types of primers do.

This comes in 3 shades: green, peach and cool pink. I have only tried the green one and to be honest I’ve never really known the purpose of the rest of the colours used for colour correcting.

It costs £7 for 25ml and it will last for a long time as it’s only really for spot applications so I think it’s worth the money if it’s needed but you could just use a normal primer under your foundation instead.

I found the Full Cover Camouflage Concealer was a much thicker consistency than the Conceal and Define. It still blended out nicely, though it felt heavier on my skin.

Again, I got this in the shade C1 and it matched me well; however, I don’t feel like it was completely full coverage like what I was expecting but it did brighten my under eye effectively.

I found it creased slightly more through the day and it oxidised a bit as it dried down.

This is £5 for 8.5ml which I consider cheap for a drugstore product especially when it can compete with higher-end products.

I think I’m more likely to stock up on the Conceal and Define than this one just because of the consistency of it didn’t feel as nice for me.


I also picked up the Full Cover Camouflage Foundation, again in the lightest shade – F1. I was really dubious about this at first. I tried it on the back of my hand and it dried down really pink. Checked the website and it’s definitely for neutral undertone!

Luckily when I applied it to my face it was fine – no pink face for me! This is quite a thick foundation. Again, like the concealer, it’s not as full coverage as I thought it would be but it is buildable to full coverage.

It feels quite thick but it blends well and lasts all day. I noticed that’s it’s quite dry so I need to use a good primer and moisturise well so it still looks good.

At £7 for 25ml, this won’t break the bank. I like this foundation but as it’s quite heavy I will probably keep this as stage makeup rather than for everyday wear.


The last product I bought was Crème Highlight and Contour Kit in the shade light. It has two sticks one for contour and the other for highlight. Each stick is double-ended and has a warm and a cool shade.

This also comes with a double-ended tool for blending the product. It has a blending sponge on one end and a brush on the other.

I’ve never used the tool because I keep forgetting I have it, I also like to keep things the same as much as I can for testing new products so I give them a fair chance.

Cream contour was another thing I hadn’t tried until I used this. I really like this product and think I’m a complete convert from powder contour!

I only use a light hand with this but it is possible to build this up to provide a darker contour. It blends quite well and doesn’t look cakey or muddy on my skin.

As I set my face with a translucent powder most of the time, I don’t feel like I get the best from the highlight. It applies nicely and blends well like the contour stick but as soon as you try to set your face it sticks to the place the highlight is and looks quite cakey. I feel like if I didn’t need to set my face this would be a perfect subtle highlight.

Because of my paleness, I tend to use the cooler shades of both the contour and the highlight. The warmer ones just don’t look quite right on me which is a shame as they are very pretty.

This is £15, I think I picked it up in one of the Superdrug promotions where they do 3 for 2 so I got it for a bit cheaper than that. I’m not sure I would buy it again at full price, only because I will only use half of the product.

I would love it if they made a cool tone double-ended stick so I could buy it separately! If they do already, let me know as I’ve never seen it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this one, let me know if you did! Part two will be coming up shortly!

Claudia xxx



Makeup Revolution Haul – Part 2 – Eyes/Lips

Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Palette

April Favourites

April favourites – Asda Skincare, Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay and more! 💜💜

April favourites – Asda Skincare, Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay and more! 💜💜

So April was a busy month for trying new products. Some of these I have had for ages but hadn’t really gotten around to using or hadn’t used them enough to know how I felt about them.

I’m trying to make a conscious effort to use some older products as there’s loads of stuff in my makeup box I’ve not even used!

Skin Care

I don’t have too much of a skin care routine but I bought these because they were cheap and they are cruelty free. I’ve tried Asda skincare before and always found it works quite well for me.


The facial scrub is really gentle but still gives your pores quite a deep clean. It doesn’t smell too strongly and it’s just nice to use. The main thing is noticed about this is that it doesn’t nip. Any spots I have, I squeeze (I have compulsive picking disorder so my face is a mess a lot of the time! 😷) Even my Simple Foaming Face Wash stings like crazy if I have any open wounds on my face!!


The Kind and Gentle Facial Toner claims to remove any last traces of makeup and tighten your pores. For 90p I’d say it does a really good job – it removes even the most stubborn mascara! It doesn’t give the really tight feeling of some toners but I find it really refreshing and soothing for my skin and it helps to combat any redness.


Making my hair goals come true!!

I have been using the Bleach London Silver Shampoo. I have not had much luck with Silver Shampoo before – the one I was using was Provoke Touch of Silver, it literally did nothing to my hair but I kept living in hope – I think I’m on my third bottle 😐. The Bleach London one is excellent. From the first wash I have noticed a difference. My hair feels nice and soft and it is more ashy than brassy! It says to use it every other wash and even on the days I haven’t used it, it still makes my hair look good. The only downside – it tints your hands slightly blue for a little while and it is over £5 a bottle.


