Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette

Hi guys!

In case anyone is interested, I still don’t have my new car 😢 I’ve paid my deposit and just waiting for the guy to come back from holiday to sign everything and collect the keys!

I am back today with another palette review (shock! 😮).

I picked up the Forever Flawless Constellation palette at the same time as the Tropical Carnival palette. The bright colours drew me in and I just couldn’t resist!

This is another of the Revolution £10.00 palettes which is reasonable as you get 18 gorgeous shades!

This is the most lively of the Forever Flawless palettes. The others are more on the muted side which I am never really drawn too – I have my Naked palettes if I’m needing neutrals!

But if more muted palettes are you’re thing, Revolution have you covered!

As will all Revolution products, this palette is cruelty free – because why shouldn’t it be?

The shades are a mixture of mattes and shimmers – seven of the former, 11 of the latter. Some of the shimmers seem a bit more satiny than others rather than true shimmers.

I wish there was a bit more variation with the formulas. For example, there are two shimmery blues which are so similar one could have either been replaced by another colour or one could have been matte. Same with the Grey’s – three grey/silver shimmers is just too much, even for me!

The warm reddish tones are also really similar and although everything is nice and pigmented, I found I got a better purple mixing the bright pink (Venus) and a blue (Neptune) than Cosmic on its own!

The highlights of this palette for me are the bright yellow (Solar) and the icy silver (Fractal). I don’t have anything like these in any of my other palettes so it’s a palette I will pick up again and again even if it’s just for these shades!

Like I said, the colours are pigmented as you would expect but they aren’t quite as bright as those in the Tropical Carnival palette. You can build them up though without too much hassle.

The darker shimmer shades have quite a bit of fallout so that is something to watch if you normally do your base first like me!


I did notice a couple of the matte shades went a bit patchy during application but only on one eye so I am assuming it’s me rather than the colours themselves but maybe something to note if you have any dry patches on your eyelids.

The shadows don’t crease throughout the day at all. One night I even went to bed with my makeup still on (I know 🙄) and my eyelids still looked pretty decent the next morning!

The shadows blend really well together but can be a little muddy at times.

The shimmers are a lovely buttery texture and apply beautifully. I would recommend applying with your finger or a wet brush for the best results though, as using a brush doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

The packaging of the palette is gorgeous! The cosmic pattern makes it one of the prettier Revolution palettes about.

The palette itself is made of metal and it closes solidly. You get a decent sized mirror too and it’s not actually too heavy so would be fine for travelling.

I actually think this is quite a versatile palette as you can use the brights for some bold looks but the more muted colours are totally fine for doing a tamer look for during the day!

I’ve used most of the colours in the palette now and I’ve not found that any of them stain. They’re fairly easy to remove with cleanser or a makeup wipe despite their staying power during the day!

I definitely wish there was a bit more variation for me personally but this is a really nice palette to have in my collection and I’m glad I picked it up.

Revolution have been killing it with their releases recently but I really wish they would slow down a bit. They are launching new products so often, I don’t know how anyone can keep up!

Have you picked up any of the Forever Flawless palettes yet? What one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

Thanks, as always for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!

Claudia xxx

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Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Palette

Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Palette

Hi guys! So I’m back with another eyeshadow palette review (shock! 😮).

I placed a Revolution order when I was feeling ill – almost spent £120 in my feeling sorry for myself state but I whittled my order down to a measly £24!

I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it in my collection – the new Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival palette!

Just look at those colours! How could I not? This palette is only £10 (you can get it slightly cheaper if you have a quick Google for discount codes) and has 18 bright and bold shades.

There are 7 shimmer shades and 11 mattes.

I love the layout of this palette! The shimmers are the first 7 shades starting from the top left and the mattes are laid out in such a way that you can see immediately which colours will work!

The shades are really blendable and work so well together, especially if you use colours that are close together.

That’s not to say you can’t mix it up a bit; however, some of the colours can look a little muddy when mixed and not as intense.

