Urban Decay: All Nighter Vs Naked Skin

Urban Decay: All Nighter Vs Naked Skin

In case you’re new here and weren’t aware, I love Urban Decay. If my bank balance would allow I would probably have every product they sell but it doesn’t so I have to supplement my makeup addiction with affordable brands for the most part.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice I’ve been posting a lot about my Urban Decay products recently.

They’re mainly products that I don’t think have been on sale for years but I keep them because they’re just so damn pretty!

I’ve had the All Nighter foundation for quite a while and recently my friend has let me borrow Naked Skin as I’d never tried it before so I thought I would do a bit of a comparison review on which one you should be popping into your shopping basket!

Contenders, ready? FIGHT!

All Nighter

The All Nighter packaging is just 😍! It’s absolutely beautiful compared to any other foundation I own. It looks and feels like what I think a high end product should!

This is a thick foundation and a little definitely goes a long, long way. Even using a tiny amount, you get a massive amount of coverage so you don’t really have to build it up.

My skin is quite dry in places and I do find this is quite a powdery foundation so it does cling to dry patches. Applying moisturiser and primer definitely helps to combat this but as the day goes on it does seem to break down in these areas and makes my dry skin all the more noticeable.

The plus side of this is I only need to powder my nose and I wouldn’t say that’s completely necessary, I just happen to have an oily nose.

I’m not the best with cream contour but I found that this didn’t work with this foundation. It didn’t blend out very nicely and again I think this is because it’s a “drier” formula.

I have the shade 1.5 and on initial application this is the perfect colour for me. The problem is this oxidises a hell of a lot and it does go quite a bit darker. I can get away with it in the summer months but I wish I had bought a lighter shade!

I’ve not worn my makeup all night for a long time – I’m too much of a lightweight for that now! – but this does last for at least regular wear and it has lasted on my face during shows where I have been running around like a headless chicken and dancing in front of an audience!

A bottle of this will set you back £29.50 but it will last you a long time since you don’t have to use too much of it. And I’ve not found anything which compares to the coverage you get with this either!

Naked Skin

The packaging of Naked Skin just doesn’t really scream at me but it does feel nice and looks relatively sleek!

The consistency of this foundation is much, much thinner but you still don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face!

I don’t have any problems with this clinging to parts of my skin, the world doesn’t end if I forget to use primer! It also feels really lightweight which makes it ideal for wearing to work or general daily wear.

You can build this up to full coverage but after one application it is more of a medium coverage. It’s also quite dewy so I do tend to powder this to set it in place.

I’ve been using the shade 2.0 which seems to suit me at the moment. There is a bit of oxidation but not too much that it becomes really noticeable. I could probably get away with using a lighter shade in winter since I become a lovely shade of “translucent blue”!

It seems to last as long as I need it to, with the biggest breakdown happening around my oily bits and where my glasses sit but that’s not unusual for most foundations for me.

I’ve never used cream contouring with this but any powder products I apply in top seem to sit nice and blend just as easily as my other foundations so no problems there!

A bottle of this is slightly cheaper at £28.50 and again it does last for ages so although it’s high end, you do get a lot of uses for your money.


These are both very good foundations but they are marketed for different needs.

I love Naked Skin for everyday wear. I just don’t feel like I need full coverage for my work makeup; however, for a night out or something a bit more intense I’d recommend All Nighter all the way but it does require a bit more prep work so it looks good and I think it’s good to be aware of that as otherwise you might just think it’s a bit crap!

I hope you’ve found this relatively helpful and you have more of an idea of the differences between the too formulas so that you can pick the one you need!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if there’s anything you’d like to see next?

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Speak soon!

Claudia xxx


Testing Nip + Fab

Testing Nip + Fab

You know when your just scrolling through your newsfeed, minding you own business, when a post pops up about a sale and you just can’t help yourself from clicking the link and entering your card details?

Yeah, same!

This is how I ended up buying a few items from Nip + Fab at 1am in the morning. They had a lot of products for only £5 and as I’ve been wanting to try their stuff for a while I thought I can’t really go wrong, right?

