Harry Potter Makeup 😲

Harry Potter Makeup 😲


I may have found the most magical pallette ever!

It turns out, searching “Harry Potter makeup” on eBay brings up some beautiful looking pallettes in your search results!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through one of my links, I make a small comission at no extra cost to you*

The Witchcraft and Wizardry Eyeshadow Pallette is made by the same brand that made the Harry Potter brushes I mentioned in this post.


What I didn’t realise is that Storybook Cosmetics seem to be a fairly high end brand based in America.

Their products are cruelty free but they come with quite a hefty price tag! On their website, this is currently $55.00. Due to the price, it’s likely you would also get hit with a customs charge too if you’re in the UK!

I’ve clearly picked up a fake one as this only cost me £7.29 and it comes from China. This means it won’t be cruelty free as makeup products in China are required to be tested on animals 😕.

Since I’ve already spent the money, I’m going to review it and I will definitely be wanting to buy the real one so may be able to do a comparison to see how different they really are!


It comes in beautiful (if a little impractical) packaging, unfortunately mine arrived a little bashed – thanks postie! It looks like a book you would find in the library at Hogwarts!

There is a design on the front and back. I’ve not got much experience with fake products since I normally buy my makeup in store but it does look good. If I hadn’t searched for Storybook Cosmetics I would never have known this was a fake product!


Inside there is a good sized mirror and 12 gorgeous shades! There’s also a really nice wee quote underneath the mirror which is a nice touch.

The shades do have names but it is a little hard to read the script, it took me quite a while to work it out! They are Broomstick, Sorcerer, Cloak, Potions, Prophecy, Salem, Merlin, Bewitched, Cauldron, Spellbook, Charms and Jinx.


It says there  are 3 matte shades, 5 metallic and 4 shimmer shades. To me it looks like I only have one matte shade, I can definitely see shimmeryness in the rest of them!

In the pan, the colours look so beautiful and pigmented. I think the blue is my favourite (#Ravenclawandproud 😁).

I wish the picture would show quite how sparkly they are!

I noticed when I was swatching them, there was a lot of kickback in the pan but they go on so smoothly and don’t feel chalky at all!

Annoyingly this kickback stains the packaging so I imagine after a bit of use it will look really messy!

I was slightly scared about using these on my eyes just because of the horror stories you hear about fake makeup but I did a patch test last night and had no reaction so I’ve assumed it’s safe for me! If anything does change I’ll be sure to do an update!

One thing I did notice, my “patch test” was really difficult to remove this morning! Had to really scrub it in the shower!

So I was up at 6am just so I could give these a go! Unfortunately it’s all a bit extreme for work makeup so had to take it off again which means in not sure if they will crease after long wear!

On my eyes these blended quite well. Despite the lack of matte shades I was able to work with the colours and create a fairly bold look!

I’m so disappointed with the blue on my eye, it’s not nearly as pigmented as I imagined after my swatches and looks really washed out on my eyelid. The green on the other hand… beautiful! 💜

I did notice quite a lot of fallout from application but this was easily sweeped away with a big fluffy brush without causing any colour streaks etc.

I’m already quite in love with the colours in this pallette but I do wish there was a few more matte shades like there are supposed to be!

Due to the packaging I don’t think I would take this travelling, in fact I doubt I will put it in my makeup case just because it NEEDS to be on display as it’s so pretty!

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen

If you are looking at purchasing these shadows you can find them on eBay or you the genuine article on the Storybook Cosmetics website.

They have some amazing looking products including a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mean Girls pallette, beautiful brushes and liquid lipsticks.

I want everything – I just wish my bank balance would allow it! I have a friend going to Canada soon so wondering what the logistics would be for her to buy them for me while she is over there!

Let me know what your thoughts are on these products, if you’ve tried them or if you would like to. What are your thoughts on buying makeup from eBay or China?

I know I said I was going to cut down my posting schedule but I was so excited by this I just HAD to share!

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Claudia xxx


Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Blog!

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Blog!

I have been blogging consistently for just over a month now and it has been a learning curve, let me tell you! There are so many things I didn’t consider and as usual I dived head first into it without really researching anything.

Luckily for me, the blogging community on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are incredibly helpful and supportive and don’t mind all my newbie questions being thrown at them on a regular basis!

Here are just a few things I wish I had known when I first started:

Blogging is a Full-Time Job


Since I started, I have posted 3 times a week and I know how important it is to be consistent so your regular readers know when to expect a new post. What I didn’t realise is how much time everything takes up!