There is a crap-ton of fallout from the darker mattes – Navy (the dark blue) in particular is probably the worst shadow I’ve ever encountered for fallout!

If you are using the darker colours, I’d suggest doing your base after your eyes as dusting away with a fluffy brush still leaves you with a cast of colour.

The shimmers are pretty intense even on a dry brush but are at their best if you apply them using your finger. I’ve just started doing this for shimmer shadows recently and the difference is amazing!

The black in this palette is actually a grey which I’m pretty disappointed about. I love a good matte black and I feel the grey doesn’t really work with all the intense colours. It’s a shame as Revolution normally do great blacks!

The palette itself is really pretty. I love the design and the splash of colours. The gold foiled logo makes it instantly recognisable.

It is quite big but it’s not too heavy and has a massive mirror so perfect for travelling.

You do get a little sheet of the shade names but I don’t think anyone keeps that but they have also included the names on the back of the palette and the box itself.

It is also vegan and cruelty free which is perfect as nothing should be suffering for our looks!

I think Tammi had done a really good job with this palette and as she explains on her YouTube channel, she wanted to show some of her culture with the shade names, most of which link back to her roots in the Carribbean.

I would recommend this palette to anyone that needs a bit of colour in their collection – let’s face it, that’s everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, the fallout is a definite negative as it is really bad and if you would never wear bright colours, it’s maybe not for you but for only £10, there’s really no reason not to pick it up!

So that’s that! Let me know if you will be picking this palette up and if not, why not!? Tell me what your favourite colours are for eyeshadow and I will do a look just for you!

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

Sorry I missed an upload, guys! I’ve not been feeling the best recently so I used my day off to try and recover! Hope you don’t mind!

Still not feeling great unfortunately but I really wanted to show you another one of the palettes I got from J for Christmas.

I’m pretty sure I have an eyeshadow palette addiction! I have so many and always on the lookout for more! Playing around with different shadows is one of my favourite things. I love that brands are coming up with new formulas and products all the time!

I’ve included some more eyeshadow looks I’ve created using this palette. Would love to say my makeup or photography skills are getting better but no can do I’m afraid!

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about BH Cosmetics over on Instagram and thought I would give them a go!

They seem to be quite an affordable brand and they are cruelty free. A lot of their products are vegan but this particular product isn’t although it is gluten free.

I picked this palette up from Beauty Bay to avoid shipping from the US but you can buy direct from them too.

I really like the design of this palette but it is quite big so probably not the best for travelling. It does have a decent sized mirror if that is something you would need.

Like I said, they are fairly affordable and this palette only cost me £22.00! For your money you get 12 baked shimmers, 12 mates and a baked highlighter. That’s less than £1.00 a shadow!

The baked highlighter is smack bang in the middle of the palette with the ring of mattes round that and then a ring of shimmers names after the zodiac signs on the outside ring.

You get a decent range of colours and they are laid out really nicely with corresponding colours quite close together to give you inspiration.

I love this purples in this palette! For some reason purple seems to be a hard colour to get right but these are probably my favourite to apply!

There is a ton of kickback from the matte shades in the pan but I didn’t notice much fallout on my face. They also blend really nicely and are well pigmented.

I did notice that the mattes went a bit patchy on my left eye in the crease but I think this might be down to my skin at the moment as they have been going on completely fine on my other eye (does anyone else have a “bad” eye – nothing ever looks as good on my left eye!!).

The shimmers are also really pigmented and but definitely apply best using your finger rather than a brush!

Because the shimmers are baked, you almost have to break the outer crust to get the best out of them. They are a little bit crumbly in the pan but they don’t feel dry when you apply them.

The downside to the shimmers is the crap-ton of fallout you get on your face! It’s easily wiped away with a brush but I’d say these shades might be one of the worst for fallout I’ve come across recently.

I don’t use highlighter on my face (😮 I know!) so I’ve been using the highlighter on my inner corner and it gives a really nice glow so I imagine it would look good if you did use it for the way it was intended!