I didn’t really buy too much, some of the items I looked at were waay more than a fiver, just some essentials!

I picked up an eyeshadow palette, liquid lipstick (are you shocked?! 🤣) and a moisturiser for £15 with free delivery. I also got some Glycolic Fix pads for free with my order too.

I was glad to find out they they don’t test any of their products on animals, only a small range of their products aren’t vegan and there’s a handy list on their website too if you’re worried.

So let’s have a look at the products, shall we?

Kale Fix Moisturiser

I needed a moisturiser and every one goes on about the benefits of kale so I thought this would be a nice one to try.

It also contains Aloe Vera, Shea butter, almond oil and watercress which, to be honest, doesn’t give it the nicest smell in the world but it doesn’t smell really bad either.

This absorbs into the skin in no time at all, it just melts right in! Making it super handy if you’re in a rush to get your makeup on. I’m normally in a permanent state of lateness so I love this!

It doesn’t leave your skin greasy or oily but does give your skin a bit of tack so I’ve been using this and not applying primer before my makeup and it seems to hold it well.

My skin feels really soft since starting to use this and my dry forehead doesn’t look as bad at the end of the day if I’ve applied this in the morning!

This is still only £5 and I think it’s really good. It was originally £19.95 which I definitely couldn’t justify but would recommend it for someone like me who has combination skin.

Jewelled Eyeshadow Palette

The colours in this palette just called to me. I love anything with a pop of colour and the greens in this palette are gorgeous!

There’s a really good mix of colours in this palette for you to create a warm or cool look.

There are 7 mattes and 5 shimmer shadows. I find the combination slightly strange as both the greens are shimmer and all the shimmers are dark so nothing for your inner corners and if you only put lighters colours in the centre of your eye, you’ll be a bit stumped. No spotlight eyes in this palette!

I clearly forgot to take my watch off last night!

The pigmentation in this palette is really disappointing. Even with building up the colour you don’t get a very strong colour pay off.

The shadows are so blendable, it takes zero effort to blend them out and I think that contributes to why the colours are so muted, you really can blend away to nothing! I just wish their was an option to build the colour up again!

There is a bit of kickback in the pan and I did notice a tiny bit of fallout on my cheeks as well but that never really bothers me as you can just wipe it away with a fluffy brush.

I think this palette would be ok as an everyday palette if you’re looking for something understated for your work day but I’d definitely give it a wide berth if I was looking for a more glam look!

At £12.95, I’d not buy this at full price just because I have palettes that cost a lot less with so much more pigmentation!

Matte Liquid Lipstick

I picked this up in the shade Spice which looks like a nice pinky-nude going from the colour swatch on the website and described as a burgundy red shade.

I’d describe it as neither. It’s a lot darker than I was expecting and because of my pale skin it almost looks vampy.


I think I would describe it as a dark brown which was not what I was wanting but it is still a really nice colour. Just not as an everyday colour like I was going for.

The formula is great, it dries down to matte relatively quickly and doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry like some other formulas do.

I would almost say it is comparable to the Smashbox liquid lipsticks but without the hefty price tag! It doesn’t last quite as long though, and I found I had to touch it up a bit more often.

Glycolic Fix Pads

I only got 5 of these pads as a sample so I’m not sure how they work with long term use.

They contain glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and blue daisy which I know there is a big push for all the acid stuff at the moment but I have no real idea how this is meant to help your face.

The scientist in me thinks this will mess with your skin’s natural pH and I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not!

I tried the pads anyway and the only difference I noticed is my face got red. They don’t feel exfoliating and my face looked more bumpy after use.

Sometimes my skin does go a bit funny when using a new product so if I used them for longer they might have some benefit but from a few days use I’m really struggling to see why I would want to buy more. If someone could enlighten me, that would be great!

And that’s that! I would love to add more of their lipsticks to my collection but I think I need to go into Boots to have a look at the different colours in the flesh before purchasing any more. I would also try more of their Kale Fix range as I’m really liking the moisturiser.

Have you tried Nip + Fab? What did you think?

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Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you all again soon!

Claudia xxx


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