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I spoke about these in this post and I’m excited to finally be able to review these palletes!

So I’m sure this has been reviewed on everyone’s eBay makeup posts but I had never heard of this brand until about a month ago.

These pallets are super affordable. For the amount of colours you get the price is insane. For both of these it cost me a total of £12.48. That’s 240 colours – about 6p per colour 😱

The packaging is nice, it’s a hard plastic outer so it feels really sturdy and I’m guessing it must be since it came through my letterbox onto the laminate in very little protection. Only one colour crumbled a little.


Inside you have two trays stacked one on top of the other. You then lift the top one and place it inside the lid so you have all the colours at your fingertips!

Just look at those colours!! *Swoon*

The Summer Collection is exactly as I imagined – super bright and festivally. There is such a massive shade range to choose from. To build up almost any look. They’re is a good range of mattes and shimmers, some satin shades and 5 that almost looked like baked shadows.

That orange! 😍

When swatching them, they definitely feel a bit more chalky than other eyeshadows I use and there is a fair bit of kickback in the pan but when they were actually on my face I didn’t notice too much fallout. The colours seem to be a bit hit or miss for pigmentation but I found they were buildable and blendable.


The Naturals Collection looks like a perfect everyday pallette. A lot more matte and satin shades in this one and only a few shimmers. Great for transitions shades.

I haven’t tried this on my face yet but when swatching I found there wasn’t as much kickback in the pan; however the shades don’t seem nearly as pigmented. The shimmer shades are definitely the nicer consistency but they all still feel a bit chalky.

Sorry about the terrible swatches 😮

They are definitely not the best pallettes out there but for beauty on a budget or for someone new to makeup they are great. The pan sizes are fairly small but there is such a range of colours they will definitely last for a long time.

I played around with the summer collection and I quite liked the finished look. I’m in no way a MUA, my skills are mediocre at very best but it looked pretty nice for a summery day! I found the colours stayed like this all day – the didn’t just get sucked into my crease over the course of the day like most shadows do!

Told you I was terrible 😂

You can get these on eBay. The links to the eBay seller I used are below. I have also included the Amazon links as I know some people can be a bit funny with eBay.

Summer Collection

Natural Collection

LaRoc ® 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Kit Set Make Up Professional Box

LaRoc ® 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Kit Set Make Up Professional Box

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Claudia xxx


8 thoughts on “LaRoc Cosmetics – Beginners Collection – Summer and Natural

    1. Yeah they really are. Don’t get me wrong, there are better pallettes out there but not for this price! It even beats some more expensive pallettes too! I’m loving the different looks you can create xx

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