The shadows do crease slightly through the day but they don’t fade or look dull and they are easily removed with cleanser or a makeup wipe.

I’ve enjoyed using this palette and think it is quite versatile. There are a few shades that I think could have been swapped out – there’s a brown that looks almost purple, for example, and with three other purples in the palette maybe isn’t necessary. I would have loved to have seen a couple of matte greens or blues to go with the cooler shimmer shades.

BH Cosmetics have since released another Zodiac palette called Love Signs which has some blues and oranges so I think I might need to pick that up too to get the full set! It doesn’t cost any more than this one does so maybe check that out to see which one you would prefer!

What are you thoughts on BH Cosmetics? Do you have a favourite product from them? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll pick them up to try!

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As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you find these types of reviews useful! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Testing Kiko Cosmetics

Testing Kiko Cosmetics

I was out in Edinburgh for a girly day just before Christmas and I noticed Kiko were having a sale so I treated myself to a couple of bits.

I think I had only been in the shop once before but it was so busy I never really got a chance to look at much.

I didn’t really get a chance this time either as it was packed but I grabbed a couple of things that caught my eye anyway.

I can’t remember too much about the prices of each of the products but I do know it was less than £15.00 for everything which I thought was really good.

I also didn’t think it was very clear what I was buying until I checked the label or the sample which is how I managed to pick up two lip products – I swear the lip balm said it was glitter eye shadow or something! The perils of the sales and the Christmas period in general I guess!

I was greeted by a lovely guy wearing the best eye makeup I think I’d ever seen! He also asked if I needed help but since I didn’t know what I was looking for, I thought it was best to do it alone.

First up I found Gold Waves lipstick in the shade Mystical Wine (I love the name!). I think it was the only colour of this particular one available as I didn’t see any other shades.

The packaging is gorgeous! It’s also magnetic so no chance of your lippie losing the lid when it’s in your bag!

I like how it sits flush in the handle and the shape make it really easy to apply.

It’s a nice formula. It’s not too creamy but not drying on your lips either. It’s almost matte which makes it last a fair while too.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most pigmented lipstick I’ve ever tried but with the shade it’s quite hard to tell. I’m not sure if darker shades would have more of a colour pay off or not.

This is the Smart Cult eyeshadow palette in Matte Revolution.

I remember that there was a choice of two of these palettes. This one and a more neutral toned shimmer palette. Of course I went for the bright colours!

You get 12 matte eyeshadows in this palette. I think this might be one of the few only matte palettes I’ve ever bought as I’m not normally drawn towards them too often.

There is a pretty wide mix of colours here and you could use the rows as a guide to build up a look.

The shadows themselves are quite powdery and you do get a lot of kickback in the pan bit luckily not too much fallout on your face!

They blend quite easily but I found it really hard to actually build the colour up and when blended together they looked a little muddy.

The packaging is plastic and you get a decent sized magnifying mirror (at least I hope my face isn’t that big! 🤣). The palette is a good size for travelling as it doesn’t take up much room. I just wish it had a shimmer or two to spice it up a little!

My accidental purchase! I’m sure this was under £2.00 so I’m definitely not complaining. You can never go wrong with another lip balm!

Again, the packaging looks really sleek and it sits flush with the lid so you don’t have to worry about messing up the product when your closing it.

It’s easy to apply and provides just enough colour. This is in the shade Blueberry buy I’m sure there were others available.

It is really hydrating and I find myself reaching for this through the day quite a lot just now – my skin and lips are taking an utter battering just now with the cold weather it’s and just the kind of pick me up I need at the minute!

I really want to try more from Kiko – especially their mascara and foundation but I found it really hard to try and get a match for my pasty skin in the Edinburgh store!

Have you tried Kiko before? Let me know what you would recommend in the comments below and I will try and see if I can pick it up next time I’m visiting.

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Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay Identity Eyeshadow Palette

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self promotion!), you may have noticed I’ve been posting a few makeup looks recently from the Beauty Bay Identity palette.

