The only subscription box I have ever tried was Pop in the Box…until now! Read on to find out my thoughts!

Birchbox kept appearing in my Facebook feed. There was an offer of 2 for 1 at the end of April so I thought I would give it a go.

It took about a week for delivery and they came in loads of packaging – I know it’s to protect the products but seemed a bit overkill – it was a LOT of recycling!

The boxes themselves are beautiful. I’ve already found another use for them on my desk!


April’s box is the Cath Kidson box, celebrating her 25th birthday – going to be honest, dont actually know who that is! 😳 my friend Google has brought up a few fashion websites so I’m assuming that is her niche. I think the boxes are named because the person designed/inspired the box and not because they picked the products – please correct me if I’m wrong!

So inside we have 5 products and a wee card that lets you know what everything does. It also gives you the RRP of each item. The RRP is a little misleading as it is the price for the full size products and some of these are sample sizes.

First up we have the Model Co Baked Highlighter, RRP £24 – this is tiny! Not even sure my highlighter brush will actually fit in the pan. I got it in the shade Moonshine and it claims a “lit from within” glow. It’s a very, very, very subtle highlight, so subtle I can’t even tell I’m wearing it at all!

Next we have Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brown Gel, RRP £8.60 – so with this I can “show unruly brow hairs who’s boss with this easy to use formula”. I can’t, I really can’t! I’m not sure if it is the wand or if it’s just me but I couldn’t make this look right at all. The consistency was nice but feel it would be so much easier using this from a pot rather than a tube.

Then there is Cath Kidson Hand Cream, RRP £2.50 – this is the cheapest product of the box here. It feels nice and doesn’t leave your hands greasy but I’m not a fan of the really floral smell which lingers for ages! If you like that sort of thing it would be perfect for you!

We also have Marcelle Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes, RRP £14.50 – this claims to remove makeup with ease, diminish dark circles and de-puffs your eyes at the same time. It feels really nice on the skin and it removes makeup really well; however, it stings, A LOT, if it gets into your eye which is not the best for a product which of for that area.

Finally there is the Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Cloth, RRP £8.95 – this is the product I was most excited to try as it claims to remove all types of makeup with just water and the cloth, just pop it in the washing machine first and your good to go. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a chance to try it yet because I keep forgetting to stick it in the machine but I’ve heard so many good reviews about this.


The free box is a Matthew Williamson box – another fashion designer – and it is stunning. From the insert, this was the box for December 2017.

We have a Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm In Pixi Pink, RRP £8 – this is a full size product. The pink and green packaging is really cute and it looks like it will last for quite a long time. I can’t really tell what the colour looks like as it’s quite subtle on me but it does feel really nice and hydrating on my lips.

We have Dr PawPaw Original Clear Balm, RRP £6.95 – this claims to have natural healing qualities and is made from a papaya plant. It can be used for anything – lips, hair, cuticles. It is quite thick but it is absorbed really easily and it has no smell at all.

Then there is Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo, RRP £13.95 – this is to be used once or twice a month to “sweep away product build-up and purify your scalp”. I have really fine hair and I only needed a tiny, tiny amount. It doesn’t smell very strongly and it left my hair feeling really soft but very lank – more so than usual anyway! I feel like this would benefit someone with thicker hair more than it has done for me.

Next there is Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, RRP £20 – this contains lemon, cucumber and witch hazel to “soften and smooth tired under eyes”. I love this, I’m not sure if it does what it says it is going to but it makes me feel a lot more awake and the skin round my eyes feels tighter after its applied.

Finally, the Spectrum Collections B04 Angled Blender Brush, RRP £4.99 – this is my favourite product of the lot. I now use it every day to do my eyeshadow. It’s lovely and soft and blends shadows really well.

So I enjoyed getting my Birchbox, I find it’s a really good way to find new products – I had only heard of 2 of these brands before they landed at my door.

Did I like everything? Nope, not at all but I don’t think that has necessarily put me off either. For £12.95, I think I got a good deal and I will most likely buy one again or try other subscription boxes to see what they are like.

You can subscribe to Birchbox here!!

I think some of the products I don’t get on with or I won’t use, I may pop into a giveaway with some other goodies once I reach a follower milestone.

Wow! What a long post, congrats if you made it this far! 🎉 As always please like, comment, share of follow if you are enjoying this and let me know what subscription boxes you would suggest I try next!

Claudia xxx


14 thoughts on “April Birchbox Review

  1. This was pretty much the same as my opinion on Birchbox. I loved the concept and being able to try new products and it was so exciting it coming through the door each month, but in the end I decided I was probably better off just saving the money and buying something I definitely knew I wanted to try!

    EllieLilyLouise //

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  2. It was my first time trying Birchbox this month too. It was a birthday present. And I also decided to use it on my desk for storing bits and bobs! I quite like the brow gel as I use mostly the tip of the brush to create a nice shape for the brow and the gel doesn’t seem to be too heavy. But I have really long brows so perhaps length matters. I agree with the make-up remover, it really stings which has completely put me off!

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  3. These seem like a good idea for someone like me who has no idea what they’re doing and needs to try everything. I had no idea that brow gel even existed! Think I’ll treat myself to an occasional box.

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