Favourite Products of 2018

Favourite Products of 2018

We all know I love a favourites post so I thought why not do a round up for 2018?

I think last year I bought and tried more products than I have over my entire lifetime and I know that’s partially because of my blog, watching YouTube and my revived love of makeup.

The products that make the cut may not necessarily have been released last year but they were definitely new to me.

Let’s face it, having been out of touch with makeup for so long, even a wet beauty sponge was new to me – can’t believe I was so oblivious for so long!

Since this is a round-up post, it’s likely the products I mention here will have cropped up before so I will link my previous posts so you can see my full reviews.

Shall we get to it?

Lush – 9-5 Cleanser

I raved about this way back in my May 2018 Favourites and it’s still a firm favourite in my skincare routine.

I’m onto my second bottle now (I even got a big one the second time around as I knew it would get used!) and it is one of the few products that I use every day, twice a day when I’m wearing makeup.

It leaves my skin looking clear and feeling clean and I’ve definitely had a reduction in spots since I started using it.

Child’s Farm – Baby Moisturiser

I don’t moisturise as often as I should, I know this and I’m trying to get better at it. Especially with the winter weather, my skin is taking an absolute beating just now and I’ve got dry bits in places I’ve never had before!

I do use other moisturisers but I think I reach for this one the most because it’s always handy with J using it too!

I can use it on my leg when my tattoo reaction flares up and on my face because it’s so gentle so it’s really convenient.

It’s hydrating, absorbs well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking greasy.

Urban Decay – Naked Skin Foundation

I was given this by my friend as she no longer needed it and it has become my everyday (when I can be bothered) foundation.

It feels really lightweight and gives good coverage without looking cakey or heavy on my skin.

This is one that I definitely will be repurchasing as I know how it works with my skin and it lasts a really long time so I don’t mind spending that bit more.

I’ve done a full comparison post with the All Nighter Foundation so be sure to check that out to see which one you would prefer!

Revolution – Conceal & Define Concealer

This is my go-to concealer, I can’t even remember if I have picked up any others last year at all! Certainly, no others have left an impression.

This just works really well on my skin, it covers what I need it to cover without looking cakey and lasts for a really long time.

The price is also fantastic. I think this is going to be a staple in my makeup collection for a really long time!

MUA – Setting Powder

I never really understood setting your face with a translucent powder but I realise most coloured face powders are the wrong undertone for my skin so thought I would give this a go.

I really like this as you only need to use a tiny amount and it sets everything down so well!

If you do go heavy handed, it leaves a cast on your skin which requires a fair bit of blending to dust away!

I’ve also noticed that if I use too much, I occasionally get a whiff of it through the day. Not that it smells of anything really, it’s more you can smell “generic powder smell”, if that makes any sort of sense?

I think it probably does flashback but I’m so pale my skin does that anyway so it’s never something that I’ve cared about.

I think I picked this up for £4.00 at the start of last year and I have only used about a quarter of the tub so it is going to last a really long time!

Freedom – Bronzed Professional

I’m not great at contouring or bronzing but I really like this powder as it’s not super pigmented.

I don’t think you would really notice too much when I’m wearing it as it is so light but it genuinely makes me look less flat and dead 🤣.

It blends really well and because it’s light it is foolproof (and I definitely need that!).

Revolution – Soph Does Nails Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve used so many great eyeshadow palettes last year that I found it really hard to choose my favourite.

I think out of my collection I have used the Soph palettes more than any others. I love the original and Extra Spice and I use them both interchangeably.

The formula, pigmentation and colour combinations are all really great especially for the price of them! I just can’t really fault them and the same goes for pretty much every other Revolution palette I have tried.

Seventeen – Falsifeye HD mascara

I am gutted that Seventeen is no longer sold as this mascara is my favourite of this year hands down and I know I’ll be running out soon!

The formula is not too wet or dry and coats the lashes evenly. You can build it up and it doesn’t flake off through the day.

The wand takes a bit of getting used to because the bristles are so thin and I poked my eye on more than one occasion but once I got used to it I loved it. Even when the mascara is long gone, I think I’m going to keep the wand!

Smashbox – Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

I love this liquid lipstick, I really didn’t want to because the price is pretty steep but it has, by far, the best formulation of any I have tried.

It doesn’t make my lips feel really dry and when it finally starts to wear off through the day, it does it in a kinder way than some that just leave your lips looking like a bumhole!