I didn’t get to try any new foundations last month but I have picked up Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. I’m super pale so I picked up shade C1 which on the website says it is for fair skin with a neutral undertone.


I know this concealer has had rave reviews and people have been comparing it to Tarte Shape Tape – I’m going to be honest, I will likely never be able to compare, I can’t justify that amount of money for a concealer, just the thought of it makes me feel a bit 🤢!

I love the Conceal and Define, it’s perfect for me. It blends really nicely and really brightens the undereye. I have an annoying wrinkle under my right eye which it does start to crease into as the day wears on but I genuinely think it is probably just me that notices this!



Last month I started using the Makeup Revolution Sophdoesnails eyeshadow pallette. I have had my eye on this pallete for so long! I adore this 💜. Until a few months ago, I never even thought of wearing red/warm tones on my eyes but after trying out the colours on this one, I’m hooked!

The colours 😍

The eyeshadows blend so easily and there is a nice range of mattes and shimmers. There is some really lovely transition shades and colours for a bit of that inner corner highlight! The pigmentation is great and a little really does go a long, long way!


My very lovely friend got me this for my birthday. I love Urban Decay and I only every get their products on special occasions because, let’s face it, they are expensive! 💰

So shiny! 😍

The packaging is lovely and really sturdy and the shadows are amazing! However, it is a glitter pallette so I wouldn’t just be able to use it on its own. Applying these shadows with a wet brush or your finger is definitely the way to go, the colour pay off is spectacular!


Spellbound 💜

Again, these where a birthday present from the same friend – I know, I found a keeper, right?! ☺️

These brushes are stunning! I can’t bring myself to use them as they are so pretty. They handles are made of metal and they’re really sturdy. They feel really soft and would be ideal for eye makeup but I just can’t. I think I’m going to display them instead!


I don’t know where my friend got me my birthday stuff from but the links to the other products are below.

Revolution Beauty – this is their main page, explore and enjoy!

Boots – Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Asda Skincare – I picked the products up in store but believe they are available on the website.

So that is my favourites for April. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know by liking and let me know what your thoughts on these products are or if there’s anything I need to try!

I tend to post any updates on Twitter or Instagram first so you can follow me there to keep up to date. 🙃

Claudia xxx

Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette – review and swatches

Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette – review and swatches

So I bought this pallette after it caught my eye in Superdrug. It cost £9.99 and there are 30 shades. There is a mix of mattes, shimmers and what looks like baked shadows.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I first opened it. It came in a cardboard surround with colour samples on the back. The pallette I thought I was getting had a lot more blues/pinks than what is actually in there.

The pan sizes are quite small but it is quite cheap and there is a whack of shades to keep you going so I wouldn’t say this is unexpected!

It also has a nice big mirror and it comes with a brush but I wouldn’t really use this for anything as it’s very rough and doesn’t pick up shadow very well.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the insert for this pallette so I have no idea of the shade names. Who can keep these for longer than a week anyway?

Enough talk – let’s see some terrible looking swatches!

Top row –

I think the top portion of this pallette is my least used.

1st and 3rd colours barely show up on my super pale skin. The first has a slight shimmer but even using a wet brush, it doesn’t do much.

2nd one in makes a really nice transition shade.

The one I really like from this row is the first blue shade. It has a vein of gold running through it which gives a lovely shimmer to the eye.

Second row –

This 1st shadow on this row is great for the inner corners. It has a beautiful, understated shimmer – perfect for everyday.

The copper is out of this world pigmented! This is one of the baked looking ones. It looks great with a dry or wet brush and really gives a pop of colour!

Third row –

So this is the row I mostly use for my work look if I’m using this pallette.

The palest shade in the middle is the same colour as my skin so use this to set my primer/concealer before putting down my first transition.

I use the browns to build up colour and tend to smoke it out using the darker colours from this row. The colours blend really well and I think this row gives the most consistent colour pay off.

Fourth row –

So this one has some nice inner corner highlights and some darker shades to add depth to a smokey eye.

Again, although not a baked one, the copper on this row has a great depth to the colour and looks really bright.

Final thoughts – I was really apprehensive at first but I have come to really like this pallette. With exception of a few colours, they blend really nicely and are quite pigmented. There’s a wide mix of colours to make it great for every day looks and more intense night time looks.

Some colours are quite patchy and look different on my skin than what they do in the pan but all in all for £9.99 I really think it’s worth it! And because of the use I have gotten from this pallette I would give it 8.5/10!

You can buy the Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave pallette here:

Revolution Beauty


Don’t forget, if you like the content of this post please give it a like and if there’s any suggestions or comments I’d love to hear those!

Claudia xxx