If you don’t follow me, 1) you should (I occasionally post decent content!) And 2) don’t worry as I will post my looks through this post – don’t judge my skills too much, I’m working on it!

This was a Christmas present from J after I said I’d had my eye on it for ages but it was always out of stock!

I was really excited to start using it when it came through the door!

I’ll be honest, when I opened it up I was slightly disappointed as the colours didn’t look quite as vibrant as what I remembered from the adverts I’d seen online; however, it is a gorgeous palette and it is my favourite of the 3 that were first released as it’s just a bit more bold (not to say I won’t pick the others up eventually!).

The packaging is really nice, the matte black with the embossed writing makes it feel quite high end. It’s got a nice big mirror on the inside too which is great.

The palette is pretty big so is maybe not ideal for travelling but the whopping 42 shades you get for your money means it’s the only palette you would need to take with you! It’s fairly lightweight too so it wouldn’t take up too much of your baggage allowance.

The shadows themselves have the Beauty Bay “B” embossed on them which looks really pretty, I just know I’ll get sad when they eventually rub away!

Side note: using swatch templates is pretty difficult!

There are 26 mattes shades, 9 shimmers and 7 metallic shadows which you can use to create your own combinations or use the “colour by number” style that can be used as a guide for those maybe newer to playing with colour.

The colours range from neutral base and transition shades to vibrant warm and cool toned shadows to give pops of colour. Perfect for creating day and night time looks.

My only gripe with the colour selection is it doesn’t have a black shadow and, personally, I wish there was a couple of blues or greens rather than the reddish tones as some seem too similar but that’s just me! Not sure if the blue writing made me think it would have some blues in it tbh.

These shadows work together really well and the formula makes blending no bother at all! I’ve been using my Spectrum brushes for these looks and they apply so easily!

They are highly pigmented but you can get a more muted look by using a lighter hand if you need to.

You do get the teensiest amount of fallout from the shimmer shades but nothing that isn’t easily fixed with a big fluffy brush.

Through the day, I didn’t notice any creasing or wearing away and the colours looked just as bright as when I applied them to when I was taking my makeup off at night!

I should add that I have annoyingly wrinkly eyelids so it does look like the shadows are creasing slightly, I promise you they aren’t! That’s just my stupid lids! Trust me, you would see the difference if they were creased!

Bloodshot eye sees everything!

I used the “colour by numbers” a few times and for the most part, it turns out really well. There are a few weird colour combos but most of the shades compliment each other anyway and you can always swap out a shade for another if you wanted to.

I think it’s a good idea for people that are just starting with makeup or if you’re stuck for a look you can get inspiration from the columns at the very least.

In fairness, I’m not 100% sure I know what all the rows are for! You have Base, Transition, Crease, Liner, Pop and Highlight. Base, Transition and Crease are pretty self-explanatory but Liner – do they mean upper or lower? I’ve assumed lower – Pop, I’ve guessed is for your lid and Highlight is the inner corner? Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!

You would have thought I would have tidied up my eyebrows, but no 🙄

This palette is only £25.00 which is a bargain for the amount of colours you get! If you would like to try them, I have two discount codes here. I’m not sure if each code can only be used once but if you want to use them to get 10% off Beauty Bay branded products they are BESTIE10 and BBART8CXQ3Z. Just let me know if you’ve used them and if they worked for you!

I think Beauty Bay have tried something a bit different and they have done it really well. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought anything from them and I can see myself being a returning customer!

I love the fact you get some little cards and stickers with your order, it’s a really nice touch. I even managed to put the stickers to good use when I was making homemade soap!

Have you tried any of the Beauty Bay range? What did you think? Anything you would recommend for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading, guys! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault – The Palettes!

Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault – The Palettes!

Hi guys! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got lots of pretty things!

