This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag – we did some adulting to make the garden look nice, it was a mad rush to get J’s sister a birthday present and I was looking after my friend’s cat while she was away in Canada.

So let’s start with the garden – bear in mind, we moved in last June and have pretty much left everything as it was when we bought it.


The sheds looked really washed out and hadn’t been painted for a fair few years. We picked up some really cheap shed paint in Asda last week so thought we would give it a go! Man, is it purple!! I love it! 💜


We were looking after Samson the 🐈. He’s a cutie and flops on his back to get his belly rubbed. He’s obviously not as cute as my own two but I would steal him in heartbeat!


Finally to the good stuff! In the search for J’s sisters present, I ended up treating myself too 😂. I’m making her a hamper of goodies so had a wander around Boots and found some really nice things for both of us. I have been wanting to try th Benefit Porefessional for so long but couldn’t justify it when I didn’t know if I would like it. I got the 3 Benefit minis for £25 and got the bag free!


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have seen I got some beautiful LaRoc Cosmetic palletes delivered this weekend.


I also had my gel nail kit delivered so I need to have a play around with both of these so I can share my thoughts.


First impressions for both are positive. I bought the palletes from eBay but you can get them on Amazon although they are more expensive. The nail stuff is from Amazon. I’ve popped some links below.

LaRoc nudes

LaRoc brights

Belen Gel Nail Kit

Not to mention I’m still waiting on my Birchbox, a delivery from Revolution Makeup (multiliners anyone??), EMP and that black head paste everyone is going on about!

Please give me a like/follow if your enjoying my content and let me know in the comments what you would be most interested in seeing a review of first!

Claudia xxx

P.S. if anyone is wondering what the hamper looked like…



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