It doesn’t take me too long to write a post if I have a plan but there’s everything else that goes along with it – taking photos, promotion on social media, research, product testing, creating graphics!

By and large it is the promotion that takes the most time and I feel like I constantly have my phone in my hand. I know there are apps you can use to schedule posts but I’ve not gotten the hang of these quite yet so I’m doing it all myself.

This means I’m posting on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook as well as my blog itself. Not to mention trying to create good looking Pins and photos to go along with it.

I know there are definitely people that will scoff at this comment but until you do it, you have no idea! So much so, I am thinking of cutting my posts down to 2 days a week but I don’t want to upset any of my regular readers!

Self Hosted is the Way to Go

I kinda knew about this one from the get go but was very worried about starting off as self-hosted. For anyone that doesn’t know what this means, it essentially having your own website. So just now all the pages you see are held on WordPress.com. This limits what I can do and how my blog can look, it also means at any time I could be shut down and lose everything.

Being self-hosted means I would have control over every aspect of my blog and can install plug-ins to make it look all fancy like. It also is one of the first steps in monetising your blog and having the commitment to go self-hosted means that brands will more likely want to work with you if that is something you want to do.

I was worried that no one would be interested in what I had to say so I wanted to test the waters before fully committing but I honestly wish I just went for it. I now have the fear of losing everything when I transfer over! Look out for my website URL changing over the coming months!

The Blogging Community is So Supportive

I joined a few Facebook groups not really expecting much but the wealth of knowledge is amazing. I initially thought it would be every blogger for themselves but everyone is so happy to help and it’s like they want to see you succeed!

I think this is because there are so many different styles and topics to write about it doesn’t ever feel like it is a competition.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few groups where it doesn’t feel great, people drop their links and run or the people who play the Follow/Unfollow game on Twitter and Instagram not realising this actually makes people less willing to help in the future and is just infuriating to try and measure your growth.

Using a Laptop Changes Everything


When I initially started, I was just using my phone to make posts and upload pictures. I decided to get something which would be a little easier to type up posts and increase my functionality as I prepare to go self-hosted. I picked up a Chromebook – an Acer Chromebook 14 to be precise (which is now £50 cheaper than when I originally bought it, doh!).

I love it, it’s so speedy but storage is limited as everything is done through Chrome. It also brought up another issue I’d never even though of, I assumed everyone was like me – using their phone to view web pages. I realised that for those who still use desktop or laptop PCs they are viewing my site differently than those who are just using the mobile phone view.

This means I need to check my posts to make sure they translate well in desktop and mobile format as I don’t want it to be a terrible experience for anyone!

Pinterest is a Great Tool

When I first jointed Pinterest years ago, I didn’t really understand how to use it properly. I just saved everything I liked the look of for inspiration of whatever project I was working on and then never looked at it again.

I’m still working out how to use this correctly but joining group boards has increased my blog traffic by a fair amount. I’m also reaching about 16K unique people every month which I don’t think would be possible on any other platform due to the algorithms in place to limit traffic unless you pay to boost your post reach.

While the figure doesn’t necessarily translate into direct blog views, it does increase the number of people who are likely to engage! It’s also quite fun to create graphics and see them get re-pinned!


There is so much more I could include here, I feel like this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’ve learned so far. These are the most basic things I’ve noticed – I’ve still to get a handle on what DA, PA and SEO (so many abbreviations!) really are and why they matter so I didn’t want to include that here!

I am really considering reducing the amount of days I post to just 2 per week. I feel like I may need to do this to ensure I can produce quality content and make sure I’m not letting myself or my readers down.

What are your thoughts on this? What days would you like to see new posts go up? Please let me know in the comments what you would prefer and what you would like to see going forward!

Claudia xxx

The Problem with Women’s Magazines

The Problem with Women’s Magazines

I remember as a teen I used to spend hours reading Cosmopolitan from cover to cover, I was engrossed by the articles and interviews and didn’t want to miss a word (shock, teenage goths also liked reading Cosmo!). So I was quite excited at the prospect of revisiting the magazine world.


I mentioned I got a free copy of Elle magazine with my Look Fantastic Beauty Box. I haven’t read a women’s magazine (or any magazine really!) in a fair few years and this reminded me why.

