August 19 Birchbox Review

August 19 Birchbox Review

Hey guys, I’m back! I didn’t realise I’d be back so soon with another Birchbox review but here we are! 🤣

I ended up keeping my subscription going for longer than I intended this time but I’m not mad about it!

I love getting a subscription box through the door. I genuinely don’t feel like I ever intentionally buy skincare any more because I’m just using up the products I’ve received in the past!

Clearly better for the environment and my wallet and it’s slowly clearing space in my overflowing skincare drawer!

This month’s Birchbox has a summer theme. The packaging is gorgeous as always!

I always keep my Birchbox boxes as they are the perfect size for keeping bits and bobs together in my craft room.

As per usual, we have five treats inside the box. Three of them this month were full sized products which is fab but I don’t remember being asked to choose a product this month so I feel it’s been less tailored to me!

With that being said, let’s get onto the products…

Anatomicals – Body Scrub

I really like Anatomicals products, their packaging is always really cute and they smell amazing!

The strawberry body scrub is no exception! It really does smell good enough to eat!

The particles seem to be from strawberry or apricot seeds so they are gentle enough but leave your skin nice and soft and exfoliated.

This little tube is only £1.50 and it’s such a handy size for travelling that I would definitely pack this for a trip away.

Love Beauty & Planet – Shower Gel

This is another travel friendly product to pop into your overnight bag. This is a full sized one too!

This smells lovely with coconut oil and ylang ylang which lingers long after you’ve had your shower!

Love Beauty and Planet are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Their packaging is also 100% recycled plastic. So nice to brands becoming more environmentally conscious!

This travel bottle is only £2.50 for 100ml. You don’t need to use a lot either so although it’s a little bottle, it will definitely last you a week or two in the sun!

ModelCo – Highlighter

I have a confession to make, I’m just not a highlighter kind of girl. I almost never use it!

In saying that, I do appreciate a good highlighter and I’m really not blown away by this one.

It is definitely very subtle so potentially great for those that need something for everyday but it’s not very pigmented and doesn’t seem to do all that much.

This was the last full sized item in my box and with an RRP of £10, I don’t think I would be rushing out to by another unfortunately.

Balance Me – Plumping Mist

I know hyaluronic acid is a big thing just now but my skin does not like it one bit. It goes red, blotchy and is a bit uncomfortable after using it.

I’ve said it before, and I really don’t see the appeal of putting acid on your face.

It does smell nice though so maybe if you are a user of these types of products, it could be right up your street.

The full size bottle of this is £18 and it can be used throughout the day with or without makeup.

Polaar – Smoothing Cream

So this is a pricey product which is probably why it is only a sample size. This RRPs at £38.68 which is much more than I would pay for a moisturiser!

The tube that you get is more than enough to do me for a while!

Made with Siberian olive it is filled with vitamin C and salicylic acid to help refresh your skin.

It smells nice and it did leave my skin feeling hydrated but I was left with a slight greasyness so maybe not the best if you do have oily skin!

I feel like I’ve gotten quite a good selection of products this month but I have cancelled my subscription just now. I’ve heard lots of good things about Glossybox so I’m thinking of trialling that for a month or two to see how I get on.

What’s your favourite subscription box? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

As always, thanks so much for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

Claudia xxx

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blue Blood Review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blue Blood Review

Hey guys, I’m back!

This week I’m talking about the most expensive palette I’ve ever bought! I had to give this beauty a very thorough testing before I could decide if it was worth my hard earned cash! 💰

I have swithered over buying this palette since it’s release back in March. I couldn’t justify it but then I’d had a rubbish week at work and I was feeling sad, I did a bit of retail therapy, because that always makes me feel better!

As soon as I placed my order, I felt a bit of buyer’s guilt! £48.00 is a lot for me to spend on a palette but I justified it by saying at least it wasn’t the Jawbreaker Palette since that is £54.00 🙈.

So why did I decide on Blue Blood? I genuinely don’t have many blue eyeshadows! Blood Sugar looks great but I have loads of warm tones. Alien looks a bit boring except for 3 or 4 shades and Jawbreaker is just slightly too expensive in my opinion. I feel sick paying more than £50.00 for an eyeshadow palette!

I had a couple of issues with the palette arriving, it should have came the next day but Hermes couldn’t apparently gain access to my property… i.e. they couldn’t open my unlocked gate 🙄. A few days querying this with Beauty Bay and it finally arrived!

