My Weekend + Beauty Haul

My Weekend + Beauty Haul

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag – we did some adulting to make the garden look nice, it was a mad rush to get J’s sister a birthday present and I was looking after my friend’s cat while she was away in Canada.

So let’s start with the garden – bear in mind, we moved in last June and have pretty much left everything as it was when we bought it.


The sheds looked really washed out and hadn’t been painted for a fair few years. We picked up some really cheap shed paint in Asda last week so thought we would give it a go! Man, is it purple!! I love it! 💜


We were looking after Samson the 🐈. He’s a cutie and flops on his back to get his belly rubbed. He’s obviously not as cute as my own two but I would steal him in heartbeat!


Finally to the good stuff! In the search for J’s sisters present, I ended up treating myself too 😂. I’m making her a hamper of goodies so had a wander around Boots and found some really nice things for both of us. I have been wanting to try th Benefit Porefessional for so long but couldn’t justify it when I didn’t know if I would like it. I got the 3 Benefit minis for £25 and got the bag free!


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have seen I got some beautiful LaRoc Cosmetic palletes delivered this weekend.


I also had my gel nail kit delivered so I need to have a play around with both of these so I can share my thoughts.


First impressions for both are positive. I bought the palletes from eBay but you can get them on Amazon although they are more expensive. The nail stuff is from Amazon. I’ve popped some links below.

LaRoc nudes

LaRoc brights

Belen Gel Nail Kit

Not to mention I’m still waiting on my Birchbox, a delivery from Revolution Makeup (multiliners anyone??), EMP and that black head paste everyone is going on about!

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P.S. if anyone is wondering what the hamper looked like…



My Makeup Box

My Makeup Box


Yep, that is a toolbox! I had been looking for a makeup case for ages. My partner and I were walking round B&Q and this beauty caught his eye! I think he was sick of me moaning about searching for a makeup case!! So this was my Christmas present last year.

I needed something tough, portable and, ideally, fit my entire collection. I also needed some extra space to keep wigs and small props for when I’m on stage.

It splits into 3 sections and the top can be taken off and transported on its own safely.

The messy top section – I have so many foundations!

The top section holds my base products – foundation, concealer, primer, contour, eyebrow powder – lip products and mascara because I use that for any makeup look.

The middle section – the dividers can be moved around to get the perfect layout

The middle holds the majority of my eyeshadow pallettes, brushes and the contents of my Makeup Revolution Lip Vault that I can’t bear to take out of the packaging! This lifts up to reveal…

The bottom section – looking a bit empty just now!

The bottom holds pallets that are too big to fit in the other sections and any props/wigs I might need to carry with me for a show.

The clips are really sturdy and the case itself is super tough. It has wheels and a handle to tow it like a suitcase too.

It is perfect 💜. My only worry is my makeup is expanding at such a phenomenal rate, I may need another!

The best part about it, it’s made by a company called MAC – obviously not the one we all know from the beauty counter but it still makes me giggle!

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Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette – review and swatches

Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Pallette – review and swatches

So I bought this pallette after it caught my eye in Superdrug. It cost £9.99 and there are 30 shades. There is a mix of mattes, shimmers and what looks like baked shadows.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I first opened it. It came in a cardboard surround with colour samples on the back. The pallette I thought I was getting had a lot more blues/pinks than what is actually in there.

The pan sizes are quite small but it is quite cheap and there is a whack of shades to keep you going so I wouldn’t say this is unexpected!

It also has a nice big mirror and it comes with a brush but I wouldn’t really use this for anything as it’s very rough and doesn’t pick up shadow very well.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the insert for this pallette so I have no idea of the shade names. Who can keep these for longer than a week anyway?

Enough talk – let’s see some terrible looking swatches!

Top row –

I think the top portion of this pallette is my least used.

1st and 3rd colours barely show up on my super pale skin. The first has a slight shimmer but even using a wet brush, it doesn’t do much.

2nd one in makes a really nice transition shade.

The one I really like from this row is the first blue shade. It has a vein of gold running through it which gives a lovely shimmer to the eye.

Second row –

This 1st shadow on this row is great for the inner corners. It has a beautiful, understated shimmer – perfect for everyday.

The copper is out of this world pigmented! This is one of the baked looking ones. It looks great with a dry or wet brush and really gives a pop of colour!

Third row –

So this is the row I mostly use for my work look if I’m using this pallette.

The palest shade in the middle is the same colour as my skin so use this to set my primer/concealer before putting down my first transition.

I use the browns to build up colour and tend to smoke it out using the darker colours from this row. The colours blend really well and I think this row gives the most consistent colour pay off.

Fourth row –

So this one has some nice inner corner highlights and some darker shades to add depth to a smokey eye.

Again, although not a baked one, the copper on this row has a great depth to the colour and looks really bright.

Final thoughts – I was really apprehensive at first but I have come to really like this pallette. With exception of a few colours, they blend really nicely and are quite pigmented. There’s a wide mix of colours to make it great for every day looks and more intense night time looks.

Some colours are quite patchy and look different on my skin than what they do in the pan but all in all for £9.99 I really think it’s worth it! And because of the use I have gotten from this pallette I would give it 8.5/10!

You can buy the Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave pallette here:

Revolution Beauty


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Primark Nails – Review

So I’m maybe a little late to this party, but I thought I would try some Primark nails while I’m waiting on my gel nail stuff coming through the post!

I may be a bit daft but I always thought that nails wouldn’t fit me because I have quite wide thumb nails, it wasn’t until I realised that I didn’t have 24 nails to use the full packet 🙄

I picked some meteorite nails for £2.50. They came with their own glue. It was super strong – I may have glued my fingers together once, twice about 4 times!

I had to cut them down – the size they come in, nobody needs nails that length! I would have blinded myself or something, I was also really struggling to put on the nails for my right hand because picking up the nails were almost impossible with the length of them! I will cut them to size before I stuck them on if there’s a next time!

Apparently these would last for 7 days. They didn’t; however, they haven’t done too badly since I have been gardening this week and I’ve only had to re-glue two back on! I’m quite pleasantly surprised by this. I genuinely thought they would last a day!

I would buy them again, they look really pretty and you get enough spares that if you lose a couple it doesn’t really matter.

Considering getting my nails done costs £20 (mates rates 😂) the saving is really good. Hopefully my gel stuff will arrive soon and then I can test that out too. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts!