A few weeks ago I won an Instagram competition hosted by the lovely Kalon Kosmetics who I’ve been following on social media for quite a while.

My prize included two Mineral Eye Dusts, brow powder, two lipsticks and a highlighter.

I was able to pick my own colours from their range and it was so difficult, I think I spent almost an hour choosing the shades! Their range is massive, there are so many colours to choose from! Definitely something to suit everyone!

As soon as I had picked my colours they shipped them to me and they arrived a few days later. I even got a tracking number so I was able to follow their trip across to me!

They arrived in a little gold bag and I even had a hand written thank you card inside which was lovely to receive!

Loose Mineral Eye Dust

These eye pigments are stunning! I got the shades Fabulous Grape and Turquoise but there are 15 shades in the range.

I wanted to try something bright to really show the colours off.

The swatches really don’t do the colours justice! Fabulous Grape is a lot more pigmented than what it appears and looks quite dark in person.

The fallout from these really isn’t as bad as I’ve found in other loose pigments and any that did fall on my cheeks was easily swept away with a fluffy brush without destroying the rest of my makeup.

The colours lasts all day and don’t crease. I would definitely recommend a primer though to really get the best colour pay off.

These are priced at $8 which I think is on par with a lot of drugstore prices. I would say they are worth the price just for how pretty they look! A little goes a long way too so it would take a long time for you to finish a pot.

My only real gripe with these is the packaging, I’m not a fan of products you’re supposed to tip out – I’m looking at you setting powder! – I just feel like it’s a waste of product as it inevitably goes everywhere!

Brow Powder

I got the Brow Powder in Mid-Brown but it doesn’t quite work for me. It’s slightly too warm toned for my paleness and it was really obvious when I was wearing it.

I did like using the powder though, it is easy to use and blends nicely. I may just use it as eyeshadow as it’s a lovely matte brown.

Again, this is $8 and there are 8 shades in the range.


I got the lipsticks in Raspberry Satin and Barely There. I love these colours!

Raspberry Satin is the perfect “lip colour but better shade” and the colour lasts for the majority of the day but does need top ups after food/drink like most do!

The formula is creamy and comfortable on the lips and doesn’t dry them at all.

These are $13 and come in 20 different shades! Looking at the thumbnails of the colours there is a really good mixtures of shades which would work well on most skintones.

They also have lots of other ranges of lipsticks and gloss so you can definitely find your colour match as well as your favourite formula I’m sure!

Candle Glow Highlighter

This is the product I’ve not tried as much as the others. The reason being is I’m just not very good with liquid highlighters!

I got it in the shade Pearly Pink but there are 3 shades to choose from.

It gives a very subtle glow when used under foundation and makes your skin quite dewy looking.

Over foundation it gives a nice natural looking highlight. Definitely a subtle one but that’s not a bad thing!

This is $22 so the most expensive product they have sent me. I wish I could appreciate it more but I think I just don’t know how to get the best out of it!

I’ve been wanting to try Kalon Kosmetics for quite a while but because they’re based in America I was worried about being hit by custom charges. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to try them out and would definitely recommend them!

I just wish I could try out their entir range as the sample of products I have got are brilliant! Would love to try some of their matte lipsticks and their foundation!

Have you used Kalon Kosmetics before? What did you think? What products would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx


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5 thoughts on “Kalon Kosmetics Review

  1. I enjoyed reading this review. would you mind doing a video on it with you trying out the products. Would love to see that happen.

    Let me know if you can or cannot. But would be great if you can. I am more of a visual person than a text type even though this was fun to read.


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