The palette comes with a cardboard outer box, but even that is just so pretty! It’s the only sleeve I’ve actually kept for a palette in a long time!

Inside the box is potentially the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen! It has a really secure clip to keep it shut and the tin feels really solid! I wouldn’t be worried if I dropped something on top of it, that’s for sure!

The shadows themselves sit in a cardboard inner which I feel is slightly cheap considering how the rest of the palette looks but you can barely notice it really! And it’s just me being picky.

You also get a really decently sized mirror inside which I like. I hate needing to use another palette to actually see what I’m doing.

Now, the shadows!! In the palette you get 6 metallic shades and 12 mattes. The metallics are stunning but I wish there was a few more shades (I’m just greedy!). I feel the only inner corner shade is Cullinan – the most beautiful icy white – so that is my one main gripes with the colour story.

I personally would have probably left all the neutrals out and swapped more blues in! As pretty as they are, I just can’t see me using them for many looks. If I want something neutral, I have other palettes to reach for!

The shadows have really cute brands on them but I can’t be the only one who feels guilty at using a palette when it looks so pretty?

I’ve always found blues to be quite difficult to work with and the darker blues in the palette do need a bit of work to not blend patchily (is that a word??) But for the most part they are pretty easy to use.

I am not the best at blending eyeshadow at the best of times but some of the shades are just made to compliment each other perfectly, it’s like they almost melt into each other!

I think I was most surprised at the fact there is very little fallout from the shadows, even the darker ones aren’t as bad as you would expect!

I’ve heard of people saying some of the shades – especially Ocean Ice – have caused staining but I can honestly say, I haven’t noticed any and I don’t use any special products to take my makeup off, just a little bit of cleanser and I’ve been fine.

All of the colours are really pigmented and are quite easy to build to create a really bright look or you can blend away to make them more muted.

The staying power of the shadows is great. I regularly wear my makeup for over 12 hours and I haven’t encountered any creasing. Some colours do fade slightly but that could just be me, I’m terrible for touching my face during the day and always forget I’m wearing makeup.

The swatches look terrible and luckily they are really no indication of how the shadows look on the eyes! You can see that Ocean Ice – dark blue metallic – has a really different texture compared to the other metallics. It’s almost like a pressed glitter but I didn’t need to use a glitter glue for it to stay put.

The palette is cruelty free and vegan so to me that is a major plus point. I just wish more companies would follow suit!

Is this as amazing as you’d expect for the best part of £50 quid? In short, absolutely! I love it!

Obviously, this is a palette for someone who likes wearing blue on their eyes! If you don’t like blue, there is absolutely no point in adding this to your collection!

The price point is obviously not for everyone. It’s not cheap by any means but it is beautiful and the quality is as good as you could hope since blues are notoriously tricky to get right.

If you can afford it and you’ve been thinking about it, I would definitely recommend!

I can safely say, this will not be my last Jeffree Star palette but that begs the question, what one should I buy next?? Let me know what you think in the comments below ⤵️.

As always, thanks for reading! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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July 19 Birchbox Review

July 19 Birchbox Review

Hey guys, I’m back! It’s been ages since I’ve gotten a Birchbox! Since February to be exact!

They just keep sucking me in with freebies and I can’t stop myself going back!

This month they were giving away another Beauty Crop eyeshadow palette and since I loved the Espresso Yourself palette so much, I thought I would give this one a go too!

The packaging this month is gorgeous with a holographic/duochrome effect, I think it’s probably my favourite packaging so far!

The theme this month is Born Unicorn – not that I think the theme impacts anything but the packaging and we all know unicorns are “in” right now!

In my box this month I got five treats, two of them were full sized too. So without further ado, here’s the products!

Floss Beauty – Everyday Eyeshadow

This was the product that you could pick your shade so I went with Maui – a pretty coral shade.

I think the idea is that you only need to use one shade to give you a very minimalistic no-makeup makeup look.

I’m more of a more is more when it comes to eyeshadow so I will likely use it incorporated into other looks as it’s a colour I don’t think I really have in my palettes.

These RRP at £12.50 a shadow which is so expensive! A lot of my palettes don’t cost that much 🙈.

Singles aren’t really my jam so it’s unlikely I’d pick up any more but I’m still happy I got it in my box – you can never have too many eyeshadows!

Marcelle – Xtension + Curl Mascara

I love trying out new mascaras and this one is so weird compared to my normal ones.

The wand is curved and tapered to help give length and curl to your lashes.

I found it a little bit fiddly to apply as I’m not used to this type of wand but once it was on, it stayed on!

