This may not mean very much to some but this is a super exciting post for me to be making!

You might remember I posted a few months ago about my giveaway win from Kalon Kosmetics? Well that blossomed into something special and I was part of the PR list for their new collection!

***Disclaimer***these products were sent to me to review but this does not mean I won’t be my usual honest self and all my opinions are my own.

This palette is dedicated to the warriors battling with autoimmune related diseases and all sales from this collection go to helping the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association which looks to raise awareness and education people on these types of diseases.

My parcel was unfortunately held by customs for about a week but I finally managed to get it and after seeing everyone else’s pictures it was great to be able to see it in the flesh!

The packaging is very pretty and although it’s cardboard, it feels pretty sturdy and has a magnetic closure.

It feels fancy but due to the size of it, it’s probably not the best to travel with, although it does have a decent sized mirror inside.

However, you can remove the pans so I’d assume that’s to put into a magnetic palette or something? The shades are names so I can’t really imagine taking them out for any other reason (maybe if they start selling singles of individual shades?).

The shade names are in keeping with the “Goddess” theme – all the names are inspired by the healing Goddess Achelois as the palette name suggests. There are some names I don’t quite see the connection but they sound pretty nonetheless.

So in the palette you get 5 matte shades (Wisteria, Oak, Eucalyptus, Soothe, Oracle), 3 frosts (Siren, Ivy, Lunar), 1 satin (Chime), 1 shimmer (Silver Fox) and 2 metallic shades (Healer, Divine). All of the colours are inspired by the different autoimmune disease awareness ribbons.

The colours are cool toned which I really like as they suit a pale girl like me and it’s perfect for autumn/winter looks! It’s also nice to see something different to the usual warm toned palettes you see everywhere just now!

I did do some swatches of these colours but the only shades that swatched well were the shimmer and metallic shades, the others didn’t really do much.

I don’t think swatches mean too much, it’s how the shadows actually perform on the eye that matters right?

I’ve used these a couple of times now and I really like them. I’ve found them to be blendable and they are not so pigmented that you need to be too careful. You can build the colour up if you want more intensity.

I didn’t really notice any fallout at all from any of the colours which I’m really pleasantly surprised by!

I did think the palette was missing a lighter transition shade but that’s just personal preference – being pale means Oak is just a bit dark to start with!

The stars of the show are definitely Silver Fox and Healer. These are gorgeously intense and would be perfect for a halo eye (if I really knew what I was doing with that 🤣).

There isn’t any colours I dislike, but I do feel like Eucalyptus, Ivy and Chime seem to be pretty similar and maybe a darker grey or metallic green would have been a nice addition to the palette.

I don’t normally show my eyelooks as I feel my makeup and photography skills never actually show how good the colour actually look and I don’t think I do the brand enough justice but I thought I would give it a go!

So I used Oak, Oracle, Wisteria and Silver Fox here with Lunar in my inner corner (which isn’t picked up in this photo). Silver Fox and Lunar looked so much more intense on my actual eye than what they do in the picture!

This was Oak, Chime, Divine and Healer. You can see Healer is pretty intense and again it looks much better and even brighter in person!

And that’s all of my rubbish makeup skills you will see today 🤣.

I found the colours did last all day and didn’t crease – I have wrinkles on my eyelids so I mean it doesn’t sink into the creases and make them look even more obvious than they are in general!

It’s all easy to take off, quick bit of cleanser and off it comes!

These shadows don’t have any parabens or talc and they are cruelty free which is definitely a plus. Genuinely don’t understand why any makeup can’t be cruelty free nowadays! I wish more brands followed this ethic!

This palette retails at $38.00 – works out at about £30.00 – which does make it a bit more higher end than I would normally buy.

If you are in the UK, you might also get hit with customs which was about £16.00 so it is something to think about when buying products from the US.

If you are in the US, it’s definitely a brand I would recommend if your budget allows. The few products I’ve had the chance of trying have been great and I will be getting more – especially with their up and coming liquid lipstick collection! 💜

Thank you so much to Kalon for sending me this package! Not too many brands would take a chance on such a newbie blogger!

Have you tried any products from Kalon Kosmetics? When are you going to place an order? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading this far. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to try out as I’m always on the look out for new brands and products to discover!

Claudia xxx

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