If you’re new here you might not realise that I really, really, really like Makeup Revolution as a brand.

They create really good quality makeup for drugstore prices and they have been compared to the likes of Urban Decay and Too Faced in terms of style and quality.

What’s not to love? I can get my beauty fix at a fraction of the price!

Another not so well kept secret is I really like Soph Does Nails on YouTube. This one maybe isn’t so obvious unless you know me and we’ve had the “makeup” discussion or you’ve found me catching up on her videos!

She seems pretty genuine and I trust her reviews on products.

She has already had a collaboration with Revolution a few years ago where she worked on a highlighter and an eyeshadow palette.

I am a fan of her eyeshadow palette and I used it almost daily until I ran out of time to do my makeup every day!

Her new collection includes another eyeshadow palette, 3 lipsticks and a body mist so, of course, I had to pick them up!

Like me, Soph really likes her food and this is evident through her entire collection. I think it’s a nice touch and ties the products together nicely.

The packaging also links everything together with a rose gold and nude colour scheme with her signature on all the products.

The Extra Spice eyeshadow palette has 18 shades which is 6 less than the original but the shade names are embossed on the packaging rather than on a silly plastic sheet which I’m sure everyone loses after 5 minutes!

It makes the palette feel much more high end than its predecessor and for the luxury of shade names you pay the same price of £10.00 which, let’s face it, is not expensive for what you’re getting!

The eyeshadow themselves are, for the most part, the quality and pigmentation you would expect if you have tried any Revolution products before.

There is the odd shade (Brownies I’m looking at you!) which applies a little patchier than the rest or isn’t as pigmented as it looks in the pan but all the colours are buildable and blend really well.

One thing I did notice is that the Extra Spice colours did crease on my eyelid throughout the day which is something I never noticed with the original.

I’d say Extra Spice is much bolder than the original. It has its nude colours and transition shades but there are pops of colour to make a bold look too.

The layout is intentional as you have you’re bolder colours in the left half of the palette and the more subdued colours on the right.

It’s easier to see which colours would work better if you’re looking to experiment but unsure where to start.

I think with both palettes in your collection you have a great range of shades and would be able to be quite versatile with your looks.

I’m hoping she might come out with a cooler toned palette as well to complete the collection as both of these are quite warm to neutral so it would be a nice touch for me and my cool toned sisters out there!

The lipsticks are called Cake, Syrup and Fudge (I told you she liked her food!) and they are £4.00 each.

I only picked up one shade – Cake 🍰 – as I’m not the biggest fan of normal lipsticks any more but was really wanting to see what the formula was like.

The shade is the perfect “my lips but better shade” and I love it for that reason!

It doesn’t feel drying or sticky when it’s on and didn’t leave my lips feeling dry when I removed it.

With it being a normal lipstick, it does transfer a lot do require a lot more top ups through the day than a liquid lipstick.

Its hard to photograph but you can just see her signature in the lipstick itself which is quite cute!

As an aside – the above picture has been used my Revolution Spain, Portugal and Italy on Twitter and Instagram which I’m pretty proud of as it didn’t think it was anything special when I posted it!

Lastly we have the body mist in the scent Vanilla & Crème brulé (surprised?).

This I £8.00 which I thought it was quite expensive but you get 236ml which will last for ages!

As it’s a body mist, I don’t think the smell lasts for very long but then it could be because I’m used to it.

The scent is right up my street. It smells sweet and cakey as you would expect but isn’t cloying at all.

The downside is it does make me a tad hungry, but then, I’m always hungry! 🤣

I love this collection and you can grab it from Superdrug and the Revolution website.

*Breaking News!* As I was checking the website for prices, I noticed Superdrug has a Soph’s favourite collection which features lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and brushes.

There’s a Soph palette in there that looks interesting and cool toned! Maybe my dreams have come true. The downside is the collection is £100.00 so I don’t think I can justify that any time soon! But look at the pretty packaging! 💜

Unless the kind folks at Superdrug would like to send me it to review 😉. Joking of course, a girl can dream!

Have you picked up any of the new collection? What about the other collaborations Revolution have done? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Speak soon!

Claudia xxx


Makeup Revolution Haul one & two

Fortune Favours the Brave


10 thoughts on “Soph X Revolution – Extra Spice, Lipstick and Body Mist

      1. Me too! I do find many MUR shadows can be either ‘amazing’ or ‘meh’ it’s just finding the ones that are good really! But for the price point and availability they’re always top dog for me (as well as being cruelty free!)

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