I didn’t notice any flaking or smearing through the day and even my Lush cleanser had to work really hard to take it off at night!

This retails for £14.50 for a full sized tube which makes it not the most expensive mascara out there but not the cheapest either.

Glamglow – Supermud Clearing Mask Treatment

My skincare routine had changed slightly since my Summer Skincare Routine post as I ran out of my foaming cleanser and decided to use up some of the products I had rather than buying new things.

I’ve been using the Glamglow Cleanser for about a week now and I really like it so I’m excited to try this mask too!

The mask claims to banish breakouts, minimise pores and mattifies your skin – all the things I’m needing just now!

I’m going to need to implement into my weekend self-care routine!

The RRP for this one is £42.00! I don’t spend a lot on skincare so it’s unlikely I would repurchase this one unless it makes me look Instagram ready by the time I’ve washed it off 🤣 but I like getting the opportunity to try out some fancy products how and again!

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I so need this right now! I’m guessing I’m not the only one that’s struggling to sleep with the heat just now!?

I haven’t used this yet as I’m a bit unsure if it’s pet safe as I know some essential oils can be a bit iffy around cats and dogs so I have been very wary!

You just spritz a bit of this over your pillow and it helps you get to sleep faster and wake up refreshed. I definitely need to put it to the test!

I’ve reached out to the company and will update my post once I’ve gotten a reply!

A full bottle of this will set you back £18.00 but if it works, it’s worth it! I never feel rested and I wake up a lot during the night so fingers crossed I can use it! 🤞

Percy & Reed – Shine and Fragrance Spray

I’m always iffy about trying new hair products because of my hairs tendancy to get really greasy, really quickly!

This smells lovely though and when I sprayed it, my hair didn’t turn into a greasy mess so that’s a plus!

I don’t feel it did much on the shine front though, but I don’t know if my bleach blond hair has the capability to shine!

This was the other full sized product in my box and this costs £12.00. It isn’t something I’d really use so I won’t be buying it anytime soon but at least my hair smells nice for now!

The Beauty Crop – Dawngazing Eyeshadow Palette

I loved my last Beauty Crop palette and I still use it if I’m needing a nice neutral everyday look.

The Dawngazing palette is a lot more warm tones – full of pinks, mauves and warm browns.

The glitter shade – Pandora – is absolutely stunning 😍! But it’s something you definitely need to use with a glitter glue which is actually something I don’t have 😮.

With the heat, I’ve not been bothered putting makeup on but the quality of the shadows seem very similar to the Espresso Yourself palette in the swatches!

You’ll be able to see any looks I make with this palette on my Instagram so make sure your following me so you don’t miss it! If you’d like a full review, let me know too!

This month I’ve let my subscription run as they’ve changed how to unsubscribe and I’m too lazy to work it out 🙈! So we will be seeing what next month holds too!

Did you get a Birchbox this month? What did you think? What’s your favourite subscription box? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

Thanks so much for reading and we will speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Superdrug Haul

Superdrug Haul

Hi guys! I’m back with a haul from Superdrug!

I’ve not done a haul post for a while! I’ve been trying to be good and not buy so much stuff recently!

The world is clearly against me as Superdrug were doing an offer if I bought Revolution products so I couldn’t help myself! 🙈

I only actually bought a few things but there’s quite a lot of stuff in my box!

Some of it I will likely never use so that will go into my giveaway drawer for later!

I’ll start with the things I actually bought and then I’ll show you my freebies at the end. You lot can decide if it was worth me spending my money! 💰

Revolution Maxi Reloaded Monster Mattes Palette

I am living for bright colours at the moment! 🌈

I originally saw the smaller Matte palette and just figured I may as well go all out and get the 45 shade palette because why not?

There seems to be a really good mix of colours in here! I’ve already got my eye on the blues and greens!

I’m hoping the formula will be the standard we have come to expect from Revolution and I’ll be looking to do a full review on this if you would like me to?

Revolution Cut Crease Canvas

I’ve seen this being used so much on YouTube recently! I got mine in the shade Illustrate.

It looks a lot like the Conceal and Define but has a different applicator.

I have attempted a cut crease once and it was not the best so I’m hoping this will help me!

Revolution Lip Topper

I don’t know why I bought this! I don’t wear lip gloss ever because I hate the sticky feeling!

I just thought it would be good for putting over my liquid lipstick but I may have made a terrible mistake!

