A Little Pupdate 🐕

A Little Pupdate 🐕

This post should have been something completely different as I’ve received some new products that I’m dying to try out (check out my Instagram to see what will be coming up) but my shifts at work and poor lighting means testing and taking photos is almost impossible!

Before he came home!

With that being said, I know a lot of people loved hearing about Murphy and he’s grown up so much, I thought I would let you know how he’s been the last few months.

He looks less like a pup now, but he still behaves like one!

He’s now 7.5 months old and has matured quite a bit but it has not been easy getting to this stage!

We finally caved and moved the crate into the bedroom so we could get a full night sleep together but this has come with its own challenges as the cats are upstairs.

Trying to get Loki to play!

For the most part, Murphy leaves Charlie alone when he’s out and about but he always wants to play with Loki and being the crazy puppy he is, Loki isn’t always the biggest fan so he’ll yowl at him which brings Charlie over just to hiss at him to get him to stop.

Charlie is clearly the protective big brother! Sometimes at night he will randomly hiss at him while he’s in his crate which does unsettle him a bit.

The worst night was when the cats decided to play about and had a scuffle. Murph and I were sleeping but it woke him up yelping in fear and he wouldn’t settle down for ages!

Teething was definitely a challenge as it was clearly painful for him. He went from being almost house-trained and fairly calm to be a chewing, pooping monster! His puppy biting got a million times worse and getting him to listen to even basic commands was a struggle.

On the suggestion of someone we met at the park, we used clove oil treats from Pets at Home and they really seemed to give him some relief. As did giving him things to chew.

On the plus side, I managed to find a few of his baby teeth which I could never do with the cats!

Really glad he’s passed this stage now and it is so much better! He still has the odd accident if we are out the house but they are getting fewer and farther between and when we are in, he has no accidents at all.

It’s carnage when he gets hold of paper!

We had to get a mail cage thing to stop him eating the post as he loves chewing up paper and anything is fair game – cards from Royal Mail, catalogues, money off vouchers, you name it, he’ll chew it!

The biggest challenge has been stopping him going up the stairs when we are not in. We realised the rabbit run at the bottom of the stairs was no longer working when we found out he’d chewed up a tube of steroid cream and left a “present” at the top of the stairs for us!

Clearly working out how he will get over it!

Luckily he was fine but J then set to work building a stair gate out of an old palette which looks good but it only took him 2 days to figure that one out!

A little lip was added to it, and we’ve even tried putting a tube on the top so it’s not a flat surface but to no avail! He’s a determined little bugger!

He also loves to eat from the cat’s litter tray 🤢 which is disgusting but for some reason he finds it super tasty! So daily brushing his teeth is an absolute must – and it was something I had planned to do anyway but that just cements it!

After his puppy trim, he has tiny feet and looks like he aged about 3 years!

He got his first puppy trim (I had to leave him for an hour and a half!) and the lady said he behaved really well. He looked a bit silly as his legs got trimmed which gave him tiny feet and she shaved his whiskers off 😕 I’m just glad she never shaved his quiff! He came back smelling so strongly, I actually felt sorry for his little nose and was glad to have his puppy smell back!

I was finally brave enough to get someone else to look after him for a few hours so we could go to Edinburgh one weekend. J’s sister kindly looked after him and he had a blast. I was just worried he’d destroy her house! Thankfully, she’s said she will look after him anytime!

I’m not quite sure who has worse separation anxiety, him or me! 🤷

His training is coming along and we’ve even let him off lead a few times. He’s great when walking with other dogs with good recall and only gets distracted a little bit.

I don’t want to be one of those owners who needs to go chasing after their dog or have no control when it’s off lead so this is something that will be worked on very gradually before he gets full freedom!

He even got his first gifted product from D and C pets, which he looks dashing in, it’s just a shame we both know nothing about football!

That hair though! 🤣

He actually quite likes wearing clothes, especially after a bath as he gets quite cold. He asks for his bandana to get put on him too. J doesn’t let me take him out wearing stuff though! 🙈

When he’s not being completely hyper and zipping about, he does love to have a cuddle on the couch with us!

I know lots of people have got new pups at the moment and the struggle is definitely real. I think it’s really important to remember they are just pups and they don’t know how to behave yet and it’s our job to show them what we want!

I have been following Zak George on YouTube, I have his book and I’ve joined his free 30 day course and his Facebook group (not sponsored, I promise, this is just really important to me!).

He teaches a method of training which doesn’t use force or intimidation, there is no aversive methods and the outdated use of dominance theory is thankfully no where to be seen!

Basically we are teaching the dog from the inside so they understand what we want, rather than forcing them to do what we want and having the dog fear us.