It was a nice day so I sat out in my back garden and opened it up. I was promised Spring Fashion, New Rules to Know and the Face of Now starring Winnie Harlow. And from what I could remember there would probably be something about sex and dating, new makeup trends and maybe another few interviews.

Imagine my dismay when I opened it up and had to flick 5 pages to get to the contents page and another 5 to get to the first article! This was 10 Things – from what I can tell this is monthly feature on 1 page in the teeniest writing ever telling you what you should see, listen to, eat, wear etc for the month ahead.

We then have the editors letter which is probably the most text of any article in the entire magazine being just under a full page of text!

There’s the obligatory Horoscopes page (are horoscopes really still a thing?), some fashion spreads and articles, suggests books to read, makeup looks and some travel info.

There are a few other articles in there, but not many. I was looking to find out what Winnie Harlow had to say as I imagined she would be talking about breaking into the industry and the struggles she faced…sort of like the old question and answer format I remember but no, there was some great pictures and little bit of text about her and her friends.

Out of 194 pages, 86 pages were of adverts. That’s almost 45%, for a magazine that costs £4.40 do you really want to see this much advertising? And this isn’t including their fashion spreads or items to buy, which there are many!

I understand that companies make money from advertising and it’s likely as I blogger, I will too in the future; however, would producing quality content and articles that help people not be a better use of their pages??

In a society where we are struggling to ensure we have the perfect little lives on social media but in reality struggling with self-esteem, mental health and money worries wouldn’t it be more productive to have articles the help these problems rather than adding to the pressure of having to buy these items to fit in with the crowd or be “on trend”


The most useful article in the whole magazine was an article about a girl who found a mole on her “lady parts” and went to the doctor to get it checked out and make sure it wasn’t serious. It was written in quite an amusing way and in an age where women don’t want to get a smear because it’s embarassing I think it could be helpful.

The downside – at the end of the article it promoted cosmetic surgery as she got the mole removed!

I know the magazine and fashion industry as a whole has been under fire for promoting unhealthy expectations of body image and this is starting to change but at the end of the day there are other issues there too when it’s impressionable young women (and men) that are reading the shallow articles and being slowly brainwashed by the fashion and beauty industry to BUY, BUY, BUY – even when you don’t need it.


I feel like the worst part may be the fact the products aren’t reviewed, they are put on a page with a nice flatlay or on a pretty model and you’re sometimes given the brand and the price – not information of whether the product is good or your making a good choice by spending your money.

I know, as a young adult you are thrust into the world expecting to know how to handle your money and only buy what you can afford but the reality of this is far from the truth.

Having that perfect holiday, brand new car or newest gadget is the order of the day – especially when we live our lives on social media and see others doing the same we’re under constant pressure to keep up.

The Debt Charity Step Change published their figures for the year, showing in 2017 620,000 people contacted them for help relating to their debt. Two-thirds of their clients were under 40 and 14% of those were aged 18-24.

With statistics like this, why would magazines aimed at this age group not try to give information about money worries or mounting debt and ways to get out of this rather than trying to add to that debt?

It unfortunate but we know the real reason – it just doesn’t sell.

This was something that came to me as I was flicking through the magazine so I’m sorry if it sounds a bit disjointed or out of place. I’d love to be told my opinion of the magazine industry is wrong and that there are beauty and fashion magazines out there that do try to promote a sustainable way of living and aren’t obsessed with pushing their third party ads!

I was just so disappointed with this and how such a massive platform was not being used to help these growing problems that I see getting worse every day!

Please let me know what you think of this in the comments below, I’m really keen to hear your thoughts and hopefully find out it’s not just me that feels quite sad about this!

Claudia xxx

Look Fantastic Beauty Box – May Edition

Look Fantastic Beauty Box – May Edition


Another subscription box? What can I say, I think I’m hooked! I love being able to try products I’ve never even heard of and exploring brands that I wouldn’t go out and buy myself!

An article appeared on my Facebook feed about the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes and I thought I would give this one a go! Not going to lie, I’ll probably try all of them at some point!

The Look Fantastic Beauty Box was £15 with free delivery so this makes it slightly more expensive than the Birchbox I recently tried out. For my money I got 6 premium beauty products said to be worth over £80, a copy of Elle Magazine and an insert that gives you information about the products in the box and some other beauty information.

This arrived really quick but I found it a teeny bit annoying that I didn’t get a dispatch email, you can however track your order on the website.

The packaging is quite nice but unfortunately it’s just not has pretty as the Birchbox, the box is much bigger and you do get shredded paper as padding to keep your products safe.