I got a couple of new palettes that I’ve had my eye on for a while (of course I’ll be popping them on here once thoroughly tested!) and some SFX makeup to get myself ready for next Halloween 🤣

But, as promised, this is part 2 of my Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault review – all about the palettes themselves. If you’ve missed the first part you can find it here!

*Please note* my swatches never do a product justice but in this case I think I done ok. Because of my paleness, some of the shades don’t really show up too well but I have included all of them anyway.

I’d say the mattes don’t really swatch great but that’s pretty normal and doesn’t actually say anything about how the apply on the eyelid. The shimmers are beautiful but there is fallout from them when you apply them so something to be aware of 😊*

Let’s get into it shall we?


So the palette that started it all off!

This palette has a wide range of shades to choose from and has completely changed my viewpoint about these palettes almost singlehandedly!

You have your “safe” everyday colours to give your lids a wash of colour but you have pinks, dark browns and blue/greys to liven up the look to make it more glam!

There are only two matte colours and while I maybe wish I had a darker matte, the two satins and eight shimmers make the palette versatile enough for me.

The shimmers in this palette are gorgeous and could be used as a highlight for your face too! The shade Half Baked may the most stunning champagne shade I have ever seen!

Naked 2

The Naked 2 is where things become a bit more cohesive, you can really see the colour gradient and how each colour would perfectly compliment any other in the palette.

These colours are classed as “Taupe- hued neutrals” according to the Urban Decay website.

There are three mattes including a matte black (yes!) and nine shimmer shades – no satins this time but that is not a downside.

I love that this palette has a matte black! Perfect for making any look more dramatic and smokey (this might be my inner goth speaking!).

Half Baked makes another appearance in this palette and I think they have even improved the formula as it’s even brighter than before!

Naked 3

The pink one! Definitely a go to for anyone that loves rose-hued neutral tones.

We are back to two mattes in this palette, a shade classed as a “satin-matte” (never heard of this before!), three satins and six shimmer shades.

This is probably my least favourite out of the four but that’s only because I’m not really a pink person. The colours themselves are beautiful but I just don’t see me reaching for this like the others.

I feel this is the least versatile palette and you can’t really go from day to night as the deeper colours just aren’t as cohesive with the light pink shades.

The shadows themselves do blend beautifully and you can build up the colours easily to create a really pretty everyday look.

Naked Heat

As the name suggests, this is the warm palette! The shades are classed as “amber-hued neutrals” but maybe it’s just me, I just don’t really see anything neutral about this palette!

It is full of beautiful warm tones which seems to be the go-to for most beauty people at the moment!

With seven mattes and only five shimmer shades, this palette is completely different than all the those that came before.

I really like the fact there is more mattes in this one as you can really add dimension to your overall look.

I think I’ve reached for this palette the most so far as I really love the darker shades to create a smokey warm eye look.

I think the pigmentation in this palette is pretty insane! You get a massive amount of colour pay off from the tiniest amount! Compared to the others it just seems so much brighter but I know that’s just down to the less subtle colours in the palette.


Like I’ve said before, I almost found these palettes to be, dare I say it, boring! They were never really on my radar even though I love Urban Decay.

The more I’ve thought about it and used them, the more I’ve realised the palettes are really versatile and you can do quite a lot with each one.

I definitely think there is a Naked palette for everyone – especially with the Smokey, Cherry (definitely be purchasing this one!) and Petite ranges.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with Urban Decay – their colours are always amazing, the quality of their shadows are excellent the only downside is the price but any palette will last you for a long time so if you can afford to splurge every now and again, why not go for it?

I have my fingers crossed that they will do a purple or blue toned Naked palette in the future as I need some cool toned palettes in my collection!

What is your favourite Urban Decay palette? What would you like to see next? Did you get any Urban Decay for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

I can’t believe the next time I post, it will be 2019! Where has the year gone?? I have some ideas for where I want to take this blog into the new year but I would love to hear any suggestions from my readers too! I want to be producing content that you want to see so any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know!

Thanks so much for all your support this year! Have a great new year and I’ll see you on the other side!

Claudia xxx

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Urban Decay Naked 4some Vault – First Impressions

Urban Decay Naked 4some Vault – First Impressions

I’m sure everyone has seen those memes, you know the ones “I was Christmas shopping and thought you know who would like that? ME!”

That’s what happened when I dropped way too much money on the UD Naked 4some Vault! Can you blame me though? Just look at it!

I was never really into the Naked series as I always thought it was quite boring, the colours were plain and none of the palettes really called out to me.

I didn’t realise quite how much I wanted to try them until it was announced the original palette was discontinued and I was incredibly sad I wouldn’t get a chance at using it. That thought was accompanied with what’s the point of getting the others if I can’t try the original so I had all but written off ever trying them.

Then I saw an advert on Facebook (got to love targeted ads 🤣) for Selfridges and the Naked 4some Vault!

This collection includes the original Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Heat 🔥.

As you can imagine, this beauty did not come cheap. This was £120.00 with £5.00 delivery. Even with the hefty price tag, it worked out cheaper than buying the palettes individually. On the Urban Decay website they retail at £39.50 each! Definite win I would say!

Also, each palette contains 12 shades which works out at £2.50 a shadow so is a pretty damn good price for such a high end brand!

It arrived really quickly, the next day but I had to pick it up from the post office as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver. It wasn’t well packaged but luckily nothing arrived broken and the tissue paper it was wrapped in was pretty.

The packaging of the 4some Vault is beautiful 😍 if completely impractical for travelling. Luckily, you can take the palettes out really easily using the little ribbon pulls that sit behind the them.

This will not look out of place on a makeup table and if you take the plastic and cardboard outer off the base, there’s a handy hole in the middle of the packaging where you can store your makeup brushes, hairbrush, eyeliners or whatever else you wish.

The palettes themselves have the look everyone really knows from the Naked series – clean basic packaging with the logo of the palette on the top so it’s really easy to see which palette you’re grabbing.

The Naked palette is in cardboard packaging with a dark brown velvety outer and gold writing.

I like cardboard packaging as it can be recycled, it’s lightweight and provides a little bit of protection should you *gasp* drop the palette and I think it’s a shame the original is the only palette made of cardboard.

Naked 2 is more gold/light brown with dark brown writing and the plastic packaging looks quite cheap compared to the others!

Naked 3 is a beautiful pink shade with raised waves in the design and gold lettering.

They clearly upped their packaging game with Naked Heat. It is a burnt orange colour to go with the name and gold font. I’m not sure how to describe design, it’s like there is a 3D effect under the writing. This palette is also much chunkier than the other 3 and feels a fair bit heavier.

All the palettes have a mirror as well as an eyeshadow brush which is fairly decent. I wouldn’t say you could do all your makeup with it but it’s a far cry away from those little sponge things you always get (please let me know if anyone still uses these!).

Each shade has its own name and they are on the palettes themselves which I like as who really keeps those silly little plastic sheets to refer to?

The colours in each of the palettes range from day time shades with deeper colours to turn the look more dramatic with shimmers to liven up the look.

Being the palest of the pale (you might’ve heard me mention this before 🤣) this thought never occurred to me when I first looked at these palettes, but some of the shades are so light and even the darker shades are not incredibly deep so I’m not sure how the shadows would look on someone with a much darker skin tone. That could be something to consider if you are thinking of picking any of these palettes up.

I don’t want this post to be ridiculously long and for you to get bored so I will leave it there for now and do a separate post for the palettes themselves and how they perform (of course with some of my renowned terrible swatches!) So keep an eye out for that next week!

Let me know what Naked palette is your favourite or what one you didn’t like in the comments below! And I’ll reveal what I think in my next post!

Remember and hit subscribe so you don’t miss out on any posts and follow me on Instagram to get updates about products I don’t feature in my blog.

Thanks, as always for reading and I hope Santa brings you lots of makeup goodies on Christmas day if that is what you’ve asked for!

Claudia xxx

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