I know I would rather have a bond with Murphy that is based on understanding rather than fear and I really hope everyone else would like that too!

It definitely gets better and I know I’m counting my chickens early as we have to get through the adolescent stage where they forget everything, but he is a great dog and we love him to bits!

I can’t believe a few months ago how difficult I was finding things, don’t get me wrong, he’s still a handful and getting stuff done is difficult when he’s always at my feet but it has gotten a 💯 times better and I no longer feel like I’m one step away from a breakdown!

I did find out that lots of people feel like they have made a mistake once they have taken on a pup, you can be as prepared as can be but nothing you do can quite prepare you for it and it’s normal to despair!

That’s why you see so many young dogs on free ads or at the shelter because people don’t realise how difficult it can be! The true animal lovers are the ones that push past that stage rather than give up!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you don’t mind the puppy spam too much! How could you, look at his face!

If you want to see more of him and see what he’s getting up to, he now has his own Instagram page which gets posted to daily!

Let me know if you liked this post or not or tell me if you have anything you would like to see in the future!

Claudia xxx

And Murphy 🐶🐾

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Kalon Kosmetics Achelois X Goddess Collection

Kalon Kosmetics Achelois X Goddess Collection

This may not mean very much to some but this is a super exciting post for me to be making!

You might remember I posted a few months ago about my giveaway win from Kalon Kosmetics? Well that blossomed into something special and I was part of the PR list for their new collection!

***Disclaimer***these products were sent to me to review but this does not mean I won’t be my usual honest self and all my opinions are my own.

This palette is dedicated to the warriors battling with autoimmune related diseases and all sales from this collection go to helping the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association which looks to raise awareness and education people on these types of diseases.

My parcel was unfortunately held by customs for about a week but I finally managed to get it and after seeing everyone else’s pictures it was great to be able to see it in the flesh!

The packaging is very pretty and although it’s cardboard, it feels pretty sturdy and has a magnetic closure.

It feels fancy but due to the size of it, it’s probably not the best to travel with, although it does have a decent sized mirror inside.

However, you can remove the pans so I’d assume that’s to put into a magnetic palette or something? The shades are names so I can’t really imagine taking them out for any other reason (maybe if they start selling singles of individual shades?).

The shade names are in keeping with the “Goddess” theme – all the names are inspired by the healing Goddess Achelois as the palette name suggests. There are some names I don’t quite see the connection but they sound pretty nonetheless.

So in the palette you get 5 matte shades (Wisteria, Oak, Eucalyptus, Soothe, Oracle), 3 frosts (Siren, Ivy, Lunar), 1 satin (Chime), 1 shimmer (Silver Fox) and 2 metallic shades (Healer, Divine). All of the colours are inspired by the different autoimmune disease awareness ribbons.

The colours are cool toned which I really like as they suit a pale girl like me and it’s perfect for autumn/winter looks! It’s also nice to see something different to the usual warm toned palettes you see everywhere just now!

I did do some swatches of these colours but the only shades that swatched well were the shimmer and metallic shades, the others didn’t really do much.

I don’t think swatches mean too much, it’s how the shadows actually perform on the eye that matters right?

I’ve used these a couple of times now and I really like them. I’ve found them to be blendable and they are not so pigmented that you need to be too careful. You can build the colour up if you want more intensity.

I didn’t really notice any fallout at all from any of the colours which I’m really pleasantly surprised by!

I did think the palette was missing a lighter transition shade but that’s just personal preference – being pale means Oak is just a bit dark to start with!

The stars of the show are definitely Silver Fox and Healer. These are gorgeously intense and would be perfect for a halo eye (if I really knew what I was doing with that 🤣).

There isn’t any colours I dislike, but I do feel like Eucalyptus, Ivy and Chime seem to be pretty similar and maybe a darker grey or metallic green would have been a nice addition to the palette.

I don’t normally show my eyelooks as I feel my makeup and photography skills never actually show how good the colour actually look and I don’t think I do the brand enough justice but I thought I would give it a go!

So I used Oak, Oracle, Wisteria and Silver Fox here with Lunar in my inner corner (which isn’t picked up in this photo). Silver Fox and Lunar looked so much more intense on my actual eye than what they do in the picture!

This was Oak, Chime, Divine and Healer. You can see Healer is pretty intense and again it looks much better and even brighter in person!

And that’s all of my rubbish makeup skills you will see today 🤣.

I found the colours did last all day and didn’t crease – I have wrinkles on my eyelids so I mean it doesn’t sink into the creases and make them look even more obvious than they are in general!

It’s all easy to take off, quick bit of cleanser and off it comes!

These shadows don’t have any parabens or talc and they are cruelty free which is definitely a plus. Genuinely don’t understand why any makeup can’t be cruelty free nowadays! I wish more brands followed this ethic!

