A Little Pupdate 🐕

A Little Pupdate 🐕

This post should have been something completely different as I’ve received some new products that I’m dying to try out (check out my Instagram to see what will be coming up) but my shifts at work and poor lighting means testing and taking photos is almost impossible!

Before he came home!

With that being said, I know a lot of people loved hearing about Murphy and he’s grown up so much, I thought I would let you know how he’s been the last few months.

He looks less like a pup now, but he still behaves like one!

He’s now 7.5 months old and has matured quite a bit but it has not been easy getting to this stage!

We finally caved and moved the crate into the bedroom so we could get a full night sleep together but this has come with its own challenges as the cats are upstairs.

Trying to get Loki to play!

For the most part, Murphy leaves Charlie alone when he’s out and about but he always wants to play with Loki and being the crazy puppy he is, Loki isn’t always the biggest fan so he’ll yowl at him which brings Charlie over just to hiss at him to get him to stop.

Charlie is clearly the protective big brother! Sometimes at night he will randomly hiss at him while he’s in his crate which does unsettle him a bit.

The worst night was when the cats decided to play about and had a scuffle. Murph and I were sleeping but it woke him up yelping in fear and he wouldn’t settle down for ages!

Teething was definitely a challenge as it was clearly painful for him. He went from being almost house-trained and fairly calm to be a chewing, pooping monster! His puppy biting got a million times worse and getting him to listen to even basic commands was a struggle.

On the suggestion of someone we met at the park, we used clove oil treats from Pets at Home and they really seemed to give him some relief. As did giving him things to chew.

On the plus side, I managed to find a few of his baby teeth which I could never do with the cats!

Really glad he’s passed this stage now and it is so much better! He still has the odd accident if we are out the house but they are getting fewer and farther between and when we are in, he has no accidents at all.

It’s carnage when he gets hold of paper!

We had to get a mail cage thing to stop him eating the post as he loves chewing up paper and anything is fair game – cards from Royal Mail, catalogues, money off vouchers, you name it, he’ll chew it!

The biggest challenge has been stopping him going up the stairs when we are not in. We realised the rabbit run at the bottom of the stairs was no longer working when we found out he’d chewed up a tube of steroid cream and left a “present” at the top of the stairs for us!

Clearly working out how he will get over it!

Luckily he was fine but J then set to work building a stair gate out of an old palette which looks good but it only took him 2 days to figure that one out!

A little lip was added to it, and we’ve even tried putting a tube on the top so it’s not a flat surface but to no avail! He’s a determined little bugger!

He also loves to eat from the cat’s litter tray 🤢 which is disgusting but for some reason he finds it super tasty! So daily brushing his teeth is an absolute must – and it was something I had planned to do anyway but that just cements it!

After his puppy trim, he has tiny feet and looks like he aged about 3 years!

He got his first puppy trim (I had to leave him for an hour and a half!) and the lady said he behaved really well. He looked a bit silly as his legs got trimmed which gave him tiny feet and she shaved his whiskers off 😕 I’m just glad she never shaved his quiff! He came back smelling so strongly, I actually felt sorry for his little nose and was glad to have his puppy smell back!

I was finally brave enough to get someone else to look after him for a few hours so we could go to Edinburgh one weekend. J’s sister kindly looked after him and he had a blast. I was just worried he’d destroy her house! Thankfully, she’s said she will look after him anytime!

I’m not quite sure who has worse separation anxiety, him or me! 🤷

His training is coming along and we’ve even let him off lead a few times. He’s great when walking with other dogs with good recall and only gets distracted a little bit.

I don’t want to be one of those owners who needs to go chasing after their dog or have no control when it’s off lead so this is something that will be worked on very gradually before he gets full freedom!

He even got his first gifted product from D and C pets, which he looks dashing in, it’s just a shame we both know nothing about football!

That hair though! 🤣

He actually quite likes wearing clothes, especially after a bath as he gets quite cold. He asks for his bandana to get put on him too. J doesn’t let me take him out wearing stuff though! 🙈

When he’s not being completely hyper and zipping about, he does love to have a cuddle on the couch with us!

I know lots of people have got new pups at the moment and the struggle is definitely real. I think it’s really important to remember they are just pups and they don’t know how to behave yet and it’s our job to show them what we want!

I have been following Zak George on YouTube, I have his book and I’ve joined his free 30 day course and his Facebook group (not sponsored, I promise, this is just really important to me!).

He teaches a method of training which doesn’t use force or intimidation, there is no aversive methods and the outdated use of dominance theory is thankfully no where to be seen!

Basically we are teaching the dog from the inside so they understand what we want, rather than forcing them to do what we want and having the dog fear us.

I know I would rather have a bond with Murphy that is based on understanding rather than fear and I really hope everyone else would like that too!

It definitely gets better and I know I’m counting my chickens early as we have to get through the adolescent stage where they forget everything, but he is a great dog and we love him to bits!

I can’t believe a few months ago how difficult I was finding things, don’t get me wrong, he’s still a handful and getting stuff done is difficult when he’s always at my feet but it has gotten a 💯 times better and I no longer feel like I’m one step away from a breakdown!

I did find out that lots of people feel like they have made a mistake once they have taken on a pup, you can be as prepared as can be but nothing you do can quite prepare you for it and it’s normal to despair!

That’s why you see so many young dogs on free ads or at the shelter because people don’t realise how difficult it can be! The true animal lovers are the ones that push past that stage rather than give up!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you don’t mind the puppy spam too much! How could you, look at his face!

If you want to see more of him and see what he’s getting up to, he now has his own Instagram page which gets posted to daily!

Let me know if you liked this post or not or tell me if you have anything you would like to see in the future!

Claudia xxx

And Murphy 🐶🐾

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