I got mine in the cooler shade – Fortune. It looks really pretty, I’m just hoping it doesn’t feel horrible!

I think the bottle is supposed to be a dupe for Fenty but I might be wrong. I don’t have that kind of money so I don’t have firsthand experience 🤣.

Essie Nail Lacquer

So after a conversation with Natalie Shirlaw on Instagram, I realised I should probably do my nails.

Until about a month ago, I had a clear nail polish and that was it. Now I feel I have a serious nail polish addiction!

I picked up two this time as it was two for £12. Normally they are £7.99 so a little bit of a saving!

I got the shades Confection Affection – a bright glazed orange – and Tangoed in Love – a lovely vibrant purple!

I’ve been using Essie polishes but only found out they are not cruelty free so I’m looking for some recommendations of cruelty free brands available in the UK if anyone can help!


The bag that I got my Revolution freebies in was the same bags you get from their own website when they have their normal offers on.

Sadly, I think I either have a lot of the things or they aren’t something I’d actually use!

The Skin Kiss Highlighter and the Liquid Highlighter will definitely be going in my giveaway drawer as they are far too dark for me! Which is a shame as they are both gorgeous colours!

The Duo Face Sculpt seems like it may be a bit dark too but I might give it a swatch before really deciding as I’m running out of my normal contour powder and this would be a good replacement!

I’m sure I have the Iconic Pro 02 Palette and the Salvation Lip Lacquer already but I need to check. If I have them I’ll share them with one of you guys!

I was also given two other gifts from Superdrug. One of which was the cutest tote bag from Clairol which I will definitely be using when I go to the shops!

And a makeup bag from Juicy Couture. I originally thought I’d have no use for that as I’m not a makeup bag person but it’s currently home to my ever expanding nail varnish collection!

And that is the end of my haul! Not as big as previous hauls but I didn’t want to spend too much, I am still trying to be good after all 😊.

If you want a review on any of the products featured, let me know in the comments below ⤵️ and tell me what you’ve been buying this month. I want to get to trying the Monster Mattes asap as I have high hopes for that!

Thanks very much for reading and we’ll speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Paws at the Palace

Paws at the Palace

Hi guys, I’m back!

I wanted to share an event we recently attended in Perth. If you follow Murphy on Instagram, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Paws at the Palace was held on 30 June and it was the first in what I hope is many to come!

Organised by Dog Friendly Perthshire and Scone Palace, it was looking to be a promising day from when it was first announced! This was to be the largest outdoor event aimed at dogs in Scotland!

We had never been to Scone Palace before but it was a pretty easy drive from Kirkcaldy. It took us about 40 minutes but I know people travelled from all over to get to the event.

I love Perth, it is such a green place, the scenery is lovely and even the town centre looks nice and rustic.

We arrived a Scone Palace and drove down the entrance road to a field where we were able to park the car for free.

The event was 10am – 4pm and we arrived about 10.30am and the field was already packed!

We then had to walk a little way to get to the entrance itself. The queue was already starting to build but luckily I’d pre-paid for my tickets so no wait for us! 🤣

We were given wristbands so we could come and go as we pleased. The grounds of the Palace are no smoking or vaping so we knew we’d be nipping out through the day anyway.

The grounds are really nice from the looks of things, we didn’t explore too much because there was lots to see and do in the part closest to the palace.

We registered Murph into a few competitions – cutest puppy, waggiest tail and most beautiful eyes and wandered around the stalls before it was time for out first round.

He didn’t win any of his rounds but the competition was fierce!

The amount of vendors that were there was amazing! You could pretty much get anything – collars, leads, bows, bandanas, treats, pupcakes coats, toys – the list is endless!

There was even a stall for massage and a professional photographer for portraits was also there!

Tay FM were also in attendance playing music and taking some photos of the pups.

There was an agility course that you could try your hand at, ball pit and paddling pool for the dogs to cools off.

It was a warm day but there was plenty of water bowls dotted around the place and they were all topped up regularly.

There was even poo bags on hand and I only saw one person not being a responsible owner, thankfully!

I finally got to meet the owner of Paws, Claws, Bells and Whistles who I have chatted with on Instagram on numerous occasions and the owner of Doggy Style who I’ve bought from in the past.

We got chatting to a lady who helps with the Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue and her failed foster dog who was just an absolute sweetheart! 💜

We had a little spot of lunch – chips for me, fish and chips for J and kibble for Murph before spending some more money on treats for Murph to take home from Bella and Duke!