The colour (Babe Alert) is great for me and the heart-shaped doe foot makes applying it really easy!

Native Unearthed – Natural Deodorant Balm


My last favourite is also my saddest favourite. I love this deodorant, love! I raved about it to everyone, it’s cruelty free and lasts all day.

I was even given some by a reader as she didn’t want to use it and I repurchased it too.

But disaster struck! In October/November I developed a really red sore, weepy rash in my armpits. I couldn’t lift my arms above my head the skin was so tight. I had been using the deodorant for months at this point so tried everything to prove it was not causing this pain!

Alas, I had to stop using it and the rash cleared and my skin went back to normal. Gutted is an understatement!

So that’s it, my favourites for 2018!

What did you think? Was there any on my list that were on yours too? Something you think shouldn’t be on there? Or something I should try for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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New Year – 2018 Round Up & 2019 Goals

New Year – 2018 Round Up & 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone brought in the bells with their loved ones and you weren’t feeling too rough the next day!

I spent January 1st mainly sleeping – not quite sure why I felt so tired but I slept the entire day away! Tried to make up for it on the 2nd as I tried to cram as much as I could so I could say I didn’t waste my time off!

***Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links so I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase a product through these links***

I thought it would be useful to reflect on what 2018 brought to my blog and what I hope 2019 brings.

These are my stats since I started blogging consistently in April – not the biggest numbers ever but I’m still proud of each and every view!

I had quite a few opportunities this year which I’m quite proud of as I didn’t imagine I would have had quite as much interest as I did especially with my teeny tiny following.

I worked with some fantastic brands and bought a tremendous amount of new products to satisfy my beauty cravings!

I got to go to Deep Sea World and spend time with other bloggers which took me way out of my comfort zone!

I was invited to a Lush event but I had to turn that down due to my real life job which was majorly disappointing!

I was even nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award and I hosted my first giveaway!

A lot of the brands I worked with were through Instagram so I didn’t always post on my blog but I thought it would be nice to roundup who I have worked with for the year.

***Please note: Products featured in this post have been sent to me for free to test and review but as always, opinions remain my own!***

The first brand I want to mention is Kalon Kosmetics. From winning their giveaway and then a few months later getting a PR package was an amazing experience. JaLeeda is one of the most amazing ladies and the company have great values that I can really relate to. I can’t wait to see what they do in 2019 as they just seem to be going from strength to strength! I’m really thankful to be involved with then for their Achelois Goddess campaign.

I was sent some XLS Nutrition which was the basis for a “weight loss post”. I think if there was any doubt about my honesty in posts, this proves I don’t hold back.

I got to use a really fancy foot file by Dynesse. I’ll be honest, it’s not something I would normally buy but being sent it was great as my feet have felt nice and soft ever since!

I was sent not one, but two sleep masks from Bedtime Bliss which, although I wouldn’t use them for every day, they are perfect for travelling and I even gifted one to my friend so she could use it on her flight to Canada this Christmas.

Eyewake kindly sent me some collagen gel which helps me wake up in the morning and reduces the bags under my eyes. I am doing another campaign for them this year too which I am really looking forward to.

Lastly, I was sent a Vitamin C serum by Skinkissed and I have just finished the whole bottle which says a lot as I never tend to keep up with my skincare but I found this to be so nice for my skin!

Murphy wasn’t kept out of the action this year either. After the launch of his Instagram, he was sent a fab little bandana from D and C Pet Couture. I don’t do football so unfortunately he only wore it for the photo, but it was a really good product!

I was also sent some Olay Daily Facials from the Savvy Circle, Colgate Toothpaste from Home Tester Club, primer, mascara and face masks from Alba Science. These aren’t directly related to my blog itself but I’d definitely recommend signing up to these places so you can try out some new stuff in exchange for a short review.

This is by no means a bragging post – I know this is not impressive compared to a lot of bloggers but I am proud of my blogging achievements this year and I’ve discovered some new brands and products that I love.

I’m not really one for resolutions but I would like to get my organisational skills back to help me feel less overwhelmed with social media and trying to get my posts out – I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up at the moment!

I know I said it before, but I would like to get my own domain but taking the leap is so scary. I’m worried I will lose my posts I’ve already created but my biggest fear is spending money on something that I can’t keep up with!

What did you achieve in 2018? What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again – I’m so grateful to you all for the support I’ve received since I started this endeavour. Thank you! 💜

Claudia xxx

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Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault – The Palettes!

Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault – The Palettes!

Hi guys! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got lots of pretty things!

I got a couple of new palettes that I’ve had my eye on for a while (of course I’ll be popping them on here once thoroughly tested!) and some SFX makeup to get myself ready for next Halloween 🤣

But, as promised, this is part 2 of my Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault review – all about the palettes themselves. If you’ve missed the first part you can find it here!

*Please note* my swatches never do a product justice but in this case I think I done ok. Because of my paleness, some of the shades don’t really show up too well but I have included all of them anyway.

I’d say the mattes don’t really swatch great but that’s pretty normal and doesn’t actually say anything about how the apply on the eyelid. The shimmers are beautiful but there is fallout from them when you apply them so something to be aware of 😊*

Let’s get into it shall we?


So the palette that started it all off!

This palette has a wide range of shades to choose from and has completely changed my viewpoint about these palettes almost singlehandedly!

You have your “safe” everyday colours to give your lids a wash of colour but you have pinks, dark browns and blue/greys to liven up the look to make it more glam!

There are only two matte colours and while I maybe wish I had a darker matte, the two satins and eight shimmers make the palette versatile enough for me.

The shimmers in this palette are gorgeous and could be used as a highlight for your face too! The shade Half Baked may the most stunning champagne shade I have ever seen!

Naked 2

The Naked 2 is where things become a bit more cohesive, you can really see the colour gradient and how each colour would perfectly compliment any other in the palette.

These colours are classed as “Taupe- hued neutrals” according to the Urban Decay website.

There are three mattes including a matte black (yes!) and nine shimmer shades – no satins this time but that is not a downside.

I love that this palette has a matte black! Perfect for making any look more dramatic and smokey (this might be my inner goth speaking!).

Half Baked makes another appearance in this palette and I think they have even improved the formula as it’s even brighter than before!

Naked 3

The pink one! Definitely a go to for anyone that loves rose-hued neutral tones.

We are back to two mattes in this palette, a shade classed as a “satin-matte” (never heard of this before!), three satins and six shimmer shades.

This is probably my least favourite out of the four but that’s only because I’m not really a pink person. The colours themselves are beautiful but I just don’t see me reaching for this like the others.

I feel this is the least versatile palette and you can’t really go from day to night as the deeper colours just aren’t as cohesive with the light pink shades.

The shadows themselves do blend beautifully and you can build up the colours easily to create a really pretty everyday look.

Naked Heat

As the name suggests, this is the warm palette! The shades are classed as “amber-hued neutrals” but maybe it’s just me, I just don’t really see anything neutral about this palette!

It is full of beautiful warm tones which seems to be the go-to for most beauty people at the moment!

With seven mattes and only five shimmer shades, this palette is completely different than all the those that came before.

I really like the fact there is more mattes in this one as you can really add dimension to your overall look.

I think I’ve reached for this palette the most so far as I really love the darker shades to create a smokey warm eye look.

I think the pigmentation in this palette is pretty insane! You get a massive amount of colour pay off from the tiniest amount! Compared to the others it just seems so much brighter but I know that’s just down to the less subtle colours in the palette.


Like I’ve said before, I almost found these palettes to be, dare I say it, boring! They were never really on my radar even though I love Urban Decay.

The more I’ve thought about it and used them, the more I’ve realised the palettes are really versatile and you can do quite a lot with each one.

I definitely think there is a Naked palette for everyone – especially with the Smokey, Cherry (definitely be purchasing this one!) and Petite ranges.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with Urban Decay – their colours are always amazing, the quality of their shadows are excellent the only downside is the price but any palette will last you for a long time so if you can afford to splurge every now and again, why not go for it?

I have my fingers crossed that they will do a purple or blue toned Naked palette in the future as I need some cool toned palettes in my collection!

What is your favourite Urban Decay palette? What would you like to see next? Did you get any Urban Decay for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

I can’t believe the next time I post, it will be 2019! Where has the year gone?? I have some ideas for where I want to take this blog into the new year but I would love to hear any suggestions from my readers too! I want to be producing content that you want to see so any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know!

Thanks so much for all your support this year! Have a great new year and I’ll see you on the other side!

Claudia xxx

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Urban Decay Naked 4some Vault – First Impressions

Urban Decay Naked 4some Vault – First Impressions

I’m sure everyone has seen those memes, you know the ones “I was Christmas shopping and thought you know who would like that? ME!”

