My Car Buying Experience

My Car Buying Experience

Hey guys! I’ve had to do more adulting this week trying to sort out my new car! This shit is tiring!

I know I’m 30, but I’ve never had to buy a car before and this has probably been more stressful than buying my house! I know, I’m a poster child for #firstworldproblems at the minute 🤣.

I’ve been really lucky when it’s come to cars, my first car was a Peugeot 206 and I was given it by my parents when I was learning to drive and it was my aunt’s old car.

I hated this car and couldn’t wait to give her back. You would put your window wipers on and the lights would turn off and other weird things like that!

My second car was Claire the Clio, who was very kindly gifted to me by my ex’s mum as she was upgrading and didn’t know what to do with her.

Sadly, Claire died in McDonald’s car park, I went in for work and when I came out at the end of my shift, she wouldn’t start.

Next up is Rosie. She is a fantastic Fiesta ST. Going from Claire who was a 1.2 to Rosie’s 2.0 litre engine was great! I obviously paid for Rosie but my brother was the one that picked her as I had no idea what I was looking for in a car.

I’m not a girl racer by any stretch of the imagination but it has been great if there’s been a knob I’m a Corsa trying to race me and I can take off or even just getting out at roundabouts was made easier.

The downside to Rosie is she’s expensive! Expensive fuel, road tax, repair bills, insurance. It all adds up and now I’m effectively doubling up my mileage weekly by coming home for the dog, she’s just too much to keep running.

So I decided I would look for a new car. Ideally I would love a Hyundai i30 after I had one as a courtesy car but my other criteria – built in this decade, 5 doors, petrol – definitely ruled it out!

I also didn’t want to spend, the best part of a 10 grand on a new car! That’s more than the deposit for my house and I just couldn’t justify it! I also didn’t want to blow our wedding budget on new wheels.

I saw a car I liked on Fife Hyundai’s website and went in for a test drive. A little Hyundai i20, not the sportiest car in the world but I wasn’t looking for that this time.

I was wanting something cheaper to run and 5 doors to make it easier to get the dog in the back! This was also a bit cheaper and although I decided to get finance, it’s less than £100 a month for 3 years (or I can pay it off early and it doesn’t cost me anything extra). It also comes with a year warranty and had low mileage so I don’t need to worry too much about repairs.

Test drive was fine, seemed like a nice little car so I asked for it to be reserved. That was all ok.

So I went back in the next week to get a trade in price for my car and to sign the paperwork. I got enough for Rosie to make trading her in worth while, signed on the dotted line and paid my deposit.

Every thing seems to have went a bit pear-shaped from there really!

My expectation was that the finance guy would call me to arrange the finance. He would bring the car and I would give him mine.

I don’t know if I just picked up Damien the salesman wrong or what but I really did think it would be that easy! I was wrong!

The finance guy called me and for some reason the digital signature thing wasn’t working so he was going to come round for me to sign the paperwork but he was off on a holiday so that couldn’t be done until the following week.

The week where I start early obviously! So I had to ask work to change my shift so he could get to me in the morning.

Bear in mind, my purpose in getting the car was for things to be cheaper so I’ve already by this point spent a further £170 in fuel getting to and from my work.

I also found out that he wouldn’t be bringing the car so I had to wait until my day off before I could pick the car up.

I’ve also noticed a credit search has been done (I obviously was expecting that since I’m getting credit) without being asked for permission to do that. I work in finance, customers need to be told this sort of stuff and I can’t find anywhere on my original paperwork that I consented to that.

So on Tuesday morning I’m ready for the finance guy to turn up. Literally as soon as everything was signed I had to rush out the door to get to work and…he phones me to say he was stuck in traffic and running late.

I get that wasn’t his fault he was stuck but I had tried to explain to him the importance of getting to me early that day. So I had to say to him if he didn’t turn up in 15 minutes I had to leave.

I even explained about how difficult it can be to find my house and gave him directions for when he came into town as the sat nav takes you to a completely different street for some reason!

He phones me again to say he’s here but he wasn’t, he was in that wrong street I mentioned! 🙄

Eventually he arrives, I sign the paperwork and race to my work.

This takes me to today. I was supposed to be picking the car up at 11.30 but I’ve been told that they MOT machine is broken and that’s been pushed back until 2pm.

