Yep, that is a toolbox! I had been looking for a makeup case for ages. My partner and I were walking round B&Q and this beauty caught his eye! I think he was sick of me moaning about searching for a makeup case!! So this was my Christmas present last year.

I needed something tough, portable and, ideally, fit my entire collection. I also needed some extra space to keep wigs and small props for when I’m on stage.

It splits into 3 sections and the top can be taken off and transported on its own safely.

The messy top section – I have so many foundations!

The top section holds my base products – foundation, concealer, primer, contour, eyebrow powder – lip products and mascara because I use that for any makeup look.

The middle section – the dividers can be moved around to get the perfect layout

The middle holds the majority of my eyeshadow pallettes, brushes and the contents of my Makeup Revolution Lip Vault that I can’t bear to take out of the packaging! This lifts up to reveal…

The bottom section – looking a bit empty just now!

The bottom holds pallets that are too big to fit in the other sections and any props/wigs I might need to carry with me for a show.

The clips are really sturdy and the case itself is super tough. It has wheels and a handle to tow it like a suitcase too.

It is perfect 💜. My only worry is my makeup is expanding at such a phenomenal rate, I may need another!

The best part about it, it’s made by a company called MAC – obviously not the one we all know from the beauty counter but it still makes me giggle!

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Claudia xxx


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