The magazine is a nice touch, I haven’t bought a women’s magazine in years, flicking through it, I’m reminded why – but that is a rant for another post!

Onto the products…!

Avant – RNA Serum


This claims to combat signs of ageing and leave skin visibly firmer and healthier. I’m not sure how long you need to be using this to see the results but I haven’t noticed a difference with this product.

It absorbs almost instantly into the skin and it doesn’t really leave my face feeling any different after use. I will keep using this until it runs out but unless I actually see any results I doubt I would ever buy this again.

Scratch that – I would definitely not buy this product, in the box you receive a 5ml bottle. To buy this in full size (30ml) it is £104,00!! For me to consider buying this ever, it would need to do a lot more than reduce the signs of ageing, I’m happy turning into a wrinkly old bat! 🤣

ThisWorks – In Transit Camera Closeup


I’m almost convinced I tested this product as part of a trial I mentioned in my last post! Same type of tube, exact nice smell, same claims and same feel on my skin. If it is, I’m glad my feedback was taken on board as I really liked it.

This product is a primer, moisturiser and mask all in one and claims to even, plump and brighten your skin. I like this one, it makes my skin feel really moisturised and makes it ready for foundation. I can’t say I really noticed it plumping my skin or anything but I don’t think it is a bad product.

You get 20ml in the tube that comes in the box and the full size bottle is 40ml. This costs £25.50 which I don’t think is too bad but I do think there are cheaper primers out there that perform the same for less as it doesn’t minimise pores or anything like that so not quite sure if I feel like it is worth it.

Skin Republic – Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Sheet Mask


So my first impressions on this were “Man, this is hard to get on your face!” The way it’s folded in the packet I thought I was going to end up ripping it before I even got it near my face, it’s so hard to unravel and my hands were covered in the bubbles as the ingredients start reacting as soon as it is exposed to air!

So I eventually manage to get it on my face and sat for the recommended 20 minutes. It feels quite weird as you can feel and hear it bubbling away! It also didn’t bubble nearly as much as I was expecting which was a wee bit disappointing!

I took it off and rubbed the remaining liquid into my face. Or I tried to, I literally evaporated in seconds. It made my skin quite tacky, almost like a silicone based primer.

It didn’t sting my skin or anything but I noticed my skin has become quite red and bumpy after using this so I don’t think it’s a good product for me at all. It also made my pores more noticeable but I’m not sure if this is part of the deep cleansing action!

They have quite a few products in their range and it doesn’t look like this one is still available but I think this was around £6.99 maybe (please correct me if I’m wrong!). I don’t think it’s a terrible price but I won’t be popping another in my basket any time soon!

Sleek Makeup – Face Contour Kit Medium


I’ve been wanting to try Sleek makeup products for quite a while so was excited about this at first. Then I cursed myself for having such pale skin! 😭 This is WAY too dark for me, I don’t even think at my most tanned it would work on me, unfortunately.

The powder itself seems quite nice and I do think it blends well, maybe with a really, really, really light hand this could work for us pale girls but I just find that too much hassle when I have products that suit my pastiness.

The highlighter is also too dark for me and I don’t feel it gave too much of a shimmer. I think this looks like a really natural highlight and isn’t too pigmented so would probably be OK as an everyday highlighter.

I would really like to try the kit in Light as I think that would probably work for me. It is only £6.99 so may pick this up once my current powder runs out and see how it goes from there!

Eyeko – Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner


I’m not great with eyeliner, I admit. I don’t understand the logistics of a perfect wing but it doesn’t stop me from trying at every opportunity!

I really like this eyeliner. Its easy to hold and the tip is a nice size. It’s also MEGA black which I love (except when I make a mistake and have to start over!) and it didn’t seem to run out half way through applying which I’ve noticed most pen liners seem to do.

It’s claims to be waterproof, which I really don’t doubt as it took a lot of cleanser, toner and finally a rub with a makeup wipe to get it all off!

This is £16 which I think is not too bad, maybe sneaking up to the mid to high price range. Eyeliners are really not my expertise but I definitely like using this one. I will keep practising and, who knows, it may be the perfect one for me once I’ve mastered that pesky wing!

Spotlight – Teeth Whitening Strips


I think this is something that I’m excited and apprehensive to try in equal parts. I don’t like doing anything wild when it comes to my teeth as I’ve got this fear of them all falling out!