Having spoken to a couple of my more car finance savvy friends, they all find the process a bit weird. They’ve never had a finance guy come to their house but because I have no idea what I’m doing I didn’t know this was particularly odd. I’m guessing it’s to do with the car place I’ve went with maybe? Who knows?

I went for my last wee jaunt in Rosie to the garage. We signed the last of the paperwork and I’ve handed over my keys 😢. He showed me the screenshot of me not owning her any more and I’ll get the paperwork through the door soon!

I got a quick tour around my new wheels and was given both my keys (having had one key for so long, this is pretty exciting!). And that’s that!

On the drive home I’ve been wondering if it was a mistake to get such a slowpoke car! Just need to keep reminding myself of the reasons why I’ve chosen it I guess! I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon!

Murph was very confused when I was able to let him out the back, that’s for sure! And I have electric folding windows, and windows in the back! This is going to be a whole new experience for me!

Would I buy from a dealership again? Probably as I have no idea what I’m doing and I like the idea of the security of the warranties they come with but I’m hoping it’s not something I need to do for a fair while!

I also know that I can go back to Damien to ask any questions. He was really helpful throughout and really liked dealing with him.

I know there is much more to worry about and I’ve been so lucky with my past cars. I’m really grateful to everyone that has helped me out with my cars in the past.

As you can tell, I’m very big on naming my car’s so I need help naming her! Let me know what you think her new name should be and what you call your car in the comments ⤵️.

As always, thanks so much for reading my ramble, I’m sorry if I sound like an absolute spoiled brat. I’ll speak to you soon!

Claudia xxx

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Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette

Hi guys!

In case anyone is interested, I still don’t have my new car 😢 I’ve paid my deposit and just waiting for the guy to come back from holiday to sign everything and collect the keys!

I am back today with another palette review (shock! 😮).

I picked up the Forever Flawless Constellation palette at the same time as the Tropical Carnival palette. The bright colours drew me in and I just couldn’t resist!

This is another of the Revolution £10.00 palettes which is reasonable as you get 18 gorgeous shades!

This is the most lively of the Forever Flawless palettes. The others are more on the muted side which I am never really drawn too – I have my Naked palettes if I’m needing neutrals!

But if more muted palettes are you’re thing, Revolution have you covered!

As will all Revolution products, this palette is cruelty free – because why shouldn’t it be?

The shades are a mixture of mattes and shimmers – seven of the former, 11 of the latter. Some of the shimmers seem a bit more satiny than others rather than true shimmers.

I wish there was a bit more variation with the formulas. For example, there are two shimmery blues which are so similar one could have either been replaced by another colour or one could have been matte. Same with the Grey’s – three grey/silver shimmers is just too much, even for me!

The warm reddish tones are also really similar and although everything is nice and pigmented, I found I got a better purple mixing the bright pink (Venus) and a blue (Neptune) than Cosmic on its own!

The highlights of this palette for me are the bright yellow (Solar) and the icy silver (Fractal). I don’t have anything like these in any of my other palettes so it’s a palette I will pick up again and again even if it’s just for these shades!

Like I said, the colours are pigmented as you would expect but they aren’t quite as bright as those in the Tropical Carnival palette. You can build them up though without too much hassle.

The darker shimmer shades have quite a bit of fallout so that is something to watch if you normally do your base first like me!


I did notice a couple of the matte shades went a bit patchy during application but only on one eye so I am assuming it’s me rather than the colours themselves but maybe something to note if you have any dry patches on your eyelids.

The shadows don’t crease throughout the day at all. One night I even went to bed with my makeup still on (I know 🙄) and my eyelids still looked pretty decent the next morning!

The shadows blend really well together but can be a little muddy at times.

The shimmers are a lovely buttery texture and apply beautifully. I would recommend applying with your finger or a wet brush for the best results though, as using a brush doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

The packaging of the palette is gorgeous! The cosmic pattern makes it one of the prettier Revolution palettes about.

The palette itself is made of metal and it closes solidly. You get a decent sized mirror too and it’s not actually too heavy so would be fine for travelling.

I actually think this is quite a versatile palette as you can use the brights for some bold looks but the more muted colours are totally fine for doing a tamer look for during the day!