Murphy was even recognised by one of his friends on Instagram, Arnie! Of course this was when he got grouchy and jealous and poor Arnie got growled at!

I’m slightly sad to say I didn’t meet any of his other friends while I was there and that’s because I was so focused on making sure he was behaving as much as possible that I don’t think I looked up very much!

We did speak to loads of people though and Murph got to play with some dogs and got lots of attention from everyone we passed!

We missed our spot in the doggy parade because we were too busy speaking to another spaniel owner who was worried about her pups weight. We joined the labradors instead 🙈.

We got to meet the face of Dog Friendly Perthshire, Baxter, dressed up in his little kilt! Dog Friendly Perthshire was set up because his owner wanted to be able to take him more places and their aim is to make Perth the dog friendly capital of Scotland!

It’s definitely a business I can get behind, I think everywhere should be dog friendly. If Murph isn’t invited, there’s a good chance I’m not going!

We spent all day at the event but it felt like no time at all! Murphy had a blast and was sleeping pretty much the entire way home and for the rest of the night!

When we were walking back to the car we saw some Highland cows in a field, of course I had to go over and one of them licked me when I was petting it!

I love Highlands, they are so fluffy and cute! 💜

I definitely can’t wait for the event next year! What are your favourite places to take you dog? Do you have any dog friendly places where you live? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading or at least seeing an update up Murph! Let me know what you want to see next and have a good week!

Claudia xxx

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My Summer Skincare Routine

My Summer Skincare Routine

Hi guys! I’ve not been really feeling the writing bug recently and I’ve just not had as much time as I would have liked to sit down and get content out.

Luckily you are all an understanding bunch! I decided to take some time off to coincide with my holiday. I feel refreshed and ready to go! 😊

Since it’s summer – I live in Scotland, it’s never really summer 🤣 – I’ve been giving my skin a bit of a break from foundation and powders recently.

A couple of days in the sun does wonders for my skin and I don’t want to hinder that by wearing lots of make-up.

In case you are new here, my skin is a bit of a mixed bag. My forehead, around my nose and near my mouth are drier than the Sahara but the rest of my face is an oil slick.

I suffer from blackheads and my skin is very acne prone. You can literally see me getting stressed because I breakout so fast.

My skincare routine isn’t revolutionary but I thought I would share what I do to minimise breakouts and keep my skin feeling it’s best all day long.

If I’m having a shower, I will always use a facewash. At the moment, I’ve been loving foaming washes and very occasionally I will use a scrub on my nose.

For the last 3 or 4 months – yes the bottle does last that long – I’ve been using Asda Tea Tree Foaming Facial Wash. I’ve heard this is a dupe for the Simple Foaming Facewash but this doesn’t leave me with red, blotchy skin like the Simple one does.

It is only £2.00 and lasts for ages! As you can see from the picture, I need to pick up another one very soon!

Every day I cleanse my face with the Lush 9-5 Cleanser. I’ve spoken about my love for this way last year and I still love it just as much!

It’s great for removing makeup and just general everyday dirt on your skin and leaves it looking and feeling clean.

Next I follow up with the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water. Just a few spritzes is enough to do my whole face. It has a nice cooling effect and cleans any remaining cleanser residue. It doesn’t feel drying either which makes it perfect for even the driest skin!

Lastly, I’ll follow up with a moisturiser. At the moment I have been using the Eyewake Intense Effect Face Cream. I love this cream so much. It leaves my skin hydrated all day, it doesn’t feel greasy or oily and makes my skin feel so soft!

If I’m dealing with stubborn mascara or if I really don’t have time to do my full routine, I will use a wipe (currently using Soap and Glory wipes but I’m trying to limit my use of wipes in general) and put my moisturiser on after that but thankfully for my skin, those occasions are incredibly rare!

I will occasionally use face masks or serums if my skin is needing an extra boost but I tend to leave that kinds stuff to winter as my skin really suffers from the cold!

Compared to a few years ago when I didn’t really do anything, occasionally a makeup wipe would be hastily wiped across my face, my skin is much more even in skin tone and my scarring has reduced to as much as I think it will.

I know a lot of people are lazy about skincare – I used to be too! I would always say I don’t have time or a wipe does just as much but I realise now how important it actually is!

This literally takes me a few minutes a day to do and I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s just part of my routine.

The results for me are really worth it and I would highly recommend you pick out a few things that work for your skin type and make them part of your routine too!

