I know, I know we are almost to August but I couldn’t let the month pass without having at least one post for June! Better late than never right?

Rather than having my monthly favourites – because I bought very little in June and didn’t really use any products I haven’t already mentioned – I thought I would do an empties post.

I’ve had this post planned for quite a while but annoyingly even two months down the line, so many products I was wanting to include are still not empty, despite using them daily! At least I’m getting a lot of use out of them 😁

I first mentioned doing this post in my May Favourites and trying to “pan” or finish some products.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve failed even though I’ve not went through much BUT I’ve not bought much that was new either! So is that a win? Help me decide in the comments!

First up I have Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser. This is the product that people have been saying is a miracle cure for psoriasis and eczema online.

J has psoriasis so thought we would give this a go. When he first told me about it I thought he said Child’s Fart and I still can’t help but giggling about it… childish? Me? Nah! 🤣

I commandeered this bottle because I needed something gentle for my new tattoo and it’s a really nice moisturiser.

It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and I think it absorbs really quick! It doesn’t have much of a smell and makes your skin feel soft and hydrated.

We have found it pretty hard to get hold of though as everyone was buying it. We’ve managed to find it in Asda but it’s a bit hit and miss so always make sure to stock up when we see it.

It hasn’t cured J’s psoriasis but I think it has improved it. I’m not sure if that will be also down to this amazing amount of sun we’ve been getting too though!

I have used not one but the two of my Native Unearthed deodorants I received in my May Birchbox.

As I mentioned in that post, I love this stuff! It is a bit weird as it’s a paste but it gives lasting protection even in this heat!

It smells really fresh and it doesn’t leave those horrible deodorant marks on your clothes like a lot of them do.

I have my full sized tub on the way and it’s definitely going to be a regular purchase!

I finally used up all my Simple Foaming Face Wash. I think I bought this in February so it lasted quite a long time with daily use!

This did make my skin nip a bit if I had any spots or broken skin but the foaming action made it feel as if my skin was being cleaned.

It did leave my skin quite red after use sometimes but it died down fairly quickly once I dried my face and put moisturiser on.

I probably won’t repurchase this just because I’ve moved on to Asda face wash which I feel is much kinder to my skin.

Finally I’ve been using Make Up Academy’s Pro-Base Primer.

Confession – I have had this for a very long time! It didn’t smell weird and the consistency was the still the same so I thought I would use it up.

I also have one in a grey bottle too and I think it’s exactly the same so I’m now using that too.

I like this primer. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and stops my foundation sticking to any dry patches on my face.

It doesn’t feel greasy and is absorbed really quickly! I did notice that when I use it, my nose gets quite oily really quickly.

I have an oily nose anyway – yay for combination skin 🙄 – but using this primer does seem to exacerbate it a bit.

So there you have it, my product empties from June! How have you got on?

I have definitely made up for not buying a lot of products over the last few months as you’ll see in my upcoming posts!

I have made my first ever order from Smashbox Cosmetics and I have bought a few things from Revolution so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I have also been really lucky and was invited to an event at Deep Sea World so I will give you all the juicy details about that!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you have access to all my latest updates and to ensure you’re in with a chance to win when I host my giveaway at 200 followers!

Thanks for reading!

Claudia xxx


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