I haven’t tried this product yet because of that but I will more than likely give them a go just to say I’ve used them. Worried that it says not to drink tea or coffee for the first few days so you can “see your brightest smile” – I’m a tea-aholic, I can barely go a few hours without a cup let alone a few days!

I’ve heard horror stories about teeth whitening and how it makes your teeth really sensitive. These claim to safely whiten your teeth with minimal tooth sensitivity so if that is true, that’s definitely a bonus. I need to stop being a wuss and just do it!

For £39.95 you get 28 strips. I’m not sure if that is 28 or 14 applications as you get shorter strips for the bottom and longer ones for the top. As I’ve not tried it yet I can’t honestly say if the price is worth it. I feel maybe a trip to the dentist would be cheaper and safer than doing it at home but you wouldn’t catch me rushing to book an appointment either!


Would I buy this box again? Most definitely. I’ve only got a one off box as there are so many I want to try before I settle on a subscription but I feel like it’s a wide mix of products and great for trying new things and some really good brands in there!

You can use my referral link if you would like to get £5 off your first order. I do get £5 credit too but once you have joined you get your own referral link which you could share!

As always, let me know your opinions on this box and if there’s any boxes you would recommend let me know in the comments below. It doesn’t even need to be a beauty related box, I’ve seen great ones for stationary, fitness and mental health – I think you can get a box for almost everything at this point and I’d love to try them all!!

Claudia xxx


April Birchbox Review

Make Money, Get Free Stuff💰

Make Money, Get Free Stuff💰

Who doesn’t like earning a little bit of extra money for doing very little? *tumbleweed* I thought so 😊

I haven’t been blogging for long enough to know much about monetising my blog or having brands rush to send me PR related stuff (hopefully that time will come 😉) but I do have some top tips for making a little bit of extra money!

These things aren’t going to mean you can quit your job and become a millionaire over night (I’m sorry, I wish it did!) but I thought I would share what I’ve been doing for the last while to give myself a little treat now and then!

*I’m in no way affiliated with any of these companies, these are my true opinions and I’m not being sponsored to say this*

*I believe most of these sites are based in the UK but your country may have its own version*


There are loads, and I mean loads, of survey sites our there! You can get different things depending on who you join with – some pay out in vouchers, some in PayPal credit and I believe I’ve found one that pays in cash!

There are main companies I use for this – Vypr, Toluna and YouGov.


Vypr is an app that can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. You are given short “steers” and awarded points for completion. The questions topics range from Food and Drink, Lifestyle, Travel and more.

The surveys themselves take seconds to complete you earn between 10-50 points for each survey completed.

You also get special surveys that you can only complete in a store and you get 100 points for completing these ones. I don’t go out of my way to complete these but they are a nice bonus if I’m going to that particular shop anyway!

You need 10,000 points to reach a payout which seems like a lot but it really doesn’t take very long to reach. For each 10,000 points you achieve you receive a £5 payout to your PayPal account.

When I first heard about this I thought it seemed like a lot of hassle but I don’t even notice any more. For a few seconds of my time each day and a payout almost every month, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s free money after all!

Toluna Corporate~2

Toluna awards you points for sharing your opinion on different topics. Some of the surveys do fill up quickly or you may not be eligible to complete the full thing if you don’t fit the profile they are looking for which can be a little frustrating!

They are more lengthy than Vypr, some say they take 20 minutes but I’ve never taken more than 10 on a survey. The longer the survey, the more points you generally receive.

Points awarded range from about 200 to 2220. The rewards you can get do change but at the moment you can get makeup brushes and toothbrush sets (10,000 points), £10 gift vouchers for Currys, Waterstones, Argos, iTunes and Costa (55,000 points), £25 gift vouchers for Tesco and New Look (135,000 points) and lots more.

I tend to complete these surveys while on my lunch or when watching TV. If you have a little bit of downtime it’s easy to rack up the points!


YouGov is probably the one most people will have heard of, albeit indirectly. They use your opinions and you can see their statistics in most magazines or newspapers. They look at spending habits and political issues but have more fun topics in there too!

They don’t have a great payout rate – I’ve not had a payout yet but that is because their surveys are very infrequent. They send you a link via email and it normally takes me about 5 minutes to complete. They award you with 50 points per survey on average, some are more, some less.

You need 5000 points to be able receive your payout of £50. Not bad for a couple of minutes work here and there and getting to share your opinion on a range of topics that are affecting the country!