I hope you found this useful and I’d love to know what you do for your routine? What products can you not live without? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

Thanks so much for reading! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill, Edinburgh

Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill, Edinburgh

Hey guys! Something slightly different today!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I was out on a girlie date a couple of weeks ago. My friends and I tend to meet up every once and a while in Edinburgh to have some food and a catch up.

I thought this would be the perfect place to share some of my experiences with you guys and hopefully you will get some new favourite places to eat out of it!

This time it was Fazenda on George Street. I had never heard of this place before but it’s essentially all you can eat so safe to say, I was stuffed by the end of it!

Sunday train service tends to mean I get their a bit earlier than the others but Amanda found me nipping to Primark on Princes Street so we headed up together.

Fazenda is about a 5-10 minute walk from Waverley Station so not far at all.

It was a bit cold and windy outside so we went in to see if we could get our table a bit early.

The reception staff were lovely but they couldn’t find our names on the list. Our military precision friend, Amie, had booked it so knew there must have been a mistake.

It was all fine in the end though as they had a spare table for us anyway and we were seated.

On first impressions, the restaurant looked dead as nobody was sitting in any of the window tables but going through into what must be the main dining area, it was packed!

We were sat down and given some and got some water for the table. The waitress then explained how it all works.

The premise of a Rodizio it’s that it’s an all you can eat but this isn’t your regular buffet! Oh no! You are given a card – one side red, one side green – and that is the waiter’s signal on whether you want more or not.

There is a more typical buffet style “salad bar” too. Pffft! I thought! I wasn’t going to fill up on boring salad! I was here for meat!

Best salad bar I have ever come across! There was salmon, quails eggs, sushi, sweet potato, sauces, anchovies, salad leaves, cheeses – you name it, it was there!

After our trip to the salad bar, I’d realised my mistake! I’d filled up my plate with sides. I still had all you can eat meat to sample!

Of course we had our cards to green and it wasn’t long before the very handsome waiters were bringing their selections to the table!

You are given a side plate and a pair of tongs so when they slice the meat you can grab it from them so it’s all cut in front of you.

The meat is served medium-rare to rare. I was a bit worried by this as I normally have my meat blue but it was all so tasty!

The highlight of the dishes was definitely the pork. It was served in a honey type sauce and was perfect! The ribeye was also a favourite.

I wasn’t so fussed for the chicken dishes but I find chicken a bit boring if I’m honest and isn’t something I would pick in a restaurant anyway.

I even tried a bit of chicken heart for the first time which was not the best texture! Going on advice from a waiter, we put some lime juice on it and it totally transformed it into something a bit more palatable!

The chips where definitely another highlight – they were seasoned perfectly and very moreish. They were also served Rodizio style so it was at times a fight to get some to our table before the bowl ran out!

The cocktail list is really extensive and it was very hard to choose but I settled on a Caipirinah which is made with cachaça, sugar and lime and tastes very boozy but is really refreshing. A perfect palette cleanser!

Sam was the only one who joined me for an alcoholic drink – the Fazenda – and the other girls settled for non-alcoholic drinks instead which they said were good!

We also opted for pudding, how could we not?! The dessert menu was fairly small but we were all drawn to the mini desserts.

It was a great little selection of bite sized delights! We had a truffle, salted caramel mousse thing, lime cheesecake, a coconut thing and a berry thing. Lovely!

It was definitely a dining experience, that’s for sure! I found it a little stressful at times because if you didn’t turn your card over quick enough the waiters were straight over! Sometimes they came over anyway!

At one point there was three around our table offering their meat to us! (Bet you didn’t think it would take me this long to get to an innuendo! 🤣).

But they were all so lovely, it was hard to say no so I ended up with a plate I couldn’t finish!

The toilets were super posh too! With big Oak doors and millions of sinks with fancy soap! If feels a bit nerve wracking in the cubicle though, it’s like peeing under a spotlight! 🙈

I really enjoyed it the whole experience. The atmosphere was very lively and it was great sitting and chatting with the girls and having a giggle at all the meat puns!

The bill wasn’t too bad for a place on George Street either. Especially an all you can eat place. For my main (which I had loads of), my dessert and a cocktail it came to about £43 with the tip included.

I would definitely like to go back and would recommend it for any meat loving friends too!

Thanks so much for reading, guys! This style of review is a bit different for me so please let me know if you liked it! Like I said, we tend to meet up and try out new places every so often so if it helps you pick your next place to eat, I’d love to share! Let me know in the comments below ⤵️ what your favourite restaurant is and we might try it out next!

Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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