I’m sure everyone has seen those memes, you know the ones “I was Christmas shopping and thought you know who would like that? ME!”

That’s what happened when I dropped way too much money on the UD Naked 4some Vault! Can you blame me though? Just look at it!

I was never really into the Naked series as I always thought it was quite boring, the colours were plain and none of the palettes really called out to me.

I didn’t realise quite how much I wanted to try them until it was announced the original palette was discontinued and I was incredibly sad I wouldn’t get a chance at using it. That thought was accompanied with what’s the point of getting the others if I can’t try the original so I had all but written off ever trying them.

Then I saw an advert on Facebook (got to love targeted ads 🤣) for Selfridges and the Naked 4some Vault!

This collection includes the original Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Heat 🔥.

As you can imagine, this beauty did not come cheap. This was £120.00 with £5.00 delivery. Even with the hefty price tag, it worked out cheaper than buying the palettes individually. On the Urban Decay website they retail at £39.50 each! Definite win I would say!

Also, each palette contains 12 shades which works out at £2.50 a shadow so is a pretty damn good price for such a high end brand!

It arrived really quickly, the next day but I had to pick it up from the post office as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver. It wasn’t well packaged but luckily nothing arrived broken and the tissue paper it was wrapped in was pretty.

The packaging of the 4some Vault is beautiful 😍 if completely impractical for travelling. Luckily, you can take the palettes out really easily using the little ribbon pulls that sit behind the them.

This will not look out of place on a makeup table and if you take the plastic and cardboard outer off the base, there’s a handy hole in the middle of the packaging where you can store your makeup brushes, hairbrush, eyeliners or whatever else you wish.

The palettes themselves have the look everyone really knows from the Naked series – clean basic packaging with the logo of the palette on the top so it’s really easy to see which palette you’re grabbing.

The Naked palette is in cardboard packaging with a dark brown velvety outer and gold writing.

I like cardboard packaging as it can be recycled, it’s lightweight and provides a little bit of protection should you *gasp* drop the palette and I think it’s a shame the original is the only palette made of cardboard.

Naked 2 is more gold/light brown with dark brown writing and the plastic packaging looks quite cheap compared to the others!

Naked 3 is a beautiful pink shade with raised waves in the design and gold lettering.

They clearly upped their packaging game with Naked Heat. It is a burnt orange colour to go with the name and gold font. I’m not sure how to describe design, it’s like there is a 3D effect under the writing. This palette is also much chunkier than the other 3 and feels a fair bit heavier.

All the palettes have a mirror as well as an eyeshadow brush which is fairly decent. I wouldn’t say you could do all your makeup with it but it’s a far cry away from those little sponge things you always get (please let me know if anyone still uses these!).

Each shade has its own name and they are on the palettes themselves which I like as who really keeps those silly little plastic sheets to refer to?

The colours in each of the palettes range from day time shades with deeper colours to turn the look more dramatic with shimmers to liven up the look.

Being the palest of the pale (you might’ve heard me mention this before 🤣) this thought never occurred to me when I first looked at these palettes, but some of the shades are so light and even the darker shades are not incredibly deep so I’m not sure how the shadows would look on someone with a much darker skin tone. That could be something to consider if you are thinking of picking any of these palettes up.

I don’t want this post to be ridiculously long and for you to get bored so I will leave it there for now and do a separate post for the palettes themselves and how they perform (of course with some of my renowned terrible swatches!) So keep an eye out for that next week!

Let me know what Naked palette is your favourite or what one you didn’t like in the comments below! And I’ll reveal what I think in my next post!

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Thanks, as always for reading and I hope Santa brings you lots of makeup goodies on Christmas day if that is what you’ve asked for!

Claudia xxx

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