That’s what happened when I dropped way too much money on the UD Naked 4some Vault! Can you blame me though? Just look at it!

I was never really into the Naked series as I always thought it was quite boring, the colours were plain and none of the palettes really called out to me.

I didn’t realise quite how much I wanted to try them until it was announced the original palette was discontinued and I was incredibly sad I wouldn’t get a chance at using it. That thought was accompanied with what’s the point of getting the others if I can’t try the original so I had all but written off ever trying them.

Then I saw an advert on Facebook (got to love targeted ads 🤣) for Selfridges and the Naked 4some Vault!

This collection includes the original Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Heat 🔥.

As you can imagine, this beauty did not come cheap. This was £120.00 with £5.00 delivery. Even with the hefty price tag, it worked out cheaper than buying the palettes individually. On the Urban Decay website they retail at £39.50 each! Definite win I would say!

Also, each palette contains 12 shades which works out at £2.50 a shadow so is a pretty damn good price for such a high end brand!

It arrived really quickly, the next day but I had to pick it up from the post office as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver. It wasn’t well packaged but luckily nothing arrived broken and the tissue paper it was wrapped in was pretty.

The packaging of the 4some Vault is beautiful 😍 if completely impractical for travelling. Luckily, you can take the palettes out really easily using the little ribbon pulls that sit behind the them.

This will not look out of place on a makeup table and if you take the plastic and cardboard outer off the base, there’s a handy hole in the middle of the packaging where you can store your makeup brushes, hairbrush, eyeliners or whatever else you wish.

The palettes themselves have the look everyone really knows from the Naked series – clean basic packaging with the logo of the palette on the top so it’s really easy to see which palette you’re grabbing.

The Naked palette is in cardboard packaging with a dark brown velvety outer and gold writing.

I like cardboard packaging as it can be recycled, it’s lightweight and provides a little bit of protection should you *gasp* drop the palette and I think it’s a shame the original is the only palette made of cardboard.

Naked 2 is more gold/light brown with dark brown writing and the plastic packaging looks quite cheap compared to the others!

Naked 3 is a beautiful pink shade with raised waves in the design and gold lettering.

They clearly upped their packaging game with Naked Heat. It is a burnt orange colour to go with the name and gold font. I’m not sure how to describe design, it’s like there is a 3D effect under the writing. This palette is also much chunkier than the other 3 and feels a fair bit heavier.

All the palettes have a mirror as well as an eyeshadow brush which is fairly decent. I wouldn’t say you could do all your makeup with it but it’s a far cry away from those little sponge things you always get (please let me know if anyone still uses these!).

Each shade has its own name and they are on the palettes themselves which I like as who really keeps those silly little plastic sheets to refer to?

The colours in each of the palettes range from day time shades with deeper colours to turn the look more dramatic with shimmers to liven up the look.

Being the palest of the pale (you might’ve heard me mention this before 🤣) this thought never occurred to me when I first looked at these palettes, but some of the shades are so light and even the darker shades are not incredibly deep so I’m not sure how the shadows would look on someone with a much darker skin tone. That could be something to consider if you are thinking of picking any of these palettes up.

I don’t want this post to be ridiculously long and for you to get bored so I will leave it there for now and do a separate post for the palettes themselves and how they perform (of course with some of my renowned terrible swatches!) So keep an eye out for that next week!

Let me know what Naked palette is your favourite or what one you didn’t like in the comments below! And I’ll reveal what I think in my next post!

Remember and hit subscribe so you don’t miss out on any posts and follow me on Instagram to get updates about products I don’t feature in my blog.

Thanks, as always for reading and I hope Santa brings you lots of makeup goodies on Christmas day if that is what you’ve asked for!

Claudia xxx

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Spectrum Collections – Perfect Blend Eye Set

Spectrum Collections – Perfect Blend Eye Set

With winter fully here, I’m finding it so difficult to even want to get out of bed never mind test out new products and try to get pictures…I’m not alone right?

I have managed to overcome this week though to bring you a post! I’m testing a brand that I’ve coveted for so long – Spectrum!

I first tried a Spectrum brush in one of first Birchbox deliveries and I’ve followed the brand on Instagram ever since!

I love that they are cruelty free and vegan and their designs are always so beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever hated any of their designs – I would quite happily have any of them on my dressing table!

Their Disney’s The Little Mermaid collection is to die for and I wish I could justify the expense but as I only use brushes for my powder and eyes then I don’t see the point in shelling out for a collection that I can’t get full use of.

