I’ll start by saying this product was gifted to me but, of course, this post and the opinions herein are all my own! Thanks XLS for sending me this product!

Also, as an aside, when this arrived it went to my neighbour who warned me that every time he touched the package white powder came out…I had to explain it wasn’t drugs and I didn’t think anyone was trying to kill me 🤣


I can hear all my friends shouting “Sellout!” right about now as I have never been an advocate of meal replacement plans – Herbalife, Juice Plus, Slimfast etc.

I think this stems from my unhealthy relationship with food I had as a teenager.

***Trigger warning: I am going to talk about my ups and downs with food which may be triggering to those who have had issues in the past***

To give you a bit of background, at 15 I was 15 stone – I was a BIG girl and it didn’t really bother me until I overheard my highschool crush saying “yeah, her fat arse is always hanging round the common room door!”


This made me look at myself in a different light and maybe, just maybe if I was skinny he would take time to speak to me (who was I kidding?! No Cinderella Story here! 🙄).

I realised that compared to my friends I was the big one! It didn’t help my periods were ridiculous (more on that on another post maybe?) so I didn’t really do P.E. and I wasn’t athletic anyway as I’m asthmatic and can’t breathe going up a slight incline!

So me being an all or nothing type of person I decided to stop eating regular food and instead survived on diet coke, apples and sugar free chewing gum.

If I had been good I would allow myself a bite or two of dinner but the rest would go to my dog out my bedroom window (hallelujah for living in a bungalow!) or I would dump it in the bin the next day at school.

My lunch money I would save up to buy cigarettes – ya know, that really cool appetite suppressant! – or alcohol (no mixer (calories!), just straight gin or vodka or whatever I could get my hands on!) this all led to another host of issues I had through my teens but again maybe a story for another day?

I also started exercising for at least 2 hours a night. This was in the Dancemat days so I would be flailing around to the songs of the 2000s in my bedroom and doing sit-ups and stomach crunches until I couldn’t move any more.

I was on all the “thinspiration” websites and a religious follower of “Ana’s Way”. I knew all the tricks to pretend I was ok even though, looking back, I know I wasn’t!

My mum did notice a few things over the time and did confront me about it but I just became more careful!

I’m not quite sure how long I kept this up for, I think it was about a year but it’s all very fuzzy due to my mental health and alcohol issues at the time!


I remember feelings elated when I stepped on the scale and it showed that I went down from the previous week, day, hour…I was obsessed with checking my weight and noting the losses and punishing myself for the gains!

The lowest weight I remember was 6st 9bls but I don’t think this lasted for long. I think my body was just tired and craving food.

I also met my ex who I couldn’t really hide it from as we spent a lot of time in each others pockets.

I started eating meals again, just one a day to begin with but this grew until I became a normal weight and I started to feel myself again.

I don’t really like to say I suffered from anorexia nervosa as I didn’t go through the typical recovery stages but it has definitely left me with lasting scars in my relationship with food.

As an adult who has access to the internet, books, seminars and common sense, I know changing your diet radically, especially if you are reducing your calories, will help you lose weight.

This XLS Nutrition, if used according to the instructions (replacing up to 3 meals a day with a shake and then decreasing this until it’s just one meal) will help you lose weight.

Of course it will! You’re not eating real food! You’ve reduced your calories!

To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit…that is the entire principal of losing weight. Whether you do this by increasing activity or limiting your food it will work.

Fun Fact: I lost weight while eating McDonald’s 5 days a week (I got free lunch) but this didn’t mean I was healthy!

I don’t think there is such a thing as a Healthy Weight Loss Shake and don’t believe these types of things should be marketed as such.

There is nothing healthy about missing a meal and consuming a shake instead.

Not only that, it’s not really sustainable. Who wants to have to replace their meal for years to come? It is a marketing strategy so you keep buying the product, it’s as simple as that!

You could just have a 244 calorie meal (the amount of calories in a shake) instead.

*Hold up* you can replace 3 meals with a shake to begin with…that’s 732 calories a day! That’s less than half your RDA for an average female! WTF? 😲 I feel hungry just thinking about it!

It’s recommended the ideal calorie deficit for sustainable weightloss is 10% of your calories required for daily maintenance.

So using the average female 1500 allowance, she’d be wanting to be aiming for 1350 calories a day to lose a healthy amount of weight.


Something to note, weight loss doesn’t always amount to fat loss. Rapid weight loss suggests you are losing muscle too. I guess it depends on what your goals are as to what you would rather care about – i.e. the number on the scale or the way you look and feel.

So in that vein, I’m not even going to say I’ve used this shake for a few weeks and lost weight as I know I would if I follow the instructions.

Instead, I’ve used it in my regular morning smoothie as the main protein source as it claims to have 28g of protein per serving.

It’s strawberry flavoured but it makes my smoothie taste very sythetically sweet, I can only imagine how strong this tastes when you make it just with milk. At least I have yoghurt, fruit and coconut water to dilute the taste a little! It does stop me getting hungry until lunch but the regular protein powder I use does the same thing and tastes better so 🤷 .

I’m sorry this wasn’t really a review as such, it’s just something that upsets me especially as these things are generally marketed at women.

Don’t we have enough to contend with already rather than harming our physical and mental health with these promises of a perfect life if only we lose some pounds?

I’d suggest checking out James Smith on Instagram and Facebook if you want to explore this school of thought a little more as he explains all these types of topics better than I ever could!

I hope you liked this post, it’s slightly more raw than I meant to write and it was pretty difficult for me to share what I went through.

As I’ve said before, if it helps even one person, it has been worth it!

Please let me know what you think in the comments down below and what you would like to see next?

Thanks so much for reading, guys!

Claudia xxx


8 thoughts on “XLS Nutrition – A “Healthy” Way to Lose Weight?

  1. Fantastic article! This is the type of thing I wish has been around when I was a teenager – the article that is, not the weight loss product. It’s frightening how destructive the weight loss mindset can be so I’m glad to see someone standing up to the culture of thinner = a “better” you.

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  2. The teen years are tough 💔. I have always been the big girl. Just as of late gracefully going into my mid forties eating healthy is a big priority for me. I know meal replacements are an excellent option just have to bite the bullet and select one!


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. 💜 Battling eating disorders is tough, and it’s a life-long journey because those thoughts are always in the back of your head (at least for me it is). I personally life Herbalife and have lost weight from it, but the diets never talk about when you give it up, whether it’s due to finances or you feel like you can go without it. I gained all the weight back that I lost, and then some. It’s difficult, but there are some good programs out there that are not expensive and easy to follow.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. It means a lot! If something works for you that’s fine but it doesn’t get to the root of the matter – the individual’s relationship with food and I think there should be more focus on that xx

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