Vivadogs Subscription Box 🐕

Vivadogs  Subscription Box 🐕

Hey guys! I’m back again reviewing yet another subscription box. This one is a little bit different to my usual though!

You can get a subscription box for pretty much anything so thanks to targeted ads on Facebook, I picked up a dog subscription box for Murph just to try.

Like many subscription services, you can choose to buy a monthly box for £19.90, subscribe for 6 months and they cost £14.90 or for 12 at £13.90 all of which include shipping.

Now, I’m not completely mad, I managed to pick up my box for £5.90 as there was no way I was spending the normal amount on a box I’d never tried before!

I think they are a Spanish company as my payment was in pounds but did show a Spanish reference.

The value of the box is said to be about £30 but we know that’s not always the case! They also donate 10% of each box to animal charities too.

The box arrived in the last week of the month as expected.

When you open the box there is the paper wrap that I’ve come to expect from subscription boxes and then you burst the sticker seal to see your products!

Inside this month’s box was 5 items with a Paw Patrol theme – going to be honest, not sure if this is meant to appeal to kids or parents of kids as I’ve never seen the show and no idea what it’s like but the packaging was cute!

You get a little booklet giving you an overview of the products in different languages but I couldn’t see it showing any RRP of the items so I’ve had a nosy online to see how much each thing cost if I was buying them myself.

Paw Patrol Treats

So there are two bags of these treats in the box. One is turkey and one is chicken and they are shaped like little bones.

They are nice soft treats and easy to break up into smaller pieces so ideal for training.

There are no added sugars and claim to have up to 70% meat which is pretty good!

Murphy certainly likes them and would quite happily eat them all in one sitting if I let him!

I have seen these in Pets at Home for £1.99 a bag.

Kong Core Strength – Bow Tie

The toy in the box is from Kong which is a brand that I like and have tried before.

Their toys are normally for heavy chewers and this one claims to be extra strong and helps with teeth cleaning.

It does feel tough and has lots of ridges so may be beneficial to chew but nothing will substitute actually brushing your dog’s teeth!

Murphy likes it but he does prefer either flavoured toys or soft toys so hasn’t put it to the test too much!

I’ve found this for around £7.00 online which seems to be quite reasonable for a Kong toy!

Waniyanpi Dog Pupcorn

We got a bag of Pupcorn in the box and it came with a little cardboard popcorn container thing which was a nice touch!

Not that I would let him eat the whole bag at once so it would only be for pictures!

I’m not convinced that popcorn is the best for dogs either, I’d worry about any kernels getting stuck in the teeth since that’s common with humans!

The ingredients are in Spanish but from what I can work out, it’s just plain popcorn made with extra virgin olive oil.

Murphy seems to like it but was a little bit confused with the texture at first!

When I posted that Murph has received this on his Instagram, the company that made this commented on his post.

When I tried to find out more, I was taken to a Spanish site and I couldn’t find the product on there.

Looking online it seems you can buy popcorn for dogs from about £3.00.

Paw Patrol Wet Wipes

Lastly, we got some wet wipes for light cleaning.

These will come in handy for a quick wipe of the paws or a freshen up between baths.

They claim to be gentle but I would probably not use them around the eyes just in case!

I found these for £2.50 on eBay but couldn’t find them anywhere else.

And that’s that! Murph seems to be quite happy with what he got and was especially happy with the shredded packing stuff at the bottom of the box!

I don’t think I would necessarily buy this again just because the products aren’t really things that I would normally buy.

I worked out roughly that the value of the products is about £16.50 so not near the £30.00 that is claimed on the website so don’t think it is the best value for money either if I was paying full price which is a shame.

So what did you think of this different subscription box? Do you have any boxes that you get your pets that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments ⤵️.

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Thanks for reading, guys! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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