If you are going to make a purchase anyway, why not use a cashback site to get some money back from your purchase.

I have used Top Cashback and Quidco. I prefer Top Cashback as I think it pays out quicker but they both work on the same premise – you log into the site, search for the merchant you’re buying from, select the offer or click their link to the merchant and shop as normal.

They have a huge number of retailers – eBay, Carphone Warehouse, Argos, Currys and Just Eat and that barely scratches the surface! I must admit, I am very happy I can get cashback through my takeaway purchases! 🤣

The biggest payouts I’ve had are from insurance companies. So if I’m needing to renew my policy, I check out who has the cheapest quote and then go through Top Cashback to make the purchase to make my policy cheaper.

One thing to note, you shouldn’t make a purchase just based on the cashback you might receive as some merchants don’t always pay out!

Both these sites also do events around different holidays where you can get free cashback for playing a game or exploring the site.

*If you would like to sign up to Top Cashback you can use my referral link, I only get a bonus if you use the site to get cashback not for signing up.*


Yes, you can get free products from companies, if you don’t mind giving your opinion on the products – this may be publicly or to them direct.

I have been lucky enough to be able to try out some new makeup products for new brands. They are in testing stages so you may or may not ever see them on the shelves – sometimes you don’t even know who you are testing for!

I can’t say the brand, but at the moment I am testing some mascaras as part of a trial for Alba Science. So far I’m really liking them so if they get put to production I’ll be able to do a full review!

I’ve also tested out primers and makeup brushes as well over the last few months. I have been most successful with Alba Science and Clicks Research but big companies like Boots also have testing panels but I have found them very difficult to get into as tg!

These companies ask about your likes and dislikes, the products you use and the problems you have with your skin or hair. You will then be invited to take part in a trial via email.

The trials do fill up incredibly quick, especially if it’s a popular product.

I know this was a very different post to my usual but I hope you find it useful. There’s a lot more I’d like to share so may do a few posts like this if you like them! If there’s any sites you think I should check out, let me know!

As you may have noticed, I’ve tried a few different things with this post (more noticeable on desktop) and it would be much appreciated if you could give me any feedback on the changes!

Claudia xxx

Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 2 – Eyes/Lips

Makeup Revoloution Haul – Part 2 – Eyes/Lips


This is part 2 of my Makeup Revoloution Haul. You can find part 1 here where I covered all my base products.

This was originally supposed to be posted on Wednesday but I’ve been suffering with a migraine so sorry you had to wait! Note to self*must get better a pre-writing my posts*

I got all these products from the Makeup Revolution website. At the time they were doing a deal where if you spend over £15 you got a free 1,000,000 eyeshadow pallette.

The offer isn’t available anymore but they tend to have different offers on every month. Make sure you inspect your basket before you hit buy to see what you could be missing out on!

I could not get this to photograph well at all! 😢 I think this was my 256th attempt!

This was in celebration of them reaching one million subscribers on Instagram which is a great milestone for a drugstore beauty brand. Good to see they are getting the recognition they deserve!

I dont think this pallette is available to buy on its own so I’m glad I managed to nab this when I did!

Unfortunately my pallette arrived to me in a bit of a battered condition and one of the hinges was broken. Luckily all of the shadows themselves were fine!


The colours in this pallette aren’t something I would normally choose for myself but as I got them for free, I really can’t complain! It allows me to try out some new colours I normally wouldn’t get my hands on! And who doesn’t love that, right??


The shadows in this pallette are really pretty and they work well to compliment each other. I think they blend nicely and I didn’t notice any fallout on my cheeks at all, though, there was kickback in the pan and the swatches look quite chalky!

There is a mix of matte and shimmer shades so you can create a full eye look with just this pallette.

It doesn’t take up much room in your handbag and it has a decent sized mirror for touch ups on the go.

The reason for me placing an order!

I was desperate to try these. I don’t know if it’s because of 90s nostalgia or my love of stationery but I just can’t resist a multipen! 🤷

These are part of the I Heart Revolution makeup range (formerly I💜Makeup) and there are 3 different kinds; Multi Liner, Multi Liner Nudes and Multi Eye Liner Brights.

      Top: Lip liner. Bottom, from left: Nude, Brown, Black

The Multi Liner has 1 lip liner and 3 eyeliners in Black, Brown and Nude.

Clockwise from top left: Natural, Nude Brown, Pale Pink and Mauve

The Multi Liner Nudes has 4 nude lip liners in the shades Natural, Mauve, Nude Brown and Pale Pink.