I’ve used most of the colours in the palette now and I’ve not found that any of them stain. They’re fairly easy to remove with cleanser or a makeup wipe despite their staying power during the day!

I definitely wish there was a bit more variation for me personally but this is a really nice palette to have in my collection and I’m glad I picked it up.

Revolution have been killing it with their releases recently but I really wish they would slow down a bit. They are launching new products so often, I don’t know how anyone can keep up!

Have you picked up any of the Forever Flawless palettes yet? What one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

Thanks, as always for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!

Claudia xxx

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Lens Circle Contact Lenses

Lens Circle Contact Lenses

Hi guys! I’m back after my little hiatus! Sorry I missed an upload but life got in the way a little bit!

If you follow me on social media you will know I’ve been searching for a new a car – think I’ve found one, and I’m hoping it will be finalised by Saturday! It’s the first time I’ve bought a car from a garage myself. I feel like such an adult 🤣

Anyway! Enough of my car ramble!

I was kindly gifted two sets of contact lenses from Lens Circle recently and I’ve been trying them out!

***Although they have been gifted to me, all opinions are my own as always!***

I’ve always wanted to try coloured contacts but was put off by my optician years ago as they said my eyes were too dark for them.

When Lens Circle contacted me, I jumped at the chance to find out if they would work or not!

I was a bit overwhelmed by their choice so I went for two pairs of their Angel Series – a pair in grey and a pair in purple.

Thinking about it, it would have been much more beneficial for me to get two different kinds but I couldn’t choose!

The Angel lenses are described as “A dark outer highlights a glow of…(colour), expanding the area around the iris and illuminating the eye with a dash of colour”.

I am blind as a bat so although mine didn’t come with a prescription you can buy them to suit your eyes from -0.5 to -10.

These particular lenses cost $29.95 at the moment but when I got them the retail price was $34.95.

For your money you get a pair of lenses, a lense care card, a lense case and gift bag.

The first thing I noticed about the lenses is that they don’t sit on your finger the way prescription contact do.

If you’re not a contact lense wearer, you will have no idea what I’m talking about but contacts normally sort of sit like a little bowl on the tip of your finger. These ones don’t, they’re a bit more flat.

Luckily, this doesn’t actually effect the application at all and I found them really easy to pop in!

They are slightly bigger than normal contacts so you do need to open your eye up pretty wide but it didn’t take me too much time at all!

I think they are really easy to put in because they are so thin – maybe something you need to be careful of if you have nails.

I’m not sure if the lenses that have a prescription would be slightly thicker than these ones, I imagine they would.

These lenses are really comfortable to wear. I find with normal contacts, my eyes get really tired and dry but I didn’t notice this with these at all!

I was wearing them for much longer than I would normal lenses and I never had that horrible feeling – the one where if you blink, it feels like they’re sticking to the inside of your eyelid!

When you’re wearing them, you don’t get the halo of colour which you get with some fashion lenses but that is because the bit for your pupil is huge!

This is to make your eyes look bigger but because the colour doesn’t come right to the pupil, you can see your natural eye colour too.

It’s really noticeable with my eyes being dark because you can see the ring of brown before you see any colour.

I do wish it was slightly smaller so I could hide my eyes a little more and I wish the colour was a bit brighter buy overall I do like these lenses.

From the two pairs I got, my favourite is by far the purple! It is my favourite colour after all but it also doesn’t look too out there! It brightens my eyes up just enough that you can tell there is something different but it doesn’t make me look too weird (no weirder than normal anyway! 🤣).

I likely wouldn’t buy them as they are from US and customs is just such a bummer but if you live in the US or don’t mind possibly being hit with a customs charge you can’t go wrong with them.

I think they would look amazing on someone with lighter eyes than me or if you can get the more solid coloured ones I think you’d be on to a winner!

What do you think if these? Have you ever tried coloured lenses? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

Thanks very much for reading, as always and I will speak to you again soon!

Claudia xxx

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Lush Birthday Haul

Lush Birthday Haul

Hi guys! I’m back with my first post as a 30 year old!

Turning 30 wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be! I ended up getting 3 birthday cakes and it turns out cake really does make everything better!

Don’t get me wrong, I was a bit emotional leaving my 20s behind but I’ve made it. Maybe I’ll start acting my age…? Nah, don’t count on it!

My brother and sister-in-law very kindly gave me some lovely treats from Lush and they also gave me a gift card to pick out some bits and bobs too so I thought I would share the goodies I got with you!

Also, I didn’t know this option was available but you can order through the website, get it delivered as a gift but the recipient can get updates on when their order will be delivered if you pop in their mobile number which was super handy for me! And it doesn’t give away what your order is, only that it is from Lush. It was a nice surprise getting the text to say I was getting an order!

So first up I’ll show you what was picked for me:

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

I love a face mask! I think they are the easiest self care item around.

This is for cleansing and cooling the skin as well as for fighting breakouts so it’s definitely something I need in my life as my skin hates me just now!

It does smell a wee bit weird but it has garlic in it so I think that’s what I can smell – it’s definitely not too over powering and I know I could sit with it on my face for the 10 minutes it suggests!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This is such a cute thing! And it looks almost good enough to eat!

This smells amazing! Just like candy floss! I can’t wait to have a bath with it! I could do with the perk up and my skin is in much need of a moisture boost!

Candy Bubble Brush

This smells just as amazing as the bubble bar and I’m really quite happy about the fact I can paint my bubbles in the bath! Clearly never too old for this stuff 🤣.

Sleepy Shower Bomb

This is one I plan to use for my next nighttime shower! It’s filled with essential oils to help put you into a sleepy state. My sleep has been suffering recently so really hope it works! 🤞

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bath Bomb

This one I’ve used – or I cut it in half and used half of it anyway!

I had a lovely relaxing bath reading my book with this one. It made my bathroom smell amazing!

New + Marilyn Hot Oil Treatments

I got two hot oil treatments too. I’ve used one of these before and got so many uses out of it.

They don’t weigh my hair down like some products do and make my hair feel so soft!

And these are the products I picked up:

Seanik Shampoo Bar

I’ve never tried a shampoo bar before but really liked the idea of them. I picked this one because the seaweed, sea salt and lemon are supposed to give my hair shine and volume which it’s seriously lacking in at the moment!

Chirpy Chirpy Hop Hop

I couldn’t decide what else to get so I went with a gift set so I could get a little selection.

This comes in the cutest/creepiest double sided knot wrap! They aren’t something I would normally wear but I’ll probably find a use for it my making it into a dog bandana!

Inside, I got four products.

Carrot Cake Lip Scrub

I’ve used the Lush lip scrubs before and I love them. They really help to get rid of any dry skin and they taste good too!

This one is extra good because who doesn’t love the taste of carrot cake?!

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

This has covered me, my phone, my table, even my dog in gold! And that is before I’ve put it anywhere near water 🤣.

I’m not looking forward to cleaning the bath after this one!

Cream Egg Bubbleroon

I love the colours of this one and it looks and smells like something I should be eating rather than putting in my bath! 🤤

Cocoa Sugar Scrub

How cute does this little bunny look? It’s a shame I’m going to have to break him up to use him! I love a good scrub! 💜

I’ll never forget my visit to Lush where the girl said “I love shaving my legs in the bath and using a scrub, it makes you so smooth you flop about like a dolphin!” 🤣

All the products I’ve mentioned are obviously cruelty free and most of them are vegan as well. Which is one of the reasons I love Lush products!

I’m really grateful for these (and for all my birthday pressies!) because they aren’t things I would normally buy myself. I tend to buy the same products because I’m a creature of habit so it gives me a way to try out new products and hopefully find some new favourites too!

I got a really good selection of products and I’m really excited to try them all out. If you’ve tried any here let me know what you thought or have I missed something that you think I need to try? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️.

As always, thanks so much for reading and we’ll speak soon!!

Claudia xxx

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30 Things I’ve Learned Before I Turned 30!

30 Things I’ve Learned Before I Turned 30!

Hi guys! It’s me again! I thought this post would be pretty fitting since my 30th birthday is tomorrow 🎂.

Not going to lie, I feel a bit scared by this one! I’m leaving my 20s behind and I’m led to believe my body clock is going to start ticking (haha! Not bloody likely! 🤣) I’m desperately trying to believe that age is just a number!

