So April was a busy month for trying new products. Some of these I have had for ages but hadn’t really gotten around to using or hadn’t used them enough to know how I felt about them.

I’m trying to make a conscious effort to use some older products as there’s loads of stuff in my makeup box I’ve not even used!

Skin Care

I don’t have too much of a skin care routine but I bought these because they were cheap and they are cruelty free. I’ve tried Asda skincare before and always found it works quite well for me.


The facial scrub is really gentle but still gives your pores quite a deep clean. It doesn’t smell too strongly and it’s just nice to use. The main thing is noticed about this is that it doesn’t nip. Any spots I have, I squeeze (I have compulsive picking disorder so my face is a mess a lot of the time! 😷) Even my Simple Foaming Face Wash stings like crazy if I have any open wounds on my face!!


The Kind and Gentle Facial Toner claims to remove any last traces of makeup and tighten your pores. For 90p I’d say it does a really good job – it removes even the most stubborn mascara! It doesn’t give the really tight feeling of some toners but I find it really refreshing and soothing for my skin and it helps to combat any redness.


Making my hair goals come true!!

I have been using the Bleach London Silver Shampoo. I have not had much luck with Silver Shampoo before – the one I was using was Provoke Touch of Silver, it literally did nothing to my hair but I kept living in hope – I think I’m on my third bottle 😐. The Bleach London one is excellent. From the first wash I have noticed a difference. My hair feels nice and soft and it is more ashy than brassy! It says to use it every other wash and even on the days I haven’t used it, it still makes my hair look good. The only downside – it tints your hands slightly blue for a little while and it is over £5 a bottle.


I didn’t get to try any new foundations last month but I have picked up Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. I’m super pale so I picked up shade C1 which on the website says it is for fair skin with a neutral undertone.


I know this concealer has had rave reviews and people have been comparing it to Tarte Shape Tape – I’m going to be honest, I will likely never be able to compare, I can’t justify that amount of money for a concealer, just the thought of it makes me feel a bit 🤢!

I love the Conceal and Define, it’s perfect for me. It blends really nicely and really brightens the undereye. I have an annoying wrinkle under my right eye which it does start to crease into as the day wears on but I genuinely think it is probably just me that notices this!



Last month I started using the Makeup Revolution Sophdoesnails eyeshadow pallette. I have had my eye on this pallete for so long! I adore this 💜. Until a few months ago, I never even thought of wearing red/warm tones on my eyes but after trying out the colours on this one, I’m hooked!

The colours 😍

The eyeshadows blend so easily and there is a nice range of mattes and shimmers. There is some really lovely transition shades and colours for a bit of that inner corner highlight! The pigmentation is great and a little really does go a long, long way!


My very lovely friend got me this for my birthday. I love Urban Decay and I only every get their products on special occasions because, let’s face it, they are expensive! 💰

So shiny! 😍

The packaging is lovely and really sturdy and the shadows are amazing! However, it is a glitter pallette so I wouldn’t just be able to use it on its own. Applying these shadows with a wet brush or your finger is definitely the way to go, the colour pay off is spectacular!


Spellbound 💜

Again, these where a birthday present from the same friend – I know, I found a keeper, right?! ☺️

These brushes are stunning! I can’t bring myself to use them as they are so pretty. They handles are made of metal and they’re really sturdy. They feel really soft and would be ideal for eye makeup but I just can’t. I think I’m going to display them instead!


I don’t know where my friend got me my birthday stuff from but the links to the other products are below.

Revolution Beauty – this is their main page, explore and enjoy!

Boots – Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Asda Skincare – I picked the products up in store but believe they are available on the website.

So that is my favourites for April. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know by liking and let me know what your thoughts on these products are or if there’s anything I need to try!

I tend to post any updates on Twitter or Instagram first so you can follow me there to keep up to date. 🙃

Claudia xxx


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