Clockwise from top left: Silver, Teal, Blue and Purple

The Multi Eye Liner Brights has 4 eye liners in the shades Purple, Teal, Blue and Silver. The Silver and Teal have quite big chunks of glitter in them which I’m not a fan of.

The feel of the liners are lovely, they have a nice creamy texture. As you can see from the swatches they are quite patchy when you apply them but you can build it up so it looks ok.

It takes quite a few clicks to get product to come out of the pen so I’m not really sure how long these would last with regular use.

I love the idea of these but I do find them quite fiddly and I’m slightly disappointed. Using the eye liners I found quite difficult because the pen is quite big so it was hard to see where it was going to be applied to.

I was also worried about having too much product out and that it would break in my eye or leave a blob of it somewhere I didnt want it to be!

All-in-all, I think these are good for a trip if space is limited and you need a few different colours but then I think an eyeliner or lipliner pencil doesn’t really take up much room either!

At £5 each, I don’t think that’s too bad as that makes each colour £1.25 but it feels like it’s quite a gimmicky unnecessary product to add to my makeup collection.


Lastly I received a double pack of Freedom Makeup London eyeliners. Looking on  the website I don’t see this product anymore, I can only find one of them. I think this is because the Freedom range is being phased out for Revolution Pro.

These came in nude and black. It’s cost me £2 for both of these. They’re quite big pencils so I imagine they will last for a very long time!

I don’t think these are my most favourite pencils but I don’t hate them. The formula is ok, I feel like it could be creamier. I’ve found its quite difficult for the colour to stick to my waterline and I need to go over it quite a few times.

At essentially £1 each I can’t grumble too much but if I could find them again, they definitely wouldn’t be my first choice!

Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Makeup Revoloution products and I hate saying anything negative about them but I wasn’t really as big of a fan of the Multi Liners or the Eye Pencils as I thought I would be. I think this is the first time I’ve actually been disappointed by products I’ve got from them!

I guess you can’t win them all! With the amount of products they put out, I’m actually surprised that I’ve not found more products I don’t like! The fact is they can compete with the likes of Urban Decay or Tarte for a fraction of the price with some of their products!

This is the end of my haul, thanks for getting this far! Let me know what you think of this post and if there’s anything you would like me to try leave a comment down below!

Claudia Xxx


Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette

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Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste

Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste


So I have just found out the worst news! I got this Blackhead Extraction Paste a few weeks ago and I’ve been planning this review since then but wanted to form a proper opinion before posting.

I go to link the product and I’ve found, to my dismay, that it’s no longer available! 😭

When I bought this, Misfit Cosmetics had an amazing deal on. I got all 4 tubes for £3.99! They are a cruelty free brand too which makes them all the better! 💜

I noticed this blowing up in social media so of course I had to try it!

Although, you won’t get any selfies I’m afraid – I’ve not yet mastered that art without looking like a total idiot! 🤣

I’ve always been bothered by blackheads across my nose. It’s so bad that I never got the nose piercing I always wanted as it would just draw attention to them.

I love a good squeeze and there were times I would bruise my skin and make my face an utter mess by going to town on them.

I’ve tried lots of products that claim to remove blackheads but nothing has really worked for me in the past. Until now that is!


The paste is very, very black and a little definitely goes a long way! It’s quite sticky when applying it and can sometimes stick to itself so you’re left with patches.

I found the best way to apply it was to blob it quite thickly on my problem bits and spread it from there.

It dries mega quick, long within the 20-30 minutes it recommends you keep it on for. Moving you face is almost impossible once it’s set without disturbing the product.

Peeling it off is definitely the fun bit! It’s says to avoid eyebrows and I can see why, it’s fairly painful to take off where there’s any hair as it adheres so well – I wonder how good it would be to wax your eyebrows?! 😲

For the most part, it peels off in one big sheet, but does tend to leave a few flecks behind. I’ve just been removing these with a baby wipe and the jobs a good ‘un!


After use, my skin really is clearer and it feels so, so smooth! I finish of with my toner I mentioned in this post to close my pores.

I really hope they bring this back! It makes me really sad when a product that works get taken off the shelves 😢.

If you missed out on this fantastic product or if you need to stock up, I will be including some in the giveaway I will be hosting once my blog reaches 200 followers!

Let me know in the comments what other products you would like me to include in my giveaway!

Claudia xxx