I’ve not expanded on any in my list just because some are parts of stories that I still want to tell and some just don’t need any explanation!

Now, these are in no particular order, just some things I’ve picked up during my 30 years on the planet.

  1. No job/paygrade is worth your sanity!🤪
  2. Friends are just the family we make for ourselves.
  3. Admitting you need help is not a sign of weakness.🆘
  4. Antidepressants don’t stop you being you.
  5. Hangovers do get worse as you get older!🍷
  6. Staying in can be just as fun as going out!
  7. Not wanting to have kids does not make you abnormal. 🍼
  8. Tokophobia is the fear of childbirth and pregnancy.😱
  9. Blood is not thicker than water.
  10. Pineapples grow on bushes! 🍍
  11. If you are allergic to something, don’t let a doctor prescribe it to you.
  12. The division (÷) symbol is just a blank fraction.
  13. School is not the best years of your life.
  14. You will get over heartbreak. 💔
  15. Your happiness is your responsibility.
  16. Buying craft materials and actually using them are two different hobbies!
  17. Your career is not set in stone. 🗿
  18. Don’t try to be something you’re not.
  19. You are more than a number on the scale. ⚖️
  20. Sometimes you gotta say “f**k it!”
  21. You earn more respect with honesty even when it’s not what the other person wants to hear.
  22. Friendships will change for better or worse.
  23. Life is not a competition.
  24. Fun means different things at different times.🎉
  25. Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover. 📚
  26. Geek out over your favourite things – don’t let anyone dull your love for something! ✨
  27. You don’t have to like everyone and there will be people that don’t like you no matter what you do.
  28. Bullies can be present at any stage in life.
  29. You need more sleep as an adult than you can actually fit into your day. 💤
  30. No matter how old I get, baked beans still give me the fear! 😨

I do hope some of them might be useful to some of you or at least given you a bit of a giggle!

When I thought of doing this post, I was sure I’d be able to think of 30 things but it was a lot harder than I imagined!

Now I’ve started this, I’m going to revisit this next year and see if I’ve learned anything new!

What is the most valuable or mind-blowing thing you’ve learnt so far? Let me know in the comments ⤵️

Thanks as always for reading and I’ll speak to you guys when I’m another year older! I’ll let you know if it really is as painful as what I’m thinking it will be!

Claudia xxx

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Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Palette

Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Palette

Hi guys! So I’m back with another eyeshadow palette review (shock! 😮).

I placed a Revolution order when I was feeling ill – almost spent £120 in my feeling sorry for myself state but I whittled my order down to a measly £24!

I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it in my collection – the new Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival palette!

Just look at those colours! How could I not? This palette is only £10 (you can get it slightly cheaper if you have a quick Google for discount codes) and has 18 bright and bold shades.

There are 7 shimmer shades and 11 mattes.

I love the layout of this palette! The shimmers are the first 7 shades starting from the top left and the mattes are laid out in such a way that you can see immediately which colours will work!

The shades are really blendable and work so well together, especially if you use colours that are close together.

That’s not to say you can’t mix it up a bit; however, some of the colours can look a little muddy when mixed and not as intense.

There is a crap-ton of fallout from the darker mattes – Navy (the dark blue) in particular is probably the worst shadow I’ve ever encountered for fallout!

If you are using the darker colours, I’d suggest doing your base after your eyes as dusting away with a fluffy brush still leaves you with a cast of colour.

The shimmers are pretty intense even on a dry brush but are at their best if you apply them using your finger. I’ve just started doing this for shimmer shadows recently and the difference is amazing!

The black in this palette is actually a grey which I’m pretty disappointed about. I love a good matte black and I feel the grey doesn’t really work with all the intense colours. It’s a shame as Revolution normally do great blacks!

The palette itself is really pretty. I love the design and the splash of colours. The gold foiled logo makes it instantly recognisable.

It is quite big but it’s not too heavy and has a massive mirror so perfect for travelling.

You do get a little sheet of the shade names but I don’t think anyone keeps that but they have also included the names on the back of the palette and the box itself.

It is also vegan and cruelty free which is perfect as nothing should be suffering for our looks!

I think Tammi had done a really good job with this palette and as she explains on her YouTube channel, she wanted to show some of her culture with the shade names, most of which link back to her roots in the Carribbean.