I came across the Perfect Blend – 8 piece Eye Set when I was Christmas shopping on the Boots website during their Black Friday event and I thought I would treat myself too!

The set was £29.99 – which seems like a lot but I’m expecting to use these for quite a long time!

The brushes, as I mentioned, are really pretty. The blue to purple bristles compliment the pink and black handle really well. Each brush also has the Spectrum logo and brush number on it which I guess you wouldn’t need once you get used to which brushes you want to use but it is a nice touch!

The first time I used them I panicked a little as I really didn’t like them as much as I thought they would and was very disappointed.

I started off by using the instructions on the back on the pack – having never used a numbered brush set before, I was looking for a bit of guidance – but quickly realised I preferred using the brushes differently than the pack suggested.

The suggested guidance is to use the large shaders A07, A08 and C06 to lay down a base colour and then use B04 and B06 to blend the colour out. You’d then use A12 and A16 to add depth and be more precise with your colour. Finally, A13 can be used for your lower lash line.

I’m definitely not a makeup artist so I am probably using everything wrong but I do have my own way of doing my makeup and I’m fussy when it comes to my blending brush!

I prefer to use B06 or B04 to start with as I find they are dense enough to provide a nice even sweep of colour. I then use A06 to blend – it is denser but I think it blends out the colour really well.

A12 and A13 are perfect for packing colour onto your lid and in your outer and inner corners. I feel they pick up a lot of colour and they’re not so big that it’s hard to place the colour down.

Lastly, I use A16 on my lower lash line as it’s just the right size for me to lay the colour down and blend it out.

The brushes themselves are really soft and there’s no harsh bristles which you can get with some synthetic brushes.

I know this will depend on the eyeshadow formula but I’ve tried these out with the Achelois Goddess Collection, Urban Decay palettes and Sophdoesnails Extra Spice and had no problems blending out any of the colours at all.

My biggest issue with brushes is shedding so I’m always on the lookout for this and I’m happy to report I’ve had no shedding on any of the brushes even after cleaning and a wee bit of rough handling to be doubly sure!

Spectrum recommend you clean your brushes once a week and they also have a vegan shampoo you can use to do that. I’ll be honest, I don’t clean my brushes nearly enough but this has never caused me any problems so it’s likely I won’t be changing my routine any time soon!

I think a set of good brushes can definitely be seen as an investment as your going to be using them any time you put your makeup on. Using tools that are good quality will make applying your makeup much easier and quicker so would definitely recommend you do this. I’m sad I didn’t buy these before now!

What is your favourite Spectrum Collection? Or do you favour another brand?

With the new year approaching fast, what would you like to see coming up? Any products you’re really looking forward to or that you want me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I might have up and coming and for general daily updates! I don’t have a perfectly curated feed (obviously I’m not organised enough for that!) But I’d like to think it’s entertaining all the same!

I have some time off work soon so I will hopefully have my posting schedule back to normal soon, thanks for being so patient with me!

Claudia xxx


Kalon Kosmetics Achelois X Goddess Collection

Soph X Revolution – Extra Spice, Lipstick and Body Mist

April Birchbox Review

A Little Pupdate 🐕

A Little Pupdate 🐕

This post should have been something completely different as I’ve received some new products that I’m dying to try out (check out my Instagram to see what will be coming up) but my shifts at work and poor lighting means testing and taking photos is almost impossible!

Before he came home!

With that being said, I know a lot of people loved hearing about Murphy and he’s grown up so much, I thought I would let you know how he’s been the last few months.

He looks less like a pup now, but he still behaves like one!

He’s now 7.5 months old and has matured quite a bit but it has not been easy getting to this stage!

We finally caved and moved the crate into the bedroom so we could get a full night sleep together but this has come with its own challenges as the cats are upstairs.

Trying to get Loki to play!

For the most part, Murphy leaves Charlie alone when he’s out and about but he always wants to play with Loki and being the crazy puppy he is, Loki isn’t always the biggest fan so he’ll yowl at him which brings Charlie over just to hiss at him to get him to stop.

Charlie is clearly the protective big brother! Sometimes at night he will randomly hiss at him while he’s in his crate which does unsettle him a bit.

The worst night was when the cats decided to play about and had a scuffle. Murph and I were sleeping but it woke him up yelping in fear and he wouldn’t settle down for ages!