This palette retails at $38.00 – works out at about £30.00 – which does make it a bit more higher end than I would normally buy.

If you are in the UK, you might also get hit with customs which was about £16.00 so it is something to think about when buying products from the US.

If you are in the US, it’s definitely a brand I would recommend if your budget allows. The few products I’ve had the chance of trying have been great and I will be getting more – especially with their up and coming liquid lipstick collection! 💜

Thank you so much to Kalon for sending me this package! Not too many brands would take a chance on such a newbie blogger!

Have you tried any products from Kalon Kosmetics? When are you going to place an order? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading this far. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to try out as I’m always on the look out for new brands and products to discover!

Claudia xxx

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Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

Who doesn’t love Revolution? *crickets* I thought so! As a brand they seem to be going from strength to strength just now and they’re firing out influencer collabs like no one’s business!

Their eyeshadow formulas are up there with high-end brands but for a fraction of the price.

Today what I’m most interested in though, is their new foundation.


I’ve reviewed their Conceal and Define concealer before and I still use it most days to brighten up my undereyes so when they announced they were doing a foundation to match I all but threw money at them!


This foundation comes in 24 shades which is pretty decent for a drugstore foundation.

I bought shade F1 which is for pale skin with neutral skin undertones and I’d say this suits me really well. I’d suggest checking the shade guide on the Revolution website though before purchasing.

The packaging looks nice and is basically the big sister to the concealer. The bottle is glass so it’s not the lightest thing to take with you anywhere!

It has a huge doe foot applicator which I know a lot of people don’t like for “hygiene reasons” (most concealers have doe foots but okaay! 🙄) and I’m not the biggest fan just because it’s difficult to get product out of the tube without it being a bit messy!


However, you don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face so that becomes a little bit of a moot point!

I would say this is pretty much full coverage and it’s definitely buildable if you feel it’s a bit too light when you first apply it but I would say this is not light coverage and more medium to full.

I made a massive mistake the first time I put this on as I used waaay too much and found it a bit difficult to blend out.

With the right amount of product, though, it blends quite easily but I will stress again, less is definitely more!! You can add but you can’t take away 😉.

I found this to be a little bit cakey, especially around my mouth and on my forehead which tends to be on the drier side of the Sahara most days so I think this is definitely better suited for normal to oily skin unless you’ve got an amazing moisturiser to hydrate your dry bits enough for it to apply evenly.

It did sink into my smile lines and wrinkles through the day a little but I would say this is good for about an average work day.

One thing that I was definitely surprised at was it didn’t get rubbed off by my glasses on the bridge of my nose and that’s normally the first place that breaks down!

It dries down to almost a semi-matte finish but can be completely matte with powder which I’d recommend as I definitely think this would slide right off without it, so something to do note if your are on the oily side.

I did find this foundation made me feel like I was wearing foundation (you know what I mean!) It’s definitely not lightweight so not for those that don’t like to feel the heaviness of foundation.

I do feel this is one of those foundations that will probably be great to use on some days but terrible on others, you know those days when your makeup just doesn’t seem to look right no matter what you do!

This foundation is a bit pricier than some of their others at £9.00 but I’d say it’s still pretty affordable.

They are heading into more expensive territory which worries me slightly as the major pull of Revolution is their affordability!


I probably wouldn’t buy this again once it runs out as I just didn’t like it as much as the Fast Base or the old Freedom foundations! It’s just not as easy to use and it’s a bit finicky to get it looking good.

I’m really disappointed as I’m such a Revolution advocate and there’s very few products that I don’t like! I genuinely thought this would be a great product to match their concealer!

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below if I’m alone in feeling this “meh” way about this one!

Thanks very much for reading and as always I’ll speak to you lot soon!

Claudia xxx

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October Birchbox Review

October Birchbox Review

It feels like so long since I’ve gotten a subscription box – since May to be precise!

As usual, Birchbox sucked me back in because of the amazing deal they had going on. I got three boxes for the price of one! THREE!

There was the risk of me getting a previous box but since I’d only had 2, it was pretty slim. I’m pleased to say I got no duplicates and it was boxes that I was quite sad I missed for the packaging alone!

As usual, most of the brands in the box are ones I’ve never heard of and their full size products seem to be way out of my price range!

This is one of the things I love about Birchbox, I can try out brands that I would normally never even consider.

I guess it’s one of the downsides too since I can’t afford a £20 hair mask no matter how good it is! 🤣

In October’s box there is only 2 full sized products and no exclusives.

Beauty Pro – Thermotherapy Warming Gold Foil Mask

The last mask I tried I had some sort of reaction with so I am a bit sceptical of using this especially as my skin is having a major breakout as it is.