I would recommend this palette to anyone that needs a bit of colour in their collection – let’s face it, that’s everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, the fallout is a definite negative as it is really bad and if you would never wear bright colours, it’s maybe not for you but for only £10, there’s really no reason not to pick it up!

So that’s that! Let me know if you will be picking this palette up and if not, why not!? Tell me what your favourite colours are for eyeshadow and I will do a look just for you!

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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Vivadogs Subscription Box ðŸ•

Vivadogs  Subscription Box ðŸ•

Hey guys! I’m back again reviewing yet another subscription box. This one is a little bit different to my usual though!

You can get a subscription box for pretty much anything so thanks to targeted ads on Facebook, I picked up a dog subscription box for Murph just to try.

Like many subscription services, you can choose to buy a monthly box for £19.90, subscribe for 6 months and they cost £14.90 or for 12 at £13.90 all of which include shipping.

Now, I’m not completely mad, I managed to pick up my box for £5.90 as there was no way I was spending the normal amount on a box I’d never tried before!

I think they are a Spanish company as my payment was in pounds but did show a Spanish reference.

The value of the box is said to be about £30 but we know that’s not always the case! They also donate 10% of each box to animal charities too.

The box arrived in the last week of the month as expected.

When you open the box there is the paper wrap that I’ve come to expect from subscription boxes and then you burst the sticker seal to see your products!

Inside this month’s box was 5 items with a Paw Patrol theme – going to be honest, not sure if this is meant to appeal to kids or parents of kids as I’ve never seen the show and no idea what it’s like but the packaging was cute!

You get a little booklet giving you an overview of the products in different languages but I couldn’t see it showing any RRP of the items so I’ve had a nosy online to see how much each thing cost if I was buying them myself.

Paw Patrol Treats

So there are two bags of these treats in the box. One is turkey and one is chicken and they are shaped like little bones.

They are nice soft treats and easy to break up into smaller pieces so ideal for training.

There are no added sugars and claim to have up to 70% meat which is pretty good!

Murphy certainly likes them and would quite happily eat them all in one sitting if I let him!

I have seen these in Pets at Home for £1.99 a bag.

Kong Core Strength – Bow Tie

The toy in the box is from Kong which is a brand that I like and have tried before.

Their toys are normally for heavy chewers and this one claims to be extra strong and helps with teeth cleaning.

It does feel tough and has lots of ridges so may be beneficial to chew but nothing will substitute actually brushing your dog’s teeth!

Murphy likes it but he does prefer either flavoured toys or soft toys so hasn’t put it to the test too much!

I’ve found this for around £7.00 online which seems to be quite reasonable for a Kong toy!

Waniyanpi Dog Pupcorn

We got a bag of Pupcorn in the box and it came with a little cardboard popcorn container thing which was a nice touch!

Not that I would let him eat the whole bag at once so it would only be for pictures!

I’m not convinced that popcorn is the best for dogs either, I’d worry about any kernels getting stuck in the teeth since that’s common with humans!

The ingredients are in Spanish but from what I can work out, it’s just plain popcorn made with extra virgin olive oil.

Murphy seems to like it but was a little bit confused with the texture at first!

When I posted that Murph has received this on his Instagram, the company that made this commented on his post.

When I tried to find out more, I was taken to a Spanish site and I couldn’t find the product on there.

Looking online it seems you can buy popcorn for dogs from about £3.00.

Paw Patrol Wet Wipes

Lastly, we got some wet wipes for light cleaning.

These will come in handy for a quick wipe of the paws or a freshen up between baths.

They claim to be gentle but I would probably not use them around the eyes just in case!

I found these for £2.50 on eBay but couldn’t find them anywhere else.

And that’s that! Murph seems to be quite happy with what he got and was especially happy with the shredded packing stuff at the bottom of the box!

I don’t think I would necessarily buy this again just because the products aren’t really things that I would normally buy.

I worked out roughly that the value of the products is about £16.50 so not near the £30.00 that is claimed on the website so don’t think it is the best value for money either if I was paying full price which is a shame.

So what did you think of this different subscription box? Do you have any boxes that you get your pets that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments ⤵️.

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Thanks for reading, guys! Speak soon!

Claudia xxx

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