Teething was definitely a challenge as it was clearly painful for him. He went from being almost house-trained and fairly calm to be a chewing, pooping monster! His puppy biting got a million times worse and getting him to listen to even basic commands was a struggle.

On the suggestion of someone we met at the park, we used clove oil treats from Pets at Home and they really seemed to give him some relief. As did giving him things to chew.

On the plus side, I managed to find a few of his baby teeth which I could never do with the cats!

Really glad he’s passed this stage now and it is so much better! He still has the odd accident if we are out the house but they are getting fewer and farther between and when we are in, he has no accidents at all.

It’s carnage when he gets hold of paper!

We had to get a mail cage thing to stop him eating the post as he loves chewing up paper and anything is fair game – cards from Royal Mail, catalogues, money off vouchers, you name it, he’ll chew it!

The biggest challenge has been stopping him going up the stairs when we are not in. We realised the rabbit run at the bottom of the stairs was no longer working when we found out he’d chewed up a tube of steroid cream and left a “present” at the top of the stairs for us!

Clearly working out how he will get over it!

Luckily he was fine but J then set to work building a stair gate out of an old palette which looks good but it only took him 2 days to figure that one out!

A little lip was added to it, and we’ve even tried putting a tube on the top so it’s not a flat surface but to no avail! He’s a determined little bugger!

He also loves to eat from the cat’s litter tray 🤢 which is disgusting but for some reason he finds it super tasty! So daily brushing his teeth is an absolute must – and it was something I had planned to do anyway but that just cements it!

After his puppy trim, he has tiny feet and looks like he aged about 3 years!

He got his first puppy trim (I had to leave him for an hour and a half!) and the lady said he behaved really well. He looked a bit silly as his legs got trimmed which gave him tiny feet and she shaved his whiskers off 😕 I’m just glad she never shaved his quiff! He came back smelling so strongly, I actually felt sorry for his little nose and was glad to have his puppy smell back!

I was finally brave enough to get someone else to look after him for a few hours so we could go to Edinburgh one weekend. J’s sister kindly looked after him and he had a blast. I was just worried he’d destroy her house! Thankfully, she’s said she will look after him anytime!

I’m not quite sure who has worse separation anxiety, him or me! 🤷

His training is coming along and we’ve even let him off lead a few times. He’s great when walking with other dogs with good recall and only gets distracted a little bit.

I don’t want to be one of those owners who needs to go chasing after their dog or have no control when it’s off lead so this is something that will be worked on very gradually before he gets full freedom!

He even got his first gifted product from D and C pets, which he looks dashing in, it’s just a shame we both know nothing about football!

That hair though! 🤣

He actually quite likes wearing clothes, especially after a bath as he gets quite cold. He asks for his bandana to get put on him too. J doesn’t let me take him out wearing stuff though! 🙈

When he’s not being completely hyper and zipping about, he does love to have a cuddle on the couch with us!

I know lots of people have got new pups at the moment and the struggle is definitely real. I think it’s really important to remember they are just pups and they don’t know how to behave yet and it’s our job to show them what we want!

I have been following Zak George on YouTube, I have his book and I’ve joined his free 30 day course and his Facebook group (not sponsored, I promise, this is just really important to me!).

He teaches a method of training which doesn’t use force or intimidation, there is no aversive methods and the outdated use of dominance theory is thankfully no where to be seen!

Basically we are teaching the dog from the inside so they understand what we want, rather than forcing them to do what we want and having the dog fear us.

I know I would rather have a bond with Murphy that is based on understanding rather than fear and I really hope everyone else would like that too!

It definitely gets better and I know I’m counting my chickens early as we have to get through the adolescent stage where they forget everything, but he is a great dog and we love him to bits!

I can’t believe a few months ago how difficult I was finding things, don’t get me wrong, he’s still a handful and getting stuff done is difficult when he’s always at my feet but it has gotten a 💯 times better and I no longer feel like I’m one step away from a breakdown!

I did find out that lots of people feel like they have made a mistake once they have taken on a pup, you can be as prepared as can be but nothing you do can quite prepare you for it and it’s normal to despair!

That’s why you see so many young dogs on free ads or at the shelter because people don’t realise how difficult it can be! The true animal lovers are the ones that push past that stage rather than give up!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you don’t mind the puppy spam too much! How could you, look at his face!

If you want to see more of him and see what he’s getting up to, he now has his own Instagram page which gets posted to daily!

Let me know if you liked this post or not or tell me if you have anything you would like to see in the future!