I am intrigued as it is apparently self- warming which helps to ensure the ingredients penetrate your skin.

Once I’m over my breakout, I think I’ll try this and see how it feels but it is supposed to boost elasticity, reduce fine lines and give your skin a nice glow.

This is one of the full sized products and is £5.95.

Winky Lux – Strobing Balm

The packaging of this is very cute but I’m not sure if I would think the same with the full size one!

This is in the shade Radiant Pink but I found it does not really have a colour pigment once it’s on the skin (thankfully!), it just leaves a nice glow.

I don’t tend to use cream products as I’m just not very good with them but I would probably use this if I was going for a subtle look.

The full-size product is £15 which I don’t think I would pay for a strobing balm but if that’s your thing, I think you would like this!

Anika – Soulfood Nourishing Mask

The first thing I noticed about this was it smells amazing! It also has the Bunny Logo on it so it must be cruelty free which is excellent!

Annoyingly the sample only has about 1-2 uses in it and I have really fine hair so all you thick haired girls might struggle to cover all your hair!

This left my hair feeling really soft and nourished but it left it looking a bit flat (which isn’t unusual for these types of products).

As I’m sure we all know, it doesn’t fix split ends like it’s claims to, the only thing that fixes them is scissors but it helps to hide them until your next wash!

This is £20 for a full-size tub which I wouldn’t spend on me (I would probably buy it for someone else though!). I also think I would prefer it as a squeezy tube like the sample. I hate tubs where everything gets under your nails!

Daily Concepts – Charcoal Soap Sponge

This is the 2nd full-size product in this month’s box. And I love this idea, especially if you were travelling as there’s everything you need to have a squeaky clean face in the packet!

Everyone loves the cleaning benefits of charcoal, right? This is an exfoliator and cleanser in one and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Just wet the sponge and the soap is already in there to lather up and use straightaway!

It has a lovely clean smell and left my skin feeling lovely and smooth!

I’m not entirely sure how many uses you are supposed to get out of this, I’m guessing just when it doesn’t lather anymore? At £6, it’s not the cheapest face wash, especially if it only lasts a few washes but I would definitely pick one up if I was going to be staying away from home just for the ease of use!

Lord & Berry – Magic Brow

I’m not the greatest when it comes to using eyebrow pencils, I’m more of a powder girl, so I’m maybe not the best judge of this one!

I like the idea that although it’s in shade Brunette, it’s marbled with 3 colours to hopefully make it look more natural than just a block colour.

I still looked like I had drawn on eyebrows! 🤣

I found the pencil itself to be a bit hard so it was difficult to just use it very lightly but maybe after a few uses it would be a bit easier?

The full-size costs £15 and has a spoolie which the sample lacks but I don’t think that would make up for the difficulty I had with it! I also don’t understand the obsession to having a spoolie on every eyebrow product – it just bumps up the price!

There is a little extra something something in the form of a Hugo Boss perfume sample. Which does smell really nice but I think it smells quite floral and summery so not the best scent to put into a fall box! A full bottle will also set you back £73 which I don’t think I’ve ever spent on a perfume!

For my freebie boxes I got June’s and July’s box.

June was Birchnox’s 5th birthday and I was quite sad I never got this box the first time around so I’m really happy that I got this as a freebie.

The products for June were Ella Eden eyeshadow, Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer, Number 4 Smoothing Balm, Polaar Sun Fluid, Glamglow Supercleanse and as an extra some Whittard of Chelsea Teabags.

The Benefit Primer may be the teeniest product I’ve ever seen in a Birchbox but we know it’s not super cheap!

The reason I wanted this box in the first place was the packaging, I’m a sucker for tins, especially when they look really cute!

July’s box contains Manna Kadar powder in Trifecta, Marcelle BB Cream, What’s in it for Me…? Shower Scrub, Klorane makeup remover and Percy & Reed Overnight Recovery.

Looking forward to trying the BB cream as I would like a decent one for those no makeup days so I don’t scare the neighbours! Also interested to see whether the overnight recovery makes my hair feel any less straw like!

Love the packaging for this box and rather than it being a little drawer like the majority of them, its a box and lid with such pretty pastel colours!

I think which puts me off being a regular subscriber to any subscription box is that it’s very hit or miss. It’s great to be able to try out new brands but the sizes of the products seem to be getting smaller and the RRPs seem to be getting larger which means I’ll never really buy a full sized product after using it from a box.

In saying that, it really won’t stop me from buying the odd one here or there as they are cheap and I can always give products to my friends for them to try of they are not for me!

What is your favourite subscription box and why? What keeps you going back each month? Let me know in the comments below and I may try it out!

Thanks for reading, I’ll speak to you again soon!

Claudia XXX


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