Claudia xxx

And Murphy 🐶🐾

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Kalon Kosmetics Achelois X Goddess Collection

Kalon Kosmetics Achelois X Goddess Collection

This may not mean very much to some but this is a super exciting post for me to be making!

You might remember I posted a few months ago about my giveaway win from Kalon Kosmetics? Well that blossomed into something special and I was part of the PR list for their new collection!

***Disclaimer***these products were sent to me to review but this does not mean I won’t be my usual honest self and all my opinions are my own.

This palette is dedicated to the warriors battling with autoimmune related diseases and all sales from this collection go to helping the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association which looks to raise awareness and education people on these types of diseases.

My parcel was unfortunately held by customs for about a week but I finally managed to get it and after seeing everyone else’s pictures it was great to be able to see it in the flesh!

The packaging is very pretty and although it’s cardboard, it feels pretty sturdy and has a magnetic closure.

It feels fancy but due to the size of it, it’s probably not the best to travel with, although it does have a decent sized mirror inside.

However, you can remove the pans so I’d assume that’s to put into a magnetic palette or something? The shades are names so I can’t really imagine taking them out for any other reason (maybe if they start selling singles of individual shades?).

The shade names are in keeping with the “Goddess” theme – all the names are inspired by the healing Goddess Achelois as the palette name suggests. There are some names I don’t quite see the connection but they sound pretty nonetheless.

So in the palette you get 5 matte shades (Wisteria, Oak, Eucalyptus, Soothe, Oracle), 3 frosts (Siren, Ivy, Lunar), 1 satin (Chime), 1 shimmer (Silver Fox) and 2 metallic shades (Healer, Divine). All of the colours are inspired by the different autoimmune disease awareness ribbons.

The colours are cool toned which I really like as they suit a pale girl like me and it’s perfect for autumn/winter looks! It’s also nice to see something different to the usual warm toned palettes you see everywhere just now!

I did do some swatches of these colours but the only shades that swatched well were the shimmer and metallic shades, the others didn’t really do much.

I don’t think swatches mean too much, it’s how the shadows actually perform on the eye that matters right?

I’ve used these a couple of times now and I really like them. I’ve found them to be blendable and they are not so pigmented that you need to be too careful. You can build the colour up if you want more intensity.

I didn’t really notice any fallout at all from any of the colours which I’m really pleasantly surprised by!

I did think the palette was missing a lighter transition shade but that’s just personal preference – being pale means Oak is just a bit dark to start with!

The stars of the show are definitely Silver Fox and Healer. These are gorgeously intense and would be perfect for a halo eye (if I really knew what I was doing with that 🤣).

There isn’t any colours I dislike, but I do feel like Eucalyptus, Ivy and Chime seem to be pretty similar and maybe a darker grey or metallic green would have been a nice addition to the palette.

I don’t normally show my eyelooks as I feel my makeup and photography skills never actually show how good the colour actually look and I don’t think I do the brand enough justice but I thought I would give it a go!

So I used Oak, Oracle, Wisteria and Silver Fox here with Lunar in my inner corner (which isn’t picked up in this photo). Silver Fox and Lunar looked so much more intense on my actual eye than what they do in the picture!

This was Oak, Chime, Divine and Healer. You can see Healer is pretty intense and again it looks much better and even brighter in person!

And that’s all of my rubbish makeup skills you will see today 🤣.

I found the colours did last all day and didn’t crease – I have wrinkles on my eyelids so I mean it doesn’t sink into the creases and make them look even more obvious than they are in general!

It’s all easy to take off, quick bit of cleanser and off it comes!

These shadows don’t have any parabens or talc and they are cruelty free which is definitely a plus. Genuinely don’t understand why any makeup can’t be cruelty free nowadays! I wish more brands followed this ethic!

This palette retails at $38.00 – works out at about £30.00 – which does make it a bit more higher end than I would normally buy.

If you are in the UK, you might also get hit with customs which was about £16.00 so it is something to think about when buying products from the US.

If you are in the US, it’s definitely a brand I would recommend if your budget allows. The few products I’ve had the chance of trying have been great and I will be getting more – especially with their up and coming liquid lipstick collection! 💜

Thank you so much to Kalon for sending me this package! Not too many brands would take a chance on such a newbie blogger!

Have you tried any products from Kalon Kosmetics? When are you going to place an order? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading this far. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to try out as I’m always on the look out for new brands and